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Il faisait très froid pour la région parisienne (2/3 degrés max) en cette journée du 4 mars 2001 et le circuit était encore mouillé par endroits par pluie de la nuit. Le Rallye de Paris (une organisation Rallystory), ce sont toujours des séries avec des garçons et des filles qui sont plus là pour être présents à cette manifestation que des foudres de pistes. De plus c'est l'occasion d'emmener madame ou un(e) ami(e) dans une belle automobile et si vous souhaitez que le week end se passe bien, il ne faut rien brusquer. J'étais seul dans ma 111s en Yokohama 38R, sanglé dans les harnais (d'où le voyant rouge de ceinture allumé sur le tableau de bord) et sur une piste que je connais bien, qui n'est pas difficile et mon seul regret fut que je ne sois pas en Pagid RS 14 mais en plaquettes de série, ce n'est pas le mieux sur l'Elise, mais enfin, je n'allais pas bouder mon plaisir, de plus j'étais au chaud. Une F40 c'est comme une Elise mais avec des chevaux, du couple, du carbone partout. Ca fait rêver c'est sûr. Il est en Michelin MXX3 qui doivent dater de l'âge de l'auto, le pilote savait y faire cela ne fait pas de doute. Alors que je roule déjà à tombeau ouvert pour les autres participants, je vois la F40 arriver dans mes rétros, pour ceux qui ont regardé les autres vidéos, une F40 ca pousse plus fort qu'une 360 Stradale, alors les 165 chevaux de mon Elise dans les 2 lignes droites c'est un peu, comment dire ?? juste ?? Mais la caméra tourne et il me faut ramener de la matière pour les membres de mon association, et puis lorsque l'on est persuadé être dans l'une des meilleures autos du monde, vous vous sentez comme un prêcheur dans une église, ma bible de cette journée, c'était mon volant et mon église, la piste de Montlhéry. Donc la F40 me double et je m'accroche comme je peux, tout en sachant que j'ai trois avantages, il ne connait pas la piste, il fait froid, ses pneumatiques sont vieux et ne chaufferont pas et surtout il ouvre la route et me permet de m'engouffrer derrière sans "trop" de risques. Je tiendrai comme cela 5/6 tours, il finira par disparaître. J'ai mis ce film en ligne afin de démontrer, si besoin y était, les qualités de l'Elise (maniabilité, tenue de route, freinage) et rendre hommage à la F40. Cette vidéo a été chargée plusieurs millions de fois, comme quoi les garcons et les filles aiment toujours les Automobiles. Michel L'auto : Elise 111s ; Amortisseurs Koni LSS ; Jantes Aluminium Tracks Lotus Sport ; Yokohama 38R LTS ; + ou - 172 chevaux ; 730 kilos à vide. Le film : 1-11 versus F40 : "Réalisation" : Michel ; Matériel Sony Mini Dv 800 000 pixels ; Pince Manfrotto ; Poids : 32 397 ko ; temps : 3 minutes 36 secondes ; Format Mpeg
29 Oct 2009
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Baaba Maal Live - to celebrate the launch of the new album On The Road we are giving away a free track Koni featuring Ernest Ranglin. To download your copy, simply visit our website at
1 Nov 2009
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pashtoons are a big nation and very proud this song is all about pashtoons by a pashtoons which uploaded by haji zaiton khan akelozai enjoy it zenda bad de jahan namdar koni qaoum
1 Nov 2009
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J-drama: Beauty Boys Celebrity First part of first episode in RAW Second part: ***********/watch?v=jIEgvrUkoe0 Third part: ***********/watch?v=kvGzD5QKw_g Koni, Masa~~ *__* Enjoy it!
13 Jan 2010
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After inking the comic, erase remaining pencil lines, white ink areas that need emphasis and add motion lines with pen. Detail the comic post-inking to make it easier for the scanner with tips from a comics marketer, writer and creator in this free video on comics. Expert: Mark Poulton Contact: www.koniwaves**** Bio: Mark Poulton has worked in the comic book industry for the past three years. He is the writer/co-creator of the hit comic series "Koni Waves." Filmmaker: Joel Young
6 Apr 2010
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In 1985 Porsche introduced the 944 Turbo, a higher-performance variant, known internally as the 951 (952 for right-hand drive models). This had a turbocharged and intercooled version of the standard car's engine that produced 220 hp (217 in the US) at 6000 rpm. The turbo was the world's first car using a ceramic portliner to retain exhaust gas temperature. The Turbo also featured several other revisions, such as improved aerodynamics, strengthened gearbox, standard transmission oil cooler, wider wheels, and upgraded suspension. Major engine component revisions, more than thirty in all, were made to the 951 to compensate for increased internal loads and heat. 1987 Porsche 944 Turbo (US Model)In 1988, Porsche introduced the 944 Turbo S. The 944 Turbo S had a more powerful engine (designation number M44/52) with 247 hp (compared to the standard 944 Turbo's 217 hp) and 350 Nm torque (or 258 ft·lbf, versus 243 ft·lbf). This higher output was achieved by using a larger turbo housing on the exhaust side, and a remapped engine computer. In June 1988, Car and Driver tested the 944 Turbo S and achieved a 0-60 mph time of 5.5 seconds and a quarter mile time of 13.9 seconds at 101 mph (163 km/h). The intake manifold features an additional vacuum port for two total vacuum ports, but intake manifolds can be swapped between S and non-S cars. The 944 Turbo S's suspension was the then state-of-the-art "M030" option consisting of upgraded Koni adjustable shocks front and rear, ride height adjusting threaded collars on the front struts, progressive springs, larger rear torsion bars, harder bushings throughout, larger 26.8 mm (1.1 in) anti-roll bars at the front, and chassis stiffening brackets in the front frame rails. The air conditioning dryer lines are routed differently to clear the front frame brace on the drivers side. The 944 Turbo S wheels, known as the Club Sport design, were 16" forged and flat-dished, similar to the contemporary 928. Wheel widths were 7.5 inches (191 mm) in the front, and 9 inches (229 mm) in the rear; sizes of the Z-rated tires were 225/50 in the front and 245/45 in the rear. The front and rear wing edges were rolled to accommodate the larger wheels. The manual transmission (case code designation: AOR) of the 944 Turbo S had toughened first and second gears including synchros, standard external cooler (available on earlier turbos as an option, except 1985-1986 models, where it was also standard), and a standard limited slip differential with a 40% lockup setting. The Turbo S front brakes were borrowed from the Porsche 928 S4, with larger 4 piston fixed calipers and discs; ABS was also standard. The 944 Turbo S interior featured full power seats for both driver and passenger, where the majority of the factory-built Turbo S models sported a "Burgundy plaid" (Silver Rose edition) but other interior/exterior colors were available. A 10 speaker sound system and equalizer + amp was a common upgrade. In 1989 the 'S' designation was dropped from the 944 Turbo S, and all 944 Turbos featured the 'S' package as standard. The regular 944's displacement was increased to 2.7 L.
8 Oct 2010
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Koty,psy,konie i rozne inne zwierzaki
22 Nov 2010
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Bildervideo zum So High... Song von Royal TS present by [KoNi] Berlin Original Track der Stimme: Captain Hollywood Projekt - We're flying high
28 Apr 2011
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Karuzela z Madonnami - nagranie z 1970. Muzyka: Zygmunt Konieczny Słowa: Miron Białoszewski "Karuzela z Madonnami" (frag.): Wsiadajcie, madonny madonny Do bryk sześciokonnych ...ściokonnych! Konie wiszą kopytami nad ziemią. One w brykach na postoju już drzemią. Każda bryka malowana w trzy ogniste farbki I trzy są końskie maści: od sufitu od dębu od marchwi. Drgnęły madonny I orszak konny Ruszył z kopyta.(...) Migają w krąg anglezy grzyw I lambrekiny siodeł, I gorejące wzory bryk Kwiecisto-laurkowe. A w każdej bryce vis à vis Madonna i madonna W nieodmienionej pozie tkwi Od dziecka odchylona — białe konie — bryka — czarne konie — bryka — rude konie — bryka Magnifikat! A one w Leonardach min, W obrotach Rafaela, W okrągłych ogniach, w klatkach z lin, W przedmieściach i niedzielach. I w każdej bryce vis à vis Madonna i madonna. I nie wiadomo, która śpi, A która jest natchniona — szóstka koni — one — szóstka koni — one — szóstka koni — one Zakręcone!
12 Jul 2011
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. Car - 2008 Mazdaspeed3 Mazdaspeed CAI Dunlop Z1 Star Specs RX8 Wheels Koni FSDs Stock everything else! Memorial Day Weekend driving on Calaveras Road in Northern California... BMW 335i pulls out in front and was driving enthusiastically down this sweet road. I decided to join in and thought we were having a great time until I get a nice little brake check. Once we got to a complete stop the BMW driver got out and had some nice and wonderful things to say. The driving part is somewhat boring. We didn't even make it to the twisty bits yet. The commentary on the other hand... thats exciting! I'm still not sure why he was so angry... 1.) I gave him plenty of room and was not tailgating him... 2.) I figure if he didn't want to drive quickly down the road, he wouldn't have driven quickly to begin with. (Even then, we weren't even going that fast...) 3.) If he just wanted me to go around, he would have pulled off and let me pass? 4.) Maybe he was upset that his BMW couldn't pull away from a 'little shitbox'? 5) Perhaps Bad BBQ bean for Memorial Day? 6.) Standard behavior from a BMW owner? (Haha, I'm kidding! I love Bimmers!) No hard feelings my friend... that BMW is a sweet ride!
15 Jul 2011
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How can you laugh at president Putin?! He is good! He kissed a fish, you'd eat her by yourselves, you'd devour her, but he kessed! Both he kissed a boy, and even Condoleezza Rice he kissed! And you arn't loving nobody, so you envy him! What wrong did he do for you?! He's practising sambo [*a kind of wrestling like judo and karate] - d'you know it is complicated to practise sambo! Orange.. Orange agents of West! [*allusion to "Orange Revolutions" at Ukraine and Georgia] Leave Putin alone! You're only dreaming how to open commercials stalls at Moscow centre! And if there stalls will.. if there stalls will stand, how can the officials pass through? [*corteges of bureaucrats of high rank with their numerous body-guards often provokes traffic jams at Moscow] Leave him alone, Putin is good.. He waddles and scolds the ministers.. and leave alone United Russia party [*pro-Putin party which had absolute power at State Duma], you just envy they are in State Duma, and you are not! They are good, they all got pretty limousines and big apartments, they had happy faces - so you envy them! President is good, he has a dog.. [sobbing] dog.. her name is Koni.. now d'you see how President loves horses [*"kon' " in Russian means "horse"] - he's even named his doggy "Koni"! We havn't yet president who adores horses! So you really envy him, and he just do anything he wants! [sobbing] Pu-u-unin.. Preside-e-ent.. Say fairly, you must say fairly that you just want jail oligarchs by yourselves! :-) по мотивам: ***********/watch?v=kHmvkRoEowc (за перевод спасибо kanyga)
23 Aug 2011
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Más / More info: *******www.andinia****/cgi-local/search.cgi?zoom_query=caballos&zoom_per_page=25&zoom_and=0 Aquí vemos como se utiliza a un caballo (en realidad, se engaña a un caballo) para obtener el semen que luego se usará para la inseminación artificial de yeguas. Primero se lo pone frente a la yegua en celo, y luego se le impide cubrirla realmente, obteniendo su semen en una vagina artificial. Actualmente a los caballos sementales como este no les dejan copular directamente con la hembra que se quiere preñar, sino que se les pone de "cebo" a una yegua preparada para tal efecto, yegua que en este caso es una percherona muy robusta, a la cual además le atan las patas para evitar que de alguna coz defensiva lastime al caballo semental en cuestión. La inseminación artificial es la base de la reproducción equina controlada, y posibilita mantener a los caballos de pura raza y de pura sangre con la línea genética que se persiga: caballos para competición o carreras (pura sangre inglés), caballos para raids o carreras de resistencia (árabes), caballos más fuertes para exhibiciones o para campo (pura raza española), etc. De paso, el anterior es uno de nuestros primeros videos galardonados por Youtube: #27 - Más vistos (esta semana) - Mascotas y animales - España #13 - Más vistos (esta semana) - Mascotas y animales #17 - Más vistos (hoy) - Mascotas y animales - Alemania #24 - Más vistos (hoy) - Mascotas y animales - Global #5 - Más vistos (hoy) - Mascotas y animales - España #2 - Más vistos (hoy) - Mascotas y animales #29 - Más vistos (hoy) - Mascotas y animales - Corea del Sur ...lo cual demuestra que, como siempre, en internet una de las cosas que más atraen es el sexo...jeje. Para leer más sobre caballos y equitación, visite: *******www.andinia****/articulos_caballos_horses_cavalos_pfaerde_equinos_equines_equitacionsp.shtml Equine artificial insemination - Künstliche Besamung Pferde- 인공 수정 목마 - L'insémination artificielle des chevaux - Искусственного осеменения лошадей - Artificiell insemination hästar - Inseminării artificiale cai - Inseminação artificial cavalos - Sztucznej inseminacji koni - Sztucznej inseminacji koni - Inseminazione artificiale cavalli - Kunstmatige inseminatie van paarden - Τεχνητή γονιμοποίηση άλογα - Kunstig befrugtning heste - Umjetno osjemenjivanje konja - Umělé oplodnění koně - Изкуствено осеменяване коне - التلقيح الاصطناعي الخيول
27 Aug 2011
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SZPADYZOR RECORDS prezentuje drugi teledysk promujący wydawnictwo 200 TON Rafiego! Razem z Bugar Design i Wendland Films stworzyliśmy klip do utworu ROBIMY HITY z gościnnym udziałem Shelleriniego i donGURALesko! Kawałek ukazał się także na limitowanym maxisinglu, który możecie zdobyć składając zamówienie w oficjalnym sklepie marki EL POLAKO pod adresem www.el-polako**** ! Płyta 200 TON jest do kupienia na oraz w sklepach muzycznych na terenie całego kraju! Możecie także nabyć legalne mp3 pod adresem: ! Dzwońcie po znajomych, napiszcie swoim Bliskim i wyślijcie to w świat: RAFI WYDAŁ LEGAL! Tracklista 200 TON: 1."Intro" prod.Greg 2."Before Party" prod.Pantomas feat.Koni,Grubson 3."Hip Hop Kręci Nas" prod.Czarny skrecz.Dj Show 4."Tik Tak" prod.Chomer feat.Ry23 5."Nie Tylko Dla Kasy" prod.Matheo feat.Sobota,Waldemar Kasta skrecz.Dj Twister 6."Serce" prod.RDKA skrecz.Dj Show 7."Ciemna Strona Mocy" prod.Pantomas feat.Słoń 8."Proces Tworzenia" prod.Kada skrecz.Dj Kostek 9."Gwiazda" prod.Czarny 10."200 Ton" prod.Ceka 11."Robimy Hity" prod.Mixer feat.DGE,Shellerini 12."Zaliczone Studia" prod.Banan skrecz.Dj Show 13."Powroty" prod.Ry23 feat.Lont,Kowall 14."Karawana" prod.Robeatson 15."R.A.F.I." prod.Matheo skrecz.Dj Soina 16."Oda Do Zmarłych" prod.Pantomas skrecz.Dj Taek 17."Gdzie Tu Sens" prod.Donatan 18."Outro" prod.Greg 19."Karawana RMX" prod.Robeatson
11 Sep 2011
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The clip a 10 second car from The Fast and the Furious (2001) with Vin Diesel, Paul Walker What about parts and service? Hold off on it. Dom, I don't know what to do with it. All right, what the hell is this? What do you got there? This is your car. My car? I said a 10-second car, not a 10-minute car. You could push this across the finish line, or tow it. You couldn't even tow that across the finish line. No faith. I have faith in you, but this isn't a junkyard. This is a garage. Pop the hood. Pop the hood? Pop the hood. 2JZ engine. No shit. And what did I tell you? I retract my previous statement. You know what? This will decimate all after you put about $15,000 in it. Or more, if we have to overnight parts from Japan. We'll put it on my tab at Harry's. Yes! I gotta get you racing again so I can make some money off your ass. There's a show down in the desert called Race Wars. That's where you'll do it. When you're not working at Harry's, you're working here. If you can't find the right tool in this garage, Mr. Arizona you don't belong near a car. He owns you now. Tell me what you think about this. Koni adjustables. Gonna save us about 2 pounds.
17 Dec 2011
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Inspired by the cult movie: Baby monkey riding on a pig. *******www.aDamRelief**** The Cat is called "Alley-cat" and the monkey is called "Darwin" Darwin was discarded by his mother and has taken one of the managers of The Nile River Camp, in Bujagali, Uganda, as his surrogate father. They are both under a year old. Want a chance to meet them both? Here's how: *******www.maxbilbow****/archives/808 ------------------------------ On a serious note: #KONY2012 is very persuasive BUT please remember: Uganda is SAFE. Don't let Ugandan tourism die because of this missinformation. Kony and the LRA left Uganda in 2006. UGANDA is safe and beautiful! If you want to support Uganda, please spread this message and come to Uganda; enjoy yourself! We're not against bringing war criminals like Joseph Kony to justice; we just don't want his legacy to put more people off visiting this beautiful and safe country. *******www.maxbilbow****/archives/1113
8 Mar 2012
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Please subscribe to my channel and my vlog channel! I make new videos here every Wednesday and make vlogs during my majestical daily life. JennaMarbles JennaMarblesVlog Facebook: *******www.facebook****/pages/Jenna-Mourey/311917224927 Twitter: ********twitter****/#!/Jenna_Marbles Jenna_Marbles CharlesMarbles Kermit_thedog T-Shirts (so far, sorry we're working on more!!) *******www.districtlines****/jennamarbles Blog: *******www.jennamarblesblog****/ Tumblr: *******jennamarbles.tumblr****/ KONY 2012 video: ***********/watch?v=Y4MnpzG5Sqc&
11 Mar 2012
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