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Kurt Thomas of the Bucks puts a flagrant hit on the Celtics' Glen Davis. Davis hit Bucks guard Brandon Jennings with a borderline hard foul a few weeks ago, so this foul was payback. On the ensuing inbounds play, Paul Pierce & Jerry Stackhouse get chippy. The Bucks & Celtics could face each other in round 1 of the playoffs beginning a week from today. Both teams have already started sending strong messages that the series will be very physical.
22 Dec 2011
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It's not easy playing against Rodman. He frustrates, gets in the head of his opponent, and sometimes they snap. Thomas was thrown out of the game. Then later Shaq dunks and then pushes Chris Dudley. While Dudley was as bad of a free throw shooter as O'Neil, he was able to hit him with the ball, from like 50 feet away. Sorry for the non English commentators.
14 Aug 2010
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Crazy places where people have done weird things and surprisingly morbid things! Share On Facebook: Share On Twitter Music: ********soundcloud****/aviatorscompositions/disaster Credits: "Overtaun Bridge" by Lairich Rig/CreativeCommons**** "Noose" by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images "American or Caribbean Flamingo Isolated on White Background" by pandapaw/Shutterstock "Dog in Studio" by AnnalA/Shutterstock "Australian Shepherd dog jumping, 7 months old, in front of white background" by Eric Isselee/Shutterstock "A strong image of a very upset and emotional woman crying and screaming. Isolated on white." By Johan Larson/Shutterstock "Tunnel trail at Aokigahara Forest in Japan." By SeanPavonePhoto/Shutterstock "Calcified-Flamingo-900" by Blue Diamond Photography/Flickr Creative Commons "Sky" by James Monkeyatlarge/flickr creative commons "Scotland" by Moyan Brenn/Flickr creative commons "Tunnel Trail at Aokigahara Forest in Japan" by SeanPavonePhoto/Shutterstock "Sea of Forest" by elminium/flickr creative commons "Lake Natron" by Kurt Thomas Hunt/Flickr Creative Commons "Flamingo On Lake Natron 2" by Nick Butcher/Flickr Creative Commons "Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum" by Christian Haugen "Horrorific Painting in Tuol Sleng Museum" by Paul Arps "Tuol Sleng" by DamienFlickr/Flickr Creative Commons "Tuol Sleng Prison" by Prince Roy "Mercure View" by Jeff Attaway/Flickr Creative Commons "IMG_8859" by David Bacon/Flickr Creative Commons "IMG_8844" by David Bacon/Flickr Creative Commons "Hotel in Pripyat" by Jennifer Boyer/Flickr Creative Commons "Sea of Gas Masks in Pripyat School" by Jennifer Boyer/Flickr Creative Commons "Pripyat" by stahlmandesign "Pripyat School" by Jennifer Boyer/Flickr Creative Commons "World Grunge Map-Sepia" by Nicolas Raymond/Flickr Creative Commons "Fetish Market" by Julius Cruickshank/Flickr Creative Commons "Ruined playground at Pripyat, Town Ghost" by mgmtiger/Shutterstock Premier
24 Oct 2013
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