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james Nidecker live vocals and FX with Alexander Koning behind the decks. myspace****/alexanderkoningcom myspace****/jamesnidecker
5 Dec 2007
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How does the Dirt Devil Kone vacuum do when cleaning up breakfast foods. This video review will answer that question.
16 May 2010
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I "Mød min "måske" kone" falder den midaldrende plastikkirurg og inkarnerede ungkarl Danny Maccabee (Adam Salndler) for en langt yngre, meget lækker og vældig blond skolelærerinde. Efter en række uheldige misforståelser, må han bede sin loyale assistent (Jennifer Aniston) om at spille sin ’næsten-ex-kone’ for at dække over sine mange løgne. Men den ene løgn tager den anden, og snart er også assistentes børn involveret, og inden de ved af det, skal de alle sammen på weekendtur til Hawaii. Og det er ikke for meget at sige, at ikke alt kommer til at gå efter planen…
24 Feb 2011
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******* E-P:n Kone ja Tarvike Ky sijaintina: Seinäjoki. Yrityksen päähakusanat ovat: traktorit ja paalaajat. Lisätietoa saat soittamalla: +35864289000, tai tule käymään toimipisteessämme osoitteessa: Väinölänkatu 14, 60120 Seinäjoki. Verkkosivuillemme pääset yllä olevasta URL-osoitteesta.
24 Nov 2011
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De oude koning van Katoren is stervende en vertelt aan zijn vriend en kamerheer Gervaas dat de ministers de macht zullen grijpen wanneer hij dood is. In zijn laatste woorden smeekt hij Gervaas om een nieuwe koning te vinden. Diezelfde nacht wordt Stach geboren. Zeventien jaar later stelt Stach de vraag die niemand durfde te stellen: wat moet iemand doen om koning van Katoren te worden? De ministers zitten in het nauw vanwege de aandacht van de pers en besluiten om de jonge lastpost vijf onmogelijke opdrachten te geven. Onderweg ontmoet hij de ambitieuze journalistiekstudente Kim (Abbey Hoes).
5 Dec 2012
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Lees verder op ******* De kerst toespraak 2012 van ZM Koning Albert II van Belgie gemist? Herbekijk het nu.
26 Dec 2012
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KONE, an innovative leader in the elevator and escalator industry, today announced a new high-rise elevator technology that is set to break industry limits and enable future elevator travel heights of 1 kilometer – twice the distance currently feasible. The KONE UltraRope™ is a completely new hoisting technology that eliminates the disadvantages of conventional steel rope and opens up a world of possibilities in high-rise building design – an important consideration as urbanization brings increasing numbers of people to cities. Comprised of a carbon fiber core and a unique high-friction coating, KONE UltraRope is extremely light, meaning elevator energy consumption in high-rise buildings can be cut significantly. The drop in rope weight means a dramatic reduction in elevator moving masses – the weight of everything that moves when an elevator travels up or down, including the hoisting ropes, compensating ropes, counterweight, elevator car, and passenger load (see image). Due to the significant impact of ropes on the overall weight of elevator moving masses, the benefits of KONE UltraRope increase exponentially as travel distance grows. KONE UltraRope is extremely strong and highly resistant to wear and abrasion. Elevator downtime caused by building sway is also reduced as carbon fiber resonates at a completely different frequency to steel and most other building materials. KONE UltraRope has an exceptionally long lifetime – at least twice that of conventional steel rope – and thanks to the special coating, no lubrication is required in maintaining it, enabling further cuts in environmental impact. All of this adds up to unprecedented eco-efficiency, durability and reliability in future high-rise elevator travel. “We are proud to introduce this innovation that we are certain will revolutionize the elevator industry for the tallest segment of buildings across the globe. The benefits of KONE UltraRope versus conventional elevator hoisting technologies are numerous and indisputable,” said KONE President and CEO Matti Alahuhta. KONE UltraRope has been developed and tested rigorously both in real elevators and simulation laboratories at KONE’s research and development facilities in Finland. Since 2010, it has been tested in operation at the world’s tallest elevator testing laboratory, KONE’s Tytyri facility built over 300 meters underground adjacent to an active limestone mine. Properties like tensile strength, bending lifetime, and material aging are just some of the qualities that have been measured. Urbanization is a key driver for the development of cities and the elevator industry. More than half of the world’s population already live in urban areas, and the United Nations estimates that by 2050 seven out of every 10 people on the planet will be living in cities. Building upwards is seen as the sustainable urban solution, and the number of tall buildings built around the globe has increased rapidly in recent years. Increasingly, tall buildings are also growing taller. Nearly 600 buildings of 200 meters or more are currently under construction or planned to be built over the next few years, according to the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat. While there are currently three buildings in the world that top the 500-meter mark, there are plans for 20 more such buildings to be built in coming years. Additionally, there are currently some 3,000 buildings in the world that could benefit from modernization with KONE UltraRope.
11 Jun 2013
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Using the ancient art of Chinese face reading, Lynn Scheurell "reads" Peter's face to help him understand his unique energies so that he can optimize his social networking results.
25 Jun 2008
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Best fried seafood on the Cape!
30 Jul 2010
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The design's theme is simply from city to country, urban to suburban, and reflects the goal of the Fresh Air Fund. *******www.dariadekoning****/
15 Jan 2012
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A great excuse to have a drink with friends and share my jewelry for an evening! *******dariadekoning****/ photography by Theo Avgerinos. *******theo-media****/
22 Sep 2011
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UNICEF’S emergency officer, Konady Kone at the Za'atari refugee camp in Jordan, Konady Kone, speaks with Syrian families and assesses the conditions on the ground.
7 Mar 2013
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