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City Kohat Pashto Song Lag de Khwa de
8 Oct 2009
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Pashto Song kohat keme zar gede
17 Feb 2009
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zama da touri stergei Pashto Song Pakistan City Kohat dam party
3 Mar 2009
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dedicated to 40th entry 4m (M.Omer Farooq A-H/40102)
18 Sep 2009
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zahid kohat
2 Feb 2010
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One crazy drive during day time in peshawer. so crazy that you have to hang on to your dear life!!
9 Oct 2007
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Pashto song by Sardar Ali Takar. Edit by Waleednadan
22 May 2009
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audio recording date: 22. 1. 1984 (naurang majliss)
7 Dec 2009
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Billitang webiste is launched by Azmat Ali Khan
18 Oct 2010
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★Travel To Bala Kot City & Watch Kunhar River (Kaghan Valley) Northern Areas Of Beautiful Pakistan-Hd 1080p★ Capturing Dated: 07-Jul-2011 Editing Date: 27-Mar-2012 Upload Date: 20-Apr-2017 Video Code: BabPk0005 Capturing And Editing By: Bashir Ahmad Bhatti-Pakpattan ====================================================== Visit My Channel To See More Of The Most Beautiful : Please Don't Forget To Subscribe The My Channel ===================================================== If You Enjoyed This Video Please Like, Share, Comment, Favorite, Subscribe! :) ===================================================== this information according to the wikipedia: Balakot (Urdu: بالاکوٹ), is a town in Mansehra District in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. The town was destroyed during the 2005 earthquake and later rebuilt with the assistance of the Government of Pakistan and Saudi Public Assistance for Pakistan Earthquake Victims (SPAPEV)[1], a Saudi relief organization. A separate project, initiated by the Government of Pakistan 'New Balakot City' is being developed near Mansehra, with plans to relocate the pop
22 Apr 2017
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*******www.instablogs****/ Shortage of malaria Drugs Kenya is in the red as new and highly effective malaria drugs have run out of stock in some parts of the country as a result of import delays, poor forecasting, misuse and inefficient accounting systems. Areas like Western Province have had to do without the drugs, while in Eastern, public hospitals have been sending malaria patients to buy the medicines from private pharmacies. The tender to supply AL generics was won by an Indian company, Ajanta Pharma, in May, with deliveries expected by September, but nothing has been delivered so far. Public Health and Sanitation director said while there were issues with the deliveries, shortages being faced in any part of the country were due to either, distribution, misuse or poor forecasting. The deliveries were expected to arrive in the country long before the October- December short rains, a season normally characterised by high malaria cases. Drug Trafficking Mexican narcotraffickers are gaining an increasing presence in Guatemalan territory. That was made clear Sunday, when at least 18 people were killed in a face-off between members of a local group and a Mexican cartel in a frontier zone between Mexico and Guatemala. It's no secret to anybody that the institutions in Guatemala are weak, that they lack human and technical resources,. The Guatemalan government are studying the arrival of many Mexicans, specifically members of the Zeta group, who have wanted to come to take advantage of the Guatemalan territory. Without doubt, organized crime is taking advantage of these evident levels of vulnerability that the Guatemalan institutions present. Eid amidst violence and inflation The residents of Hangu celebrated the latest festival of Eid-ul-Adha like a normal day without much bustle that formally used to characterize the occasion. A large number of local residents have already left the town due to the sectarian and terrorist violence in the area and have settled permanently in the neighboring cities of Kohat and Peshawar. Owing to security concerns associated with travel between the cities these families no longer visit Hangu and other occasions. Mosques are also unsafe and people entering them are bothered by physical security search made by armed personnel who guard the entrance. The prices of livestock have also soared due to the recent surge in inflation and many people have given up on the tradition of slaughtering an animal per family. Sadly, Eid has lost its vibrancy for Hangu and many other war torn areas of the country. *******www.instablogs****/
12 Dec 2008
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AFGHAN paktiwal chamkani New Pashto Dastan 2011 Pakhtu Pashtu Pkhatu Sweet Dastan Dstan 2011-12 New Pashto Dastan 2011 Pakhtu Pashtu Pkhatu Sweet Dastan Dstan 2011-12 new pashto song 2011 by farzana naaz nazia iqbal baram jaan amin ullfat nimat ullah urgoni abbdulah moqare farzana naazz shafi isar noor mohammad kochi mohammad ullah katawzi kandi kochi palwsha gul zar allam ashraf gul zar song names :feature=mhee 1, Pas Paktia ta Rasha Khukuly Nazare Larri 2, Da Janan Ghama Ma Maa Satheriya Wa, Wai Dowalas Baje Di La Khoba Yema 3, Tappay Tappe tape 4, Lewanai Lewanay Shuwam Zara Me Sabar Na Kawi Za Pa Saro Mal Ter Yem Pregda Che Har Sa Razi 5, Janan Zalfe Me Wede Di Saba Ye Landawama Wai Dere Drane De Saba Ye Landawama ---------------------------------- kabul,peshawar.Afganistan PAKHTOONsDEDICATED TO AFGHANISTAN, JALALABAD, KABUL,PAKIA, LAGHMAN,HILMAND,PTV NATIONAL,ARY ONE WORLD,THE MUSIC,MTV,SHAMSHAD TV,TULU,TOLO,LAMAR,KHYBER AGENCY,WAZIRISTAN AGENCY,MIRALI,BANNU,KARAK,D.I.KHAN,LUCKY MARWAT,KOHAT,PESHAWAR,BHATKHELA,MALAKAND ss,SWAT,MARRI,KOHAT,PARACHINAR,HANGU,TAL­,M IRANSHAN,ANP,NWFP,SANDARE,FUN,ENJOY,OLD TRADITION BURAQ,DUBAI,DAWAR,MASOOD,SARDAR ALI TAKKER,HAROON BACHA,SANGEEN AFRIDI,AMJAD KHAN,SARFARAZ,KHALID MALIK,ASHRAF GULZAR,GULZARALAM,FARHAD DARYA,NAGMA,WAGMA,NAZIA IQBAL,RANI,SHAHINSHAH,ZEEK AFRIDI,HAMAYUN KHAN,FAZA FIAZ,BAKHTIYAR KHATTAK,ADNAN SAMI,SONU NIGAM,UDIT NARAYAN,LATA MANGESHKAR,ASHA BOSLE,SHAHRUKH KHAN,AAMIR KHAN,PASHTO,PUSHTO,NEWS,BBC,FUNNY,ENTERT AINMENT,MOVIE,GAME ETCFlabbergasted come from? Naruto shippuden 44 Naruto shippuden 44 Naruto shippuden 44 Naruto shippuden 44 Naruto salmon oil heart health See exclusive footage of Bob Sapp on Fight www.THEFIGHTNETWORK**** - ALL FIGHTS! ALL THE Nick Jonas, and Demi Lovato. Copyright © Disney Channel Lucas scored the equalizer for Liverpool in the FA Cup fourth round tie against Havant & Waterlooville.Last games final australian open 2008 sharapova vs ivanovic PV LIPS(newchan)Afghanistan Music ; Pashto ; Dari ; AfghanMTV Please Rating my VideoPashto zadran najee peshawar masehra khorasani song. Death to the fraudulent name of afghanistan, long live the original and Pokhto Pukhto Pkhtuoonkwa pokhtoonkhwa peshar afghan pakistan srk kajol shahrukh khan salman khan akshay kumhar katrina kaif raajneeti atif aslam imran khan delhi belli full song afghan mast song attan attanr dowd hanif bahram jan bakhan minawal zadran minawal nabi khan bismillah khan akbar khan its also dari Pashtoon, Pakhtoon, Paris hilton Pakhtun, Pashtun, Pakhto khurasan khorasan khorasani ahmad shah massoud panjshir parwan kapisa mazar takhar badakhshan baghlan kunduz salang kabul logar paktia paktika kunar wardak... Shah Rukh Khan Bollywood Zadran Paktia Khost Jalalabad Ga sey song Hindi Punjabi Attan watan...Shah Rukh Khan=Aryan Khan102ger punjabi osama arab iran urdu hindi bollywood hollywoo lollywood hira afghanistan afghan movie paschtana youtube google Video shah rukh khan aryan khan kurijistani Ägypten libanon men women football sport rihana wresling tour de frace eu 2008 pizza panshir tire tapayTV shows, music videos, music concerts, or commercials kha102ger you can see pashtu comedy music ca Rating plese my Me on sets of Pushto Film Shooting "Niazbeen" (LADLA) in Lahore where Arbaz Khan, Shabnum Chaudry and Jehangir Khan are filming a song. Both Arbaz and Jehangir are supposed to act as Drunk guys. Song is by Saqi Saqi by Khayaal Mohd and Gulzar Alamv Filmstars Arbaz Khan and Nazo filming 2 songs. The other girl is Karishma. One song was in Lahore Race Course Park and other was outside Lahore near to Motorway. Films Niazbeen and Guru Ba Raqeeba songs. Nazia iqbal urooj mumand musarat muskan naghma shakila naaz mashooq sultan kishwar sultan kheyal mamad mohammad anwar kheyal wisal kheyal dil raaj rabia tabasum shazma halim hakim bunairi babarzai najeeba faiz gul zaman ss khan baryalai samadi zarwali afghan zaryalai samadi najeeb haqparast mobin shafiq murid seeta qasami irfan khan teena sani hadiqa keyani abasin selab sitra e afghan afghan star aryana tv dua qrueshi gul shahid khan afridi shah wali ustaz awal mir ustad mehwish hangama shafiq murid seeta qasami ss khan fahim rahimi ustad gulzaman sarwan afghanstar gul zangi khatar milonar aryan khan khaperai abasin yousafzai daud hanif rafi hanid shazad adil mangl ustad baryalai wali zaman zahir zabi istalifi mirwais nijrabi ajmal umed neelo rahimshah farzana naaz sahar malik shar khan salma shah sonu lal jahangir khan arbaz khan wafa khan shaz khan babrak shah bangash ghazala javed ghazal gul Dua Qureshi kiran khan Nazoo Shahid Jhangir Jani Arbaz khan Badar Munir Asif khan Gul rez tabasum Gulzar Alam feroz
12 Oct 2012
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