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*******SupremeMasterTV**** – The Way and Message of the Kogi People of Colombia - P2/2 (In Spanish). Episode: 1609, Air Date: 9 February 2011.
9 May 2011
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There were 36 award recipients each representing the 36 states in Nigeria, It is the highest honour given to graduates who performed remarkably well in their service to the Nation. Nkolika Obiako-Anyabolu (MD) was the recipient for Anambra State. Among other things she organized a National Art exhibition in Lokoja, Kogi State with the theme "Attractions of Kogi State: Observations by a Corps Member". The exhibition was the first of its kind in Kogi State and attracted National and International media attention as it brought to the limelight the beauty of Kogi State as seen through the eyes of one of Nigeria's truly talented youngster.For more information visit****
19 Jul 2008
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If Los Angeles had an official food, it would undoubtedly be the taco. And to feed LA's incessant need for 24/7 snack-sized meat-filled tortillas, there are seemingly thousands of mobile taco delivery vehicles (aka "taco trucks") across the megalopolis, each with its own interpretation of the classic dish. For those on a budget, taco trucks make for cheap, recession-friendly but delicious eats—usually not much more than a buck per item. And for food lovers everywhere, the lively online and offline discussion among aficionados shows that taco truck culture is about being part food critique and part political activist with just a little bit of hungry thrown in. Highland Park, in the northeast part of the city near Eagle Rock and Mount Washington, is the city's proverbial taco capital, and that's where we start this episode of Good Food. Join our host, Evan Kleimain, to learn about the most common taco flavors—from the classic "al pastor," to the more adventurous cabeza (beef head and cheeks) and lengua (tongue). Then we head west to Venice Beach with Eddie Lin to sample the ultra-trendy Kogi truck where the Shin-Manguera family and chef Roy Choi bring gourmet Korean-inspired tacos to hipsters across LA, and still at only $2 a piece. Applauded for both their stellar menu as well as their high-tech savvy, you can get up-to-the-minute location data on the Kogi fleet at *******twitter****/kogibbq/. Or go to *******www.kcrw****/goodfood to learn more about this episode and taco truck culture in Los Angeles. Dive into food culture with Evan Kleiman, accomplished chef, restaurateur and host of KCRW's weekly radio program Good Food, to discover great but little-known restaurants, explore dining trends, meet dynamic food personalities, and learn about the politics of consumption. Created by 60Frames and KCRW. Hosted by Evan Kleiman. Good Food is a 60Frames original series. For more information, please visit us at *******www.60frames****.
2 Apr 2009
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How Korean BBQ firm Kogi are using Twitter to build engagement
10 Apr 2009
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This shows Nkolika at work on her canvas and some of the finished works. For more information visit****
21 Aug 2008
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This is the television interview granted to Dr Nkolika Obiako-Anyabolu, a Zambian born Nigerian Medical Doctor who has a deep seated admirable talent and despite her very tight schedule still finds time to do what she loves most....PAINT!!. It was aired on Nigeria’s major TV stations in 2007. It was also broadcasted round the world. This interview affected and still affects the lives of a lot of young people esp. young women because it showed them that one can really achieve his/her dreams by simply being resilient and determined. It also showed the world that great talents can be found in Nigeria.....not just the ones that have been discovered but a lot more that are yet to be For more information visit****
21 Jul 2008
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31 May 2010
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30 May 2010
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9 Jun 2010
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Lakewood, CA Korean BBQ - Want the best Korean BBQ in Lakewood? Organic beef Korean BBQ all you can eat at Korean Garden BBQ Restaurant (562) 924-9230 near Lakewood. Korean bbq Lakewood diners love, Korean barbecue restaurant for Lakewood Korean bbq lovers Lakewood *******KGardenBBQ****
9 Jun 2010
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Artesia, CA Looking for the best Korean BBQ? Artesia, try Organic beef Korean BBQ all you can eat at Korean Garden BBQ Restaurant near Artesia (562) 924-9230 Korean BBQ Artesia diners love. AYCE Korean bbq Artesia vicinity restaurant. Best prices for Artesia *******KGardenBBQ****
9 Jun 2010
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Looking for the best Korean BBQ restaurant in Lakewood? Want organic beef Kroean BBQ, all you can eat? Korean Garden BBQ Restaurant (562) 924-9230 is next door to Lakewood, serving the best Korean BBQ Lakewood diners love. Korean BBQ Lakewood, CA black angus Korean BBQ *******KGardenBBQ****
10 Jun 2010
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Today I went to see a dog agility competition with Joseph and my wife. The competition and training was organized by Penang Agility Dog Association and is a non-profit organization founded in 2001. There was a SPCA Penang booth and Joseph was helping out since he is a full time volunteer at the shelter. Most dogs were pedigree and I am not sure about how they train the doggie. Not many people turned up and according to Kogi(SPCA Penang worker), yesterday was a busy day instead. If you are interested in dog training and you are staying around Penang Island, you can check out their website for more info.
14 Jun 2007
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After celebrating a Nov. 20 soft opening, the roving The Kogi Korean BBQ taco truck has emerged as a social networking juggernaut, drawing 300 to 800 people each time it parks (often several times in the same evening) and spawning a burgeoning cyber-hippie movement affectionately referred to as "Kogi kulture."
10 Jan 2010
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Cuando el duque elimina a Mazinger Z
24 May 2009
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infoMania Season: 2 Episode: 41 Her non-lying hips made it onto the cover of 'Rolling Stone,' and that means they made it into 'We've Got You Covered,' Conor Knighton's weekly roundup of what's in the glossies.
11 Apr 2010
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