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22 Jan 2010
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Yet another part of this sick american family show.
3 Oct 2006
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Harold and Kumar 2 Movie New Trailer Released Today
15 Apr 2008
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PK performs at the Laugh Factory
17 Jun 2008
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PK's Comedy Reel
26 Feb 2010
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KBS America show "Asian America Today" spotlights Kollaboration Acoustic, and how it is changing the image of Asian Americans in entertainment
7 May 2009
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******* Back for some more stoner laughs, it’s time for “A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas”. I’m Keith Kelly. My review-coming up right now. We first met odd couple buddies Harold and Kumar in their weed inspired quest to pig out on White Castle hamburgers. It was a hilariously outrageous romp, a sort of multi-cultural Cheech and Chong meets the 21st century, and it helped reinvent Neil Patrick Harris as a comedy bad boy. Next up, they were mistaken for terrorists and sent to Guantanemo Bay. I never got around to seeing that one-but the word on the street was-not as good as the first. Their latest adventure is a raunchy 3D Christmas tale, which tries really hard to be one of the funniest and most shocking holiday films ever made. Unfortunately, it’s a mostly lackluster escapade. Harold and Kumar have both moved on in their lives, and are no longer best buds. Harold is married, hard working and successful-and has laid off the pot. Kumar is fatter, still lazy, and still stoned. A mysterious Christmas gift reunites them, leading to a search for the perfect Christmas tree. Another crazy, madcap night ensues. There are lots of raunchy comedic set-ups in this film-a drugged 2 year old, a spoof on the Claymation holiday classics, a painful parody of a scene from “A Christmas Story”, and a musical number featuring Neal Patrick Harris and the boys-but none of them really deliver the belly laughs as they should. Lots of smiles, one “laugh out loud” moment-but not a continuous laugh riot. It’s a shame, because Cho and Penn have great chemistry together, and the supporting cast is filled with some funny people. But the wacky charm of the first film is just not there. The running gags drag on too long and don’t fully deliver. I’m not saying this is a horrible comedy- but maybe you need to imbibe like Harold and Kumar to fully get the most out of this latest entry. You do need to see the film in 3D to take advantage of some of the sight gags-like pot smoke rings blown into 3D space, or cocaine floating in slow-motion like snow flakes-but otherwise it’s a “wait for the DVD” kind of movie. I give “A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas” directed by Todd Strauss-Schulson, a grade of “C+”. I’m Keith Kelly. Grow your business with online video. Contact Keith Kelly at Innovative Communications to get started. *******
7 Nov 2011
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Share on Twitter: *******clicktotweet****/obF3r Connect with IdeasfromHYK Subscribe ***********/channel/UCrwp9Wrrxakudwkg0Yzj-2A?sub_confirmation=1 Facebook *******facebook****/ideasfromhykpage Twitter *******twitter****/ideasfromHYK Google+ ************/u/0/118437479969294041857/ Major Differences between Men and Women Scenes Men: Wakes up late asking more for time to sleep. Women: Wakes up early in the morning. Men: Rushes into to the bathroom and gets ready in 10 minutes and run out the door. Women: Walks in the bathroom calmly and takes more than 45 minutes. Men: On the phone talking about sports. Women: On the phone gossiping about other people. Men: Watches a sporting event and asks for 5 more minutes . Women: Get ready to go the gym on time. Men: Recommends to hire a babysitter to take care of the children. Women: Makes plan to take care about the children. Men: Forgets to water the plants. Women: Goes on a vacation asking to take care of the plants. Men: Asks to take out the laundry and fold clothes at the same time. Women: Refuses to take go to the laundry and unless she dresses up. Men: Check in the refrigerator and complains that she needs to go to the supermarket and get lettuce, tomato, chicken and rice because the refrigerator is empty. Women: Opens the fridge and notices a ramen cup noodle in the fridge and say he can eat that every day of the week and survive. Men: Burps and farts in the kitchen in front of other people. Women: Mentions that she only burps and fart in private when nobody is around. Men: Check himself in the mirror and reminds himself that he looks good. Women: Checks herself in mirror and mentions her teeth is not fully white and needs bleaching, look at her shoulders and mentions she needs to get a tan and notices a stretch mark and looks at her eyebrows and says they're to thin. Men: Mentions that he already spent a thousand dollars on medical bills and is letting her know that doesn't want to spend another dollars on her. He also warns her that he is going to go broke. Men: Mentions that he didnt worry about his future until I got married. Women: Mentions she was worried about her future until she married a lawyer and mentions she is going to the dermatologist(skin doctor). Royalty Free music courtesy of incompetech**** Decline Genre: Soundtrack Time: 3:27  Instruments: Harp, Pennywhistle, Cello, Violin, Bass  56 BPM (Largo - Very Slow)  ISRC: USUAN1300016 © 2013 Kevin MacLeod Relaxed, Somber  Inner Light Genre: Contemporary Time: 9:36  Instruments: Glock, Dulcimer, Bass, Kit, Voice  105 BPM (Moderato - A Bit Fast)  ISRC: USUAN1300021 © 2013 Kevin MacLeod A chill, reverb-drenched romantic piece in 6/8 Calming, Uplifting, Relaxed  Royalty free sound effects courtesy of freesound**** smokenweewALT-Fart.wav gmajorrr-burp.wav
4 May 2013
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Share on Twitter: *******clicktotweet****/948U3 Connect with IdeasfromHYK Facebook *******facebook****/ideasfromhykpage Twitter *******twitter****/ideasfromHYK Google+ ************/u/0/118437479969294041857/ Women vs Men: Who has it harder? Valid points as why women or men have it harder in life. Men: We have to face rejection. Even though it's the 21th century, girls still don't make the first move. We have to think about pick up lines. Women: Girls get hit on so many times a day by the ugly and classless guys. Women can't even ride the subway without the fear of being molested. Alot of times, crimes don't reported so it just slips by. Alot of girls are stalked and even raped. It's happens often but it's not noticed by the public. Alot of girls keep it private because they feel embarrassed to report it to the police/law enforcement. Men: On the first date, guys always have to pick up the girl, open the car door for her, pull the chair back and they men always have to pay for the first day Women: When girls get married, they have to cook, clean, do the laundry, take care of the kids and take care of the husband. Men: Guys have to worry about getting kicked in the balls(nuts). It's happens often and we get into a lot of pain. At the same time, women don't even have something sticking out of their pants. Women: Girls feel like they are getting kicked in the balls every month for 5 days straight. Men: Alot of females are looking for a guy with a college degree from a top tier ivy league university/college like Harvard, Brown, Yale, Colombia. Our occupation determines us and our social status. On top of that, women can hired based on their appearance(beauty). All women have to do is push up their and wear short skirts. Women: Women get paid a lot less for the same job that the men performs. The hourly wage/salary doesn't really compare. Men: Guys have to deal with guys on their periods. Some girls are full time PMS'ers(Premenstrual syndrome). Guys have to get into arguments/fights when girls are on their periods Women: Girls have to experience being on their period first hand. They have to bleed from their private part. While on their periods, they have to deal with cramps for five days. Men: Guys have to deal with getting a boner in public. It's embarrassing for to have to something lift from their pants in public with many people around. Guys have also worry about their penis/johnson/wang/piece. Women: Women have to be perfect. If they have small boobs/breast, they have to spend a lot of money to get bigger ones. If they have a small ass/behind, they have to spend more money on getting a bigger one. If the girls boobs or ass is to big, people end up calling them fake or fat/chubby. Men: It's in the man's nature to spread their seeds and deal with many STD's(sexually transmitted diseases). Women: If a women sleeps with a hundred dudes, she is considered the worst thing in the planet. She is considered a hooker, prositute, bitch,whore, tramp but if a guy sleep with a many women, they are considered the man, pimp, king, that dude, the man, stud. Men: Women are correct about the hardship about dealing with being pregnant. There is nothing harder in life that men have to deal with than women who have to deal with pregnancy. I was in sex education class at six grade and I saw a baby get born and blood was slipping out and I fainted. Women: We have to carry another human being in our stomach for almost a year. Women have to eat the correct way to take care of the child. After 9 months-1 year of suffering and panicking, a human starts kicking in their stomach and comes out of their vagina. Royalty Free music courtesy of incompetech**** Summer Day Genre: Contemporary Time: 3:18  Instruments: Guitar, EP, Bass, Kit  60 BPM (Largo - Very Slow)  ISRC: USUAN1200083 © 2012 Kevin MacLeod Soothing piece with an interesting harmonic left-turn. You got a savage beast? This is just the ticket. Calming, Relaxed  Peaceful Desolation Genre: Soundtrack Time: 1:31  Instruments: Brass, Tympani, Glock, Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Strings  54 BPM (Largo - Very Slow)  ISRC: USUAN1200017 © 2012 Kevin MacLeod Low-key mood establisher with chords moving in parallel blocks for the melody. Starts dark, ends open and airy. Calming, Relaxed, Somber, Uplifting
8 May 2013
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Born August 2, 1979, Bernal is a dancer from Santa Ana, California. He became known through this video clip recorded at the talent show Kollaboration (Korean American Talent Show), in 2001. Showcasing Bernal's characteristic style, it became popular and circulated on the internet.
13 Aug 2007
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Vlaze**** and Trailerhits**** cover the red carpet premiere of The Air I Breathe at The Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood California. he Air I Breathe is a 2008 romantic drama/crime film and the directional debut from Korean-American filmmaker Jieho Lee, who co-wrote the script with Bob DeRosa. It stars Sarah Michelle Gellar, Brendan Fraser, Cecilia Suárez, Clark Gregg, Emile Hirsch, Forest Whitaker, John Cho, Julie Delpy, Kelly Hu, Kevin Bacon and Andy Garcia. The film was financed by NALA Investments through its production company NALA Films The film will be released January 25th 2008 in the US . The concept of the film is based on an ancient Chinese proverb that breaks life down into four emotional cornerstones - Happiness (played by Whitaker), Pleasure (Fraser), Sorrow (Gellar) and Love (Bacon). The proverb speaks of these emotions, not as isolated fragments of feelings, but as elements that make up the whole of the human existence. Each of the four main protagonists is based on one of the four emotions; and like the proverb their paths are inextricably linked to each other.
24 Jan 2008
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12 Feb 2010
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