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The song Whiskey Lullaby by Brad Paisley ft. Alison Krauss with lyrics on screen. Enjoy! *Requested by: Kit571Cat ***********/user/Kit571Cat *plz comment, like, fav, and subscribe! thnx!* I do not own this song or its lyrics! No Copyright Infringement Intended!
7 Nov 2010
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Music video by Brad Paisley;Alison Krauss performing Whiskey Lullaby. (C) 2004 BMG Music
23 Nov 2010
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Music video for Please Read the Letter, by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss
13 May 2011
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Music video by Brad Paisley;Alison Krauss performing Whiskey Lullaby. (C) 2004 BMG Music
22 Jun 2011
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Robert Plant & Alison Krauss Gone Gone Gone (Done Moved On) - Later with Jools Holland Live HD
28 Jun 2011
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Alison Krauss performs Simple Love flawlessly on the 2007 CMA awards show.
4 Jul 2011
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Music video by Alison Krauss & Union Station performing Paper Airplane. (C) 2011 Alison Krauss. Under exclusive license to Rounder Records. Manufactured and distributed by Concord Music Group Inc.
6 Jul 2011
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**CLICK ON "MORE INFO" FOR LINK FOR MP3 DOWNLOAD!!!** If you use profanity in your comments, your comment will be removed. Don't show your stupidity by using it. In light of a recent comment left by a viewer on May 3, 2009, viewers should be aware that there is a lot of erroneous information about Keith's bio, most notably the bio on CMT****, which is chock full of glaring errors. Keith's given name at birth was JACKIE Keith Whitley, not Jesse Keith Whitley. Jesse Keith Whitley is the biological son of Jackie Keith Whitley and Loretta Lynn "Lorrie" Morgan, born in 1987. Jackie Keith Whitley was born in Kings Daughters Hospital in Ashland, KY on July 1, 1954, the son of the late Elmer Jackson Whitley and Nannie Faye Ferguson Whitley. Back when Keith was lead singer for J. D. Crowe and the New South in the late 1970's and early 1980's, he found he had lost his birth certificate, and he needed one for his passport. So when he received his new one from Frankfort, it came back with the wrong birth date, July 1, 1955. All this information was given to me by his mother during a phone conversation I had with her in 1991. I'm sure Lorrie knew his real birthdate, but why she insisted on putting the wrong one on his tombstone no one seems to know. If you need more proof, I have a digital copy of his original birth announcement provided to me by the Whitley family with his birth date, place of birth, and birth weight. If you need a copy of this, send me a message. This Paul Overstreet/Don Schlitz-penned gem was Keith's 2nd straight #1 song and the second single from his 1988 album "Don't Close Your Eyes." Keith's original stayed at #1 in the US for 2 weeks at the end of 1988. Allison Krauss covered the song in 1995. While Krauss' version was on the charts, Mike Cromwell, then the production director at WMIL-FM in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, concocted a duet merging elements of Krauss' version with Whitley's original hit version. The "duet" garnered national attention, and it spread from at least Philadelphia to Albuquerque. It was never officially serviced to radio and has never been available commercially. Krauss' recording won the 1995 CMA award for "Single of the Year". Then in 2004 Keith's version was #12 on the list of CMT's 100 Greatest Love Songs of All Time. UPDATE 8/3/08--So many of you have asked for it. You can download this song now! Go to: *******www.sendspace****/file/ijfutw
12 Oct 2011
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Alison Krauss & Union Station - Man of Constant Sorrow
1 Nov 2011
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Sierra Hull onstage w/ Alison Krauss + Union Station. All-Star Bluegrass Celebration.
4 Nov 2011
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The clip Hellboy frights Krauss from Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008) with John Alexander, Ron Perlman Gute Nacht, Agent Hellboy. Look, Agent, I know you don't like me, but I could take away your badge. Never had one. Kept asking, though. You will learn to obey me, follow protocol and stay fockused at all times. Oh, that word "fockused." Yeah, with your accent, I wouldn't use it that much. I knew Professor Broom, young man. You didn't know Professor Broom. Yes, I did. After my accident... Shut up. Shut up. ...he designed this containment suit. A wonderful man. And even then he was worried about your future. He... Hey, Gas Bag, stop it! Right now. Or what? Are you threatening me? Because I think I can take you. Excuse me? You heard me. I couldn't hear you from all the way over there. I can take you because you have one fatal flaw. Oh, I wanna hear it. No, you don't. You can't take criticism. Try me. Can't take it. What's my flaw? Your temper. It gets the best of you. Makes you weak. Makes you vulnerable. Oh, crap. Johann. Johann? Johann? Hey, Johann? Come on, pal. Hang in there, will you? Johann? Johann? Damn.
11 Nov 2011
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The clip Hellboy frights Krauss Part 2 from Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008) with Ron Perlman, John Alexander Ow! There we are. Your temper, it makes you sloppy. Try to control it, Agent Hellboy. Before it controls you. Glasshole.
11 Nov 2011
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The clip intimidated of Krauss from Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008) with Ron Perlman, Doug Jones Keep it coming, keep it coming. Hold it. "Not with me, Agent." What an ego. I like him. Well, you can keep him. I mean, am I the only one that thinks this guy is full of... No, no, no, no, don't lean. Lot 336, the Schufftein glasses. Could it be? The three surviving pairs, and we will use them to locate the troll market. Dr. Krauss, what a coup. The Schufftein glasses. You're my hero. Hey. You Hellboy? Yeah. You're ugly, man. Two more on the wall in front of me and then three on the alleys facing that way. What do you think of Mr. Know-It-All? Don't know, too early to tell. Hey, you're Hellboy. I know, I'm ugly. Forget it. We'll talk about it later. He's sure of himself, and I think maybe you're intimidated. Intimidated. Huh? Keep us up to date on thecameras, Agent Sherman. Over and out. What's this? Normally, we can't see fairy folk and trolls. They generate a cloaking aura called "glamour." But in 1878, Emil Schufftein designed and built these. Four crystal diopters that penetrate that effect and reveal the true nature of things. Oh, Dr. Krauss, they're more beautiful than I'd imagined. You must try them on then. Oh, yes. Try them on, Agent. They'll look good. I love these tight little leather straps. Intimidated? Mr. Kraut? Sir?
14 Nov 2011
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The clip intimidated of Krauss Part 2 from Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008) with John Alexander, Ron Perlman Krauss, Agent. With a double "S." S-S. Right, right. Listen, those gizmos? How do you know they work? I have a suspect. Give me a vector, Agent Sherman. A vector. B-12, the alley, northbound. Well, track the target. We're coming down. Keep an eye on her. I'll be right back. This little old lady? Come on. It's a Fragglewump, an ugly Scottish troll. They're afraid of canaries.
14 Nov 2011
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The clip Johann Krauss introduction from Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008) with Ron Perlman, Doug Jones Elevator arriving now to section 42. Elevator arriving now to section 42. Pardon me, boys. Excuse me. Excuse me. Is he here? Not yet. I'm telling you, we don't need this guy. Well, I think we do. Evidently, this guy's quite the big shot in Washington. What's his name? His name is Johann Krauss. Johann Krauss? Sounds German. He's the top man in... Ectoplasmic. Yes, thank you. Ectoplasmic research. Comes highly recommended by our European liaison. Johann Krauss. "Liaison." I love that word, don't you? It's so hoity toity. I don't like Germans. No fingerprints. Here he comes. Germans make me nervous. No photo. Dossier says, and I translate, "He has a nice open face." Oh, my God. Damen und Herren, Johann Krauss at your service. I like him.
14 Nov 2011
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The Chieftains & Alison Krauss Molly Ban (Live) Down the Old Plank Road The Nashville Sessions CD
28 Nov 2011
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