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• Song: Cry by Rihanna • Fandom: Hawaii Five-0 • Character[s]: Kono Kalakaua, Adam Noshimuri • Ship: KoDam (Kono/Adam) I own NOTHING! All rights belong to their owners! I'm participating at h50land, and this is vid is part of the Big Bang! Challenge. This part of the song just fitted with the relationship between Kono Kalakaua and Adam Noshimuri... They are currently my OTP. It has been ages since I edit any videos, so it's almost like it's my very first video all over again... I love comments! (including critics) → Here you have the link to check out h50land: *******h50land.dreamwidth****/ ________________ © Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976. Allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use! ©
15 Jul 2012
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Tracking Number: 08-0036MF
16 Nov 2008
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Soon to come at *******www.lovelyanime**** while you're at it you can watch over 550 Anime Series online for FREE!
24 Sep 2008
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tooi kono machi de from card captor sakura .i love you this song.
14 May 2010
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24 Jun 2009
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The ending theme of Doraemon: Nobita no Taiyou Ou Densetsu (Nobita and the Legend of the Sun King). Download here: *******www.4shared****/file/43864677/dd81095e/Doraemon2000_-_Kono_Hoshi_no_Dokokade___Nobita_no_Taiyou_Ou_Densetsu_.html?err=no-sess
7 Sep 2009
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28 Sep 2016
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if you can't watch this video. you might have to go here: *******youtube****/watch?v=zXBrePjDQ8U
22 Feb 2007
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artist : SMAP TBS TV 五輪応援歌
7 Dec 2008
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"This melody that sounds indefinitely" mihimaru GT 11th Double A-side single 2006/8/16 released ◆テレビ東京系ドラマ24「怨み屋本舗」OP主題歌。 ※ジャズの名曲グレン・ミラーの「IN THE MOOD」を大胆にサンプリング。
26 Oct 2008
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Gracias a la musica de el koño de la bernarda y al creador del video toledano9 (youtube).
6 Sep 2009
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COMFORT WOMEN ISSUE The most important thing is this "comfort women issue" does not have any evidence to prove Japanese Military forced and raped comfort women. And Chinese and Korean try to disgrace each Japanese person includes 1 aged Japanese baby to old Japanese people not related to comfort women system though they cannot prove it. It is natural for me to defend our each Japanese human rights from Korean and Chinese criticism without any basis of the fact. Japan's new Prime Minister Shinzo Abe sparked outrage in Asia and beyond when he recently said that there was no evidence that Japan's Army had forced women to work in military brothels during World War II. The acknowledgement of and apologies for the so-called comfort women has been a stumbling block to better relations with Japan's powerful neighbors China and South Korea. We are joined by Yoshihisa Komori of Japan's daily Sankei Shimbum for a closer look at this hot topic. Shinzo Abe has been asserting that the Japanese military as a matter of policy never coerced the recruitment of young women in Asia. Most japanese people also know well that Japapenese military never forced young women to work for prostitution during during World War II. Well, why most Japanese people don't deny Kono Statement that admitted Japanese Military involoved somewhat in comfort women? Because most Japanese people are so tender that they are likely not to make old ex-comfort women be hurt by speaking out the truth. If people speak out the truth of comfort women, ex-comfort women will turn out to be just only prostitutes. It is the fact that most comfort women worked for prostitution to earn money, it is the fact that some of them applied to the recruitment of comfort women by seeing advertisment, it is the fact that some of comfort women got a lot of money more than then Japanese Prime Minister's salary.
21 May 2007
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