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A woman has been mauled by a polar bear after jumping into its enclosure at Berlin Zoo. The intruder was attacked just yards away from Knut, the abandoned bear who became famous around the world.
12 Apr 2009
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Watch the full episode on *******www.methodmag****/tv/player.php?ch=00034&id=1762&aid=1770&player=flash&menu=2 Method Goes to Camp: Camp of Champions Method goes to camp for another round of slushin' and shashin' at Camp of Champions on the Whistler Blackcomb's summer glacier in British Columbia. Come and take a few laps with Eero Ettala, Knut Eliassen, Marius Otterstad, JP Walker, Joe Sexton, Simon Chamberlain, LNP, Torstein Horgmo and many more. Music: Chase Money by Trouble Andrew (Remix by The American Dream Team)
25 Aug 2009
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******* - Dieses Interview mit Knut S. Pauli, Geschäftsführer der Agentur ADVISA, dreht sich um essentielle und interessante Fragen rund um das Thema „Marketing-Strategien für Franchise-Systeme“. In seinen Antworten erklärt Herr Pauli, dass er ideales Marketing wie ein Puzzle versteht: Nicht nur mit den neuen Medien, wie dem Internet, allein lasse sich ein Franchise-System perfekt am Markt positionieren. Viele andere Teile sind nötig, um eine ideale System-Präsentation zu gewährleisten.
7 Jan 2010
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I found this self-defense video from the mid-80s and made a montage of the funniest moments. Okubyo-Do, here taught by Sensei Knut Jensen and his pupil Kepi, literally means "The Way of the Coward". Week 37 of 50 Characters in 50 Weeks. 50in50 is Brent Rose's attempt to create a new character each week for 50 weeks, and make a short film for each. Subscribe and check out the blog to learn about the project and the process behind each episode: *******50in50.wordpress**** You can also become a fan of 50in50 on Facebook: *******facebook****/50in50
17 Jul 2010
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BY ANDREW HOWARD You're watching multisource entertainment news analysis from Newsy The world’s most famous polar bear is - dead. Four-year-old Knut who rose to stardom in 2007 and was featured on the cover of Vanity Fair - tragically passed away at the Berlin Zoo as more than 600 visitors watched in horror. A visitor caught video of the famous bear’s last moments. With most polar bears bred in captivity commonly reaching their mid-to-late thirties - animal activists are playing the blame game - saying it was Knut’s living conditions that brought his untimely death. The president of the German Animals Rights Association says... “Berlin Zoo abused Knut as a marketing tool, without consideration for a polar bear’s crucial needs...Knut’s short and tortured life shows polar bears do not belong in a zoo.” Some are going as far to say that Knut’s death could have been prevented all together. A PETA rep tells TMZ- the group reached out to the Berlin Zoo months ago after reports that Knut was being terrorized by three female bears - including his mother. "PETA Germany repeatedly asked zoo authorities to move Knut away from the three females to a different location. His premature death could possibly have been avoided. Polar bears don't belong in captivity." But the Village Voice calls out PETA for being too quick to point the finger at someone else... “How does PETA propose it could have prevented Knut’s death, the cause of which unknown? Why don’t you guys stick to what you know: throwing red paint on people in fur and getting Waka Flocka Flame to pose nude” The AP reports hundreds of people showed up to mourn Knut at the Berlin Zoo. 'Like' Newsy on Facebook for updates in your news feed Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
22 Mar 2011
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Live-Musik, Galaband GIANT STEPS, Knut Kornatz Knut Kornatz, Kirchstr. 17g, D-42553 Velbert Mobiltelefon: 01 777 92 58 21 Handy: 0177/7925821 Für Live-Musik steht die Band GIANT STEPS. Eine professionelle Gala- und Partyband bzw. Coverband. Das Programm reicht von Standards, Popsongs bis zum Partyrock. Auch ein Walzer bringt diese Band nicht in Verlegenheit. Salsa, Samba und Latino-Rhythmen runden das Programm ab. Sofort zur Band kommen Sie durch Eingabe der nachstehenden Links. ******* *******
7 Dec 2011
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Knut the polar bear got really bad stomack, 600 fps
25 Apr 2009
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Some time ago there were rumours that Knut would leave Zoo Berlin in May. So I thought one of my favourite songs which is called "First of May" would be fitting for a little sentimental journey through some of my favourite photos that I took in the last months... It is about a very special relationship and a departure that will come one day - hopefully not so soon... Hope you like. Christina
21 Dec 2008
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This is the first polar bear which was born in Berlin Zoo after 30 years! Knut is a twin, but his brother died 4 days after birth. Species : Polar Bear Gender : Male Birthday : 05.12.2006 Home : Berlin Zoo (Germany) Pictures by: Peter Griesbach, Zoo Berlin Have Fun! Dirty Harry :o) Thomas Doerflein, Knuts foster father died yesterday (22.09.2008) He died in a Apartment of a friend. Thomas Doerflein was only 44 Years old. R.I.P. Mr. Doerflein We will never forget you!
24 May 2009
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knut the baby polar bear born in the Berlin zoo, raised by humans very cute...
25 Apr 2009
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jmd der nen anti-knut lied singt
29 Jul 2009
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1 Nov 2009
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The famous polar bear baby Knut grow up. We visited him on mothersday and watched him playing around and jumping.
8 Dec 2009
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Death of Icebear Knut filmed in the zoo of Berlin
31 Mar 2011
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eisbaer knut
3 Apr 2011
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German: Ausschnitte von den Nachrichten auf CNN und Prosieben vom 23.03.2007 über Knut, dem Eisbärjungen aus dem Zoo Berlin. Neuerung: Knut verstarb am 19.03.2011 im Alter von nur 4 Jahren. Augenscheinlich erlitt er einen Anfall und stürzte ins Wasser wo er später reglos umhertreibend gefunden wurde. Die Obduktion ergab, dass sich Wasser in den Lungen sammelte, Knut also nach dem Sturz ins Wasser letzlich durch Ertrinken verstarb. Der Sturz selber soll auf einen Anfall als Folge einer Enzephalitis zurückzuführen sein. Ich berufe mich dabei unter anderem auch auf Informationen aus Wikipedia. English: Cuts from the news clips from CNN and Prosieben on the 23rd of march 2007 about Knut, the polar bear cub from the Zoo Berlin. Update: Knut died at the age of four on the afternoon of 19 March 2011. Wikipedia says: "On 19 March 2011, Knut collapsed in his enclosure at the Berlin Zoo and died. Witnesses reported that the after the bear's left leg began shaking, he walked around in circles before falling into the water. The cause of death has yet to be determined.[...]" An autopsy was performed on the body on mondays. The current results after 22. of march tell from water in the lungs. Drowning was the actual cause of death. The fall into the water seems to be the result of a seizure caused by Encephalitis. I am currently watching Wikipedia for further notes. Additional: One of the main reasons for those people to say that Knut should not have been kept alive is, that such an animal tends to become mentaly sick when handraised by humans and that they later won't be able to put him to other polar bears to live and mate there. Mental sickness also was pretty much the reason why last year they shot the wild bear "Bruno". *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Bear_JJ1 The public was angry and sad about this action. Once again there have not been enough discussions by experts to find out what is wrong and what is right.
29 Jun 2011
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