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Round fifteen of the FIA Formula 1 World Championship, the Japanese Grand Prix, is held in Suzuka on Sunday 4th October 2009. Timo Glock and Kamui Kobayashi give their thoughts on Panasonic Toyota Racing's home Grand Prix and respond to questions from fans directly from Suzuka.
29 Oct 2009
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Round twelve of the FIA Formula 1 World Championship, the Belgian Grand Prix, is held in Spa on Sunday 30th August 2009. Panasonic Toyota Racing drivers Jarno Trulli, Timo Glock and Kamui Kobayashi give us their thoughts on the Belgian Grand Prix and respond to questions from fans directly from Spa. Available material includes an edited package of Jarno Trulli and Timo Glock previewing the Belgian Grand Prix
29 Oct 2009
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Dopo lo scioglimento dell'orchestra in cui suonava come violoncellista a Tokyo, Daigo Kobayashi torna insieme alla moglie a Yamagata in una provincia rurale del nord del Giappone. Alla ricerca di un nuovo lavoro, Daigo risponde a un annuncio per un impiego "di aiuto alla partenza" convinto che si tratti di un'agenzia di viaggi. In realtà si accorge che ha a che fare con un'agenzia di pompe funebri. Spinto da necessità economiche Daigo accetta comunque il posto. Immerso in questo mondo a lui sconosciuto, l'ex musicista scopre tutto sui rituali funebri, continuando a nascondere alla moglie la vera natura del suo lavoro.
9 Apr 2010
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Love Drive sung by Akemi Kanda, Mamiko Noto, Yuu Kobayashi, Rina Satou
12 Aug 2010
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*******www.bestindoortropicalhawaiianhouseplants**** History of Poinsettia Plants Euphorbia pulcherrima, the botanical name, or poinsettia as we call it, is native to Mexico and Guatemala in Central America. Poinsettias are part of the Euphorbiaceae family. Many plants in this family ooze a milky sap. The botanical name, Euphorbia pulcherrima, was given to the poinsettia by German botanist, Karl Ludwig Wilenow. The plant grew through a crack in his greenhouse. Dazzled by its color, he gave it the botanical name Euphorbia pulcherrima, meaning “very beautiful”. The Aztecs in the fourteenth through sixteenth centuries called the poinsettia plant “Cuetlaxochitl” in their native Nahuatl language. Seventeenth century Spanish botanist Don Juan Balme mentions poinsettia plants in his writings. At the same time the Spanish Franciscan Friars, who settled in the Taxco region of southern Mexico, included the timely winter grown red blooms of the plants in their Fiesta de Pesebre, the Nativity procession. The name “poinsettia” is derived from Joel Roberts Poinsett who was the first United States Minister to Mexico from 1825 to 1829. Mr. Poinsett first brought poinsettia plants to America. During the 1920s Albert Ecke and his son Paul became interested in poinsettia plants which grew wild in southern California at this time. In 1923 the family moved their business to Encinitas, about 2 hours south of the very fast developing area around Los Angeles. From 1923 to the mid-1960s they grew fields of poinsettia mother plants, and shipped them to plant nurseries around the country that purchased them for cultivation and future commercial sales. They became a part of the scenery in most every popular TV show and all the Christmas Specials during the holiday season. No holiday scene would be complete without at least one blooming poinsettia plant. Today Dr. Ruth Kobayashi continues to produce new poinsettia hybrids for the Ecke family. *******www.bestindoortropicalhawaiianhouseplants****.
9 Dec 2010
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First lap massive crash in Spain.Sutil heavy crash in Great Britain.Buemi&Piquet crash in Monaco.Glock heavy crash in Japan.Kubica&Vettel battle and crash in Australia.Massa heavy crash in Hungary.Grosjean&Heidfeld crash in practice session in Europe.Trulli,Sutil&Alonso crash at the start of Brazilian GP.Alguersuari heavy crash in Japan.Vettel crash in Monaco.Hamilton crash in Italy.Raikkonen on fire in Brazil.Kubica&Trulli extreme crash in China.Sutil&Heidfeld crash in Singapore.First lap crash in Australia.Nakajima&Kobayashi crash in Brazil.Kovalainen crash.....a to hell with it,video is full of all kind accidents.
7 Feb 2011
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Hamilton crash in Spain(with original sound).Vettel and Webber crash in Turkey.Crash at the start of Bahrain GP.Webber crash into Hamilton in Australia.Kobayashi,Buemi and Hulkenberg crash in Australia.Webber and Kovalainen extreme crash in Europe GP.Barrichello heavy crash in Monaco.Buemi,Kobayashi and Liuzzi crash at the start of Chinese GP.Trulli and Chandhok extreme crash in Monaco.
16 Feb 2011
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Vettel funny crash into Button in Belgium(with original sound).Buemi extreme mechanical failure in China.Kubica and Sutil crash in pit in Hungary.Alonso crash in Belgium.Hamilton crash in Germany.Barrichello crash into Alonso in Belgium.Kobayashi crash in Canada.Webber and Hamilton crash in Singapore.Crashes at the start of Canadian GP.Massa and Liuzzi crash at the start of Japanese GP.Webber and Rosberg crash in Korea.Barrichello and Schumacher extreme battle in Hungary.
20 Feb 2011
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K7 vidéo VHS spéciale Break... 15 mai, 29 mai, 12 juin et la finale le 3 novembre 1998 Ultimate battle championship 99 organisé par Kobayashi et wicked street promo Mixés par dj Cris et dj Siens Cadrage Olivier XLR1 et tibo Réa : Tibo Chatillon
20 Jun 2012
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Umezawa Rika travaille dans une banque où clients et supérieurs ont une bonne opinion d'elle mais reste assez incomprise par son mari. Elle finit un jour par se laisser tenter par une aventure avec Hirabayashi Kota, un étudiant largement plus jeune qu'elle et petit-fils d'un de ses clients. Kota est endetté jusqu'au cou et Rika, prise de pitié par sa situation et également dégouttée par les montants faramineux qui lui passent entre les mains dans le cadre de son travail, lui prête une forte somme d'argent qu'elle a détournée en profitant de sa situation à la banque. Mais Rika vient alors de mettre la main dans un engrenage fatal. Elle multiplie les vols pour s'inventer un train de vie luxueux devant Kota et n'a d'autre choix que de détourner de plus en plus d'argent. Jusqu'à attirer l'attention de sa collègue Sumi. Cast: Miyazawa Rie (Umezawa Rika), Ikematsu Sosuke (Hirabayashi Kota), Oshima Yuko (Aikawa Keiko), Kobayashi Satomi (Sumi Yoriko) Traduit par la Yakusoku Fansub et proposé par GloryFansub.
19 Apr 2017
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Legendary competitive eating champion Takeru Kobayashi battles a huge Kodiak bear. Part of the glasscapsule video miscellania series. For more go to *******www.glasscapsule****
5 Jan 2009
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Artist: Sawa Kobayashi Title: Patience
30 Aug 2009
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Beautiful Song By Kaori Kobayashi - Chillin' In Manhattan Into Her Album Of The 2008 Shiny. SMOOTH JAZZ!!!
27 Apr 2010
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小林香織 Kaori Kobayashi Sunshine Live!
17 Oct 2011
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JINOJAM Kaori Kobayashi (sax) Kenji "Jino" Hino (b) Jay Stixx (ds) Nobu K(Key) Penny-K(Key) Masa Kohama (g)
8 Jul 2012
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******* - Click to Subscribe! *******Facebook****/ClevverMovies - Become a Fan! *******Twitter****/ClevverMovies - Follow Us! The Flowers of War hits theaters on December 23, 2011. Cast: Christian Bale, Shigeo Kobayashi, Paul Schneider Director Zhang Yimou (Raise the Red Lantern, Ju Dou, Hero, House of the Flying Daggers) tells an epic story of love and sacrifice in THE FLOWERS OF WAR, starring Christian Bale and introducing Ni Ni. The film, set during Japan's 1937 invasion of China, is told from a young girl's point of view, not as a history lesson, but as an intimate, elemental and paradoxically universal celebration of the human spirit. Bale stars as a dissolute Westerner who seeks refuge in a Catholic church. There he meets a beautiful Chinese courtesan who helps him rescue a group of schoolgirls from a terrible fate at the hands of the Japanese. THE FLOWERS OF WAR was adapted by screenwriter Liu Heng from the novel by Geling Yan. The film is produced by Zhang Weiping (marking his tenth collaboration with Zhang Yimou) under his New Pictures Film banner. The executive producers are ChaoYing Deng, David Linde, and Bill Kong. Key crew members include Director of Photography Zhao Xiaoding, Production Designer Yohei Taneda, Costume Designer William Chang Suk-Ping, Composer Chen Qigang, and Make-up Designer William Chang Suk-Ping. The Flowers of War trailer courtesy Wrekin Hill.
20 Aug 2012
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