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The Skunk2 Compass360 at the Daytona Raceway competing during the Koni Challenge.
9 Feb 2009
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*******www.instablogs****/ Congo, Uganda and South Sudan unite to fight LRA Citing lack of progress towards a peace deal with LRA’s leader Joseph Kony, the leaders of Uganda, Congo and the autonomous region of south Sudan have agreed for the first time to co-ordinate military efforts to end one of Africa’s longest wars that has brought misery to a region bordering several countries. However, it is doubtful whether they can effectively resume an all out war against LRA. The people of Central African Republic (CAR), recently tasted LRA’s barbarism and fear the worst if the war materializes. Local Ugandans in the north do not want to jeopardize the normalcy restored by two years of ceasefire. Moreover, the south Sudanese, whose main trade route to Uganda’s capital, Kampala, and beyond passes through the affected area, oppose a renewal of war. And Congo, which would have to undertake the daunting task of driving the LRA out of its jungle hideouts in the country’s north-east, has one of the least competent armies in the world. Ugandan military believes that threat of force will drag the LRA back to negotiating table. At least those who oppose war would be encouraged by the news that has named a new negotiating team. Pakistan protests after Australia announces India tour Pakistan cricket board sounds really justified in accusing the Australian cricket team of practicing double standards after it confirmed to go ahead with the test tour of India. The team had postponed a test tour to Pakistan after raising concerns over its safety and the security situation within the country. The Australians have been unabashedly biased in their outlook towards Pakistan. We agree with country's grim security situation given the frequent bombings that rock the country, now and then, but since when did India become an exception to bloodshed? It too has witnessed spate of terrorist bombings in recent months at all the major cricket venues. How does that make India fair any better than Pakistan? All the talk about Pakistan's inability to provide security to the players is sham. In the end it is all about big money the Australians get to chase and possibly win in India and not Pakistan. Malawi bars small traders from selling maize Maize sellers have tagged the presidential order as ‘undemocratic’ since it bars them from selling the country’s staple grain. The vendors even went to the extent of saying that Muthalika lacked a sense of humanity. They asserted that it was strange for the president to attribute maize shortage in the country to the vendors while the government had sold a lot of maize to Zimbabwe despite earlier warnings that the country had little maize. The vendors in the region are not very well off rather they are small scale traders who ear their livelihood by selling the staple grain. Defending their part, they added that their prices are slightly higher as government has subsidized the ADMARC price. However, the truth is that the rich businessmen are hoarding maize and are buying out the small scale businessmen. This strategy by the so called high profile men has wrongly swayed the public opinion in favor of the current government as people have begin to think that the food situation is really bad. Hence the govt. intervened and banned private sale. Gay parades, source of social mobilization in Brazil Brazil is turning into a country of middle class. Given the economic advances that have occurred in recent years, more than 100 million Brazilians are part of the so-called middle class. The advancement of millions of Brazilians is transforming the country and the reflection of this are the gay parades. As with other parts of the world, the biggest event of urban social mobilization is not the May 1st, but the Gay Parades. Instead of workers demanding their rights, million of homosexuals dancing to the sound of electronic music and kissing each other! Instead of the struggle for equality, seeking the right to be different. But all this beauty and joy hide something sinister, the logic of capitalism, where everything must be bought, even the right to express the individuality. An example is the Gay Parade of Sao Paulo, the largest in the world, which is rightly held in the main artery of Brazilian capitalism, the Paulista avenue. There is no doubt that gays are gaining a larger space in Brazilian society, but this happens not because the issue of human rights in Brazil advanced, but because respect is something you buy, like a Calvin Klein underwear. *******www.instablogs****/
19 Jul 2010
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*******www.causecast****/howitends In Northern Uganda, rebel leader Joseph Kony has abducted over 30,000 children to fight as child soldiers in a war that has been in existence for 20 years. Causecast featured organization Invisible Children has been actively raising awareness about these issues and motivated to find solutions. This episode of Cause in 60 highlights Invisible Children and 1,700 supporters which met in Washington DC for Lobby Days. The goal is to get Senate Bill 1067 passed in order to create a strategy to end the 20 year war and rescue the abducted children. Music Provided by Actress Adorable *******www.myspace****/theactressadorable *******www.causecast****/member/the-actress-adorable Footage contributed by *******www.causecast****/member/amymichellea *******www.causecast****/member/darcielou *******www.causecast****/member/ericandrew *******www.causecast****/member/jennywou *******www.causecast****/member/kklausser *******demo.causecast****/member/levi-felix *******www.causecast****/org/invisible-children
16 Jul 2009
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iyi bir feyz verecek bir ney yapımı ortalama kamışın kesilme süresinden itibaren 2 yıl alır bu zaman zarfında kamışlar işleme girer her kamışın öz kişiliği ve kalekteri vardır bu kişilik ve kalekteristik özeliği bir kamışta 15 unsura ayrılır bu kişiliklerin hepsini bilmek baştan sona kadar bir ilim bilim ve sanat işidir sonuçta bu ayrılmış olan kişilikleri sanatkar bir ney yapımcısı bir araya getirir. bu birleşmeden ahenk denge meydana gelir bu ahenk ve denğeyi oluşturulmadan açılan neyler sadece gürültü çıkarır unutmayalımki cenabı hakk her işinde giometri kulanır denge ve ahenk dünyanın her unsurunda vardır ben yaptım oldu zihniyetiyle yapılmış her ney kültüre ilime bilime sanata yapılmış hakaretir.
2 Sep 2010
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24 Mar 2011
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Pink Pages TV & Devon Fleming is on the move! Your GO TO GIRL is in Tribeca with Jewelry Designer Daria de Koning *******dariadekoning****/ Produced by: *******theo-media****/ and *******www.devonfleming****/
26 Oct 2011
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*******babies.productsvideoreviews****/Babyletto - How To get the most out of your Babyletto Modo's It's all about simplicity, and elegance Along with safety and style together. It's all in the design. It's all in Modo. At Babyletto, we build clean, non-toxic nurseries for a green, non-toxic worlds. Environmental sustainability and energy efficiency are Babyletto are what Babyletto is all about. Each stylish collection is constructed from New Zealand Pine grown in sustainable forests. Built with non-toxic finishes for baby's safety and reliability, Babyletto collections are also shipped smart to reduce our carbon footprint. So take a deep breath and know that the Babyletto choice is the best choice all around!. Babyletto Modo 3-in-1 Convertible Crib - Espresso/White The Modo Crib is a modern delight. Its sleek, smart design enhances your baby's space. Modo is safe and sincere. That's modern. That's Modo. Contemporary 3-in-1 Modo crib adds sophistication in any nursery with its sleek design and modern look with hidden hardware. Espresso and white non-toxic finish gives this collection a chic look. JPMA Certified. Convertible to daybed and toddler bed (guard rail included). Metal mattresss support that can be adjusted to 4 levels to adjust to your growing baby Check out the reviews and How To get the best out of your Babyletto at *******babies.productsvideoreviews****/Babyletto
12 Mar 2012
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A photo journal slideshow of the current human conditions in N. Uganda.
25 Nov 2007
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3 May parade in Zakopane,Poland
5 May 2008
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Take an in depth look into the life of a professional race car driver for Skunk2 and Compass360. Travis Walker explains how it is to be a driver, how he became one, and the perks of being one of the hottest rising stars in racing today.
9 Feb 2009
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Take an in depth look into the life of a professional race car driver for Skunk2 and Compass360. Travis Walker explains how it is to be a driver, how he became one, and the perks of being one of the hottest rising stars in racing today.
10 Jun 2008
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2 Dec 2008
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18 Mar 2009
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Dân nhạc VN, Khắc Chí, Ngọc Bích tại Canada, www.khacchi****
18 May 2009
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10 Nov 2009
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******* Przejazd Banderii konnej i salwy armatnie były niewątpliwymi atrakcjami Święta Niepodległości w Zakopanem, chociaż trzeba przyznać , że niespodziewane opady śniegu trochę to utrudniły. Odbiło się to niewątpliwie na frekwencji,może w przyszłym roku będzie lepsza pogoda na parady. Banderia konna ,poczty sztandarowe, kapela i uczestnicy marszu przeszli od cmentarza na ul.Nowotarskiej do Sanktuarium Matki Boskiej Fatimskiej na Krzeptówkach aby uczestniczyć w Mszy Św. za Ojczyznę.Po południu miała miejsce inna uroczystość zorganizowana przez Porozumienie Orła Białego ,pod domem Marszałka Piłsudskiego przy ul.Kasprowicza. Kilkukrotna salwa z działa przypomniała uczestnikom,że Niepodległość Polski wykuto czynem zbrojnym.Niech żyje Polska!
13 Nov 2009
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