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A top Turkish officials defends relations with the Kurds
20 Dec 2007
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Preview of 'All Over The World' by Kurd Maverick
12 Dec 2008
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Preview of 'Let The Freak Out' by Kurd Maverick out on Cr2 Records. To listen and buy head to: ********www.beatport****/en-US/html/content/release/detail/148692/let_the_freak_out
12 Dec 2008
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This bulentzeki's pick is from Ülke TV's "Arşivci". The clip, which ends with a newspaper headline that reads "CLEAN-UP IN DERSIM", addresses the way in which Mustafa Kemal Ataturk's government continued the efforts by the Ottoman period to change the demographics of the eastern Anatolia. Mustafa Kemal declared the Republic in 1923, National Assembly gave him the surname Ataturk [Father of the Turks] in 1934, and he was still the head of the government when he died in 1938. Right from the beginning of his rule, he took issue with the superficial; he laid his hands on people's clothes, the words they use, the music they listen or play, the language they use in worship, and so on. You see, those were the times when a ruler defied the practices of the people, people had to yield; Kurds had to become Turks for example, or die, or be dispersed among Turks to be assimilated. The sad thing is, all of the citizens of the Republic of Turkey are still forced to pledge allegiance to the Ataturkist principles and revolutionary laws that come from ill-fated acts of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk; so, when you happen to come across any loyal Ataturkist citizen of the Republic of Turkey these days, you remember that what you encounter is a persona shaped by a climate of absolutism and it is not possible for that loyalist to ask or answer some questions. I'm fortunate enough, from my childhood on, not to be affected severely by the paternal gaze of the Supreme Leader, the Eternal Chief; but there is no escaping the terror in the air. Today for instance, mainly in western parts of Turkey, it has become almost customary for a little girl to revolt when her mother speaks Kurdish in public. No matter what; even if you're Kurdish in the land of Ataturkists, it's only right and natural to "be yourself, no matter what they say". All comes down to this, as I see it: we shouldn't impinge upon other people's rights, even if we think that there is something wrong with them; because our opinion may change, but some things we do cannot be undone.
20 Mar 2010
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Saria Sawas - ساريه السواس احلى رقص - Kurd Girl - البنت الكردية
4 Dec 2010
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Junaid Kurd Best Dance at Billo Hai - Music Mix - At Askari Colony 1 Shops. Junaid Hassan Kurd. Cell No: 0092 - 0333 8721567. Sialkot Cantt - Pakistan.
12 Mar 2018
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It's the Gnooze! (the G is silent) The White House censors a global warming report, Turkey maybe invades Iraq a little, and Bill Gates buys Facebook. Marta Costello hosts the Gnooze - today's news in about 3 minutes.
25 Oct 2007
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We explain what is at stake for Turkey, the U.S. and others.
25 Oct 2007
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Carrying Palestinian flags and banners calling for freedom, nearly 15,000 people participated in a demonstration in New York on Saturday in protest of ongoing Israeli attacks on Gaza, which have so far claimed the lives of 460 people. Zaman: A front-page story in the daily yesterday reported that Israel, which has been hitting Gaza with aerial strikes for over a week, launched a ground offensive into the city in the evening hours on Saturday. Sources from the Israeli army said the second phase of the offensive had been launched and that it would continue for as long as necessary. There are concerns that Israel will escalate its massacre in Gaza, where it has killed 460 people so far. Palestinians whom the daily spoke with by telephone said they were trying to take shelter in the corners of their houses in order to protect themselves from the Israeli strikes. Sabah: In a headline story yesterday, the daily reported that according to a bill that is on Parliament's agenda, brothers of soldiers killed in the fight against terrorism will not be obliged to perform military service, which is mandatory for all males above the age of 20 in Turkey. According to the bill, if a soldier loses his life in a situation not involving terrorism, only one of his brothers will be exempt from military service. If this bill becomes law, families who lose one of their sons in military service will be prevented from experiencing the same pain again, said the daily. Taraf: Commenting on the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation's (TRT) launch of a Kurdish TV channel, TRT 6, pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party (DTP) co-chairperson Emine Ayna said the channel's launch was the success of the Kurdish people and not the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party). TRT 6 began broadcasting on Jan. 1 in a bid on the part of the state to reconcile with its Kurdish citizens. Ayna said the launch of the Kurdish channel was a "wonderful gain" achieved through the struggle of the Kurds. She said the DTP was opposed to the AK Party using this initiative as an election investment and ending the DTP's political existence.
5 Jan 2009
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kurd kurdish arab english norsk svensk usa afgan itali syria lobnan music
31 Jul 2009
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Israil is helping to Iraq's kurds as military education and intellegence with MOSSAD... And Israil is declined this consipiracy then accept it but Israil said that "We are doing it for peace of Middle east against Iran..."
20 Jul 2009
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21 Dec 2009
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Proof that you are using against the Kurds in the Turkish State Chemical Turkey is a country a terrorist state chemical used against the Kurds
31 Oct 2011
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