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Contact KOREA is an agency that attracts global talent and connects them to Korean companies. Their service is highly instrumental to companies and organizations that need talented foreign professionals. www*** A globalized world where human resources represent the core of a nation's assets! Many countries around the world are fiercely competing with each other for top talent. The borders between nations are collapsing and people are becoming global citizens in the 21st century. There is a great need to boost the national economy by providing foreign talent to raise the global competitiveness of Korean companies. Contact KOREA aims to fulfill that need by attracting global talent to work and live in Korea. Contact KOREA is a global talent facilitator that promotes international competitiveness by offering one-stop service that seeks professionals, matches them with appropriate companies and helps them settle in Korea. Contact KOREA has designated 40 Korea Business Centers in 29 countries to seek out global professionals, verify academic background and professional experience, process interviews and recommend visa issuance. After employment, Contact KOREA helps global professionals get settled in Korea and provides its services free of charge, hence drastically reducing recruitment costs of Korean companies. Furthermore, Contact KOREA operates an online portal that acts as a bridge between Korean employers and international talent anywhere and anytime. A database has been created to provide CVs of talented individuals that are submitted on the web portal. Interview requests and career background verification processes, as well other procedures related to recruitment, are all administered online by Contact KOREA. Contact KOREA collects and offers the latest global market trends to companies that seek global employees. In order to make the online visa issuance process easier and faster, Contact KOREA has established a strong alliance with the Ministry of Justice. As of the end of 2009, there are over 30,000 global professionals, ranging from engineers to researchers and scientists, working for domestic corporations in South Korea. The demands for global talent in Korean companies increases constantly every year. Within a year of its establishment, Contact KOREA has arranged for over 260 individuals to find competitive jobs at more than 120 Korean companies and institutions by using one-on-one service for Korean employers and foreign professionals. Contact KOREA can now be considered a model worth emulating. Contact KOREA is here to find, match and connect global professionals with the best companies in the nation. Contact KOREA, the place to come for global talent, is your reliable partner!
14 Jan 2010
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