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Know how to research for health insurance in Kentucky
30 Jun 2011
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annotations are in the making (lyrics) (Mario) Hey Koopa youre such a stubborn fellow, wont you give up on Peach already? (Bowser) Well I regret to inform you that is unacceptable, I'm still her destiny no doubt about it. (peach) Won't the both of you stop it? Just look at the mirror. (Mario+Bowser) You don't have to say such a thing, men compete with their hearts. (Boswer) Nice job (Mario) ah, nice job (Bowser) Mario-chan how are things lately? (Mario) Doing excelent you know the DS and WII stuff are all sold out (Bowser) Ah, isnt that nice? no time to dry up (Mario) Oh cut it out Koopa-san Ah, the second verse is coming (Bowser) My sweetest Peachy girl I'm in love with you, if you can't understand that Ill have to kidnap and steal you away again. (Mario) I'll steal you back risking my life, but I can't steal your heart (Peach) Cut it out the two of you, are you listening to me at all? (Mario+Bowser) The tsundere in you is also charming, and men compete with their heart. (Luigi) Wait a moment arent you forgeting someone? Lu-i-gi's entering the stage srroy to keep you waiting. (Mario) Ah, What what excuse me? (Bowser) KY, KY! Try to understand the atmosphere here (Mario) If you get carried away I'll really kick the hell outta you! (Peach) That mushroom fellow is enough for me, quite insolent for a stand in. (Mario+Bowser) By looks we'd only pass as medium or low class, (mario) Well men compete with their heart. (Bowser) Well men compete with their heart. (Peach) men compete with their face. (Bowser) finnally it's over (Mario) I'm exhausted (Bowser) So let's get the night rolling (Mario) Sorry but I got this and that for today (Bowser) Ah, your friend next time introduce her to me (Mario) wait the mic is still plugged in (Bowser) Oh, that really isn't good
8 Dec 2011
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24 Dec 2008
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Novata pesen na Slavi
20 Jan 2009
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27 Jan 2009
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