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Robert Pattinson talks to the LA Times following his "Twilight" session at Comic-Con...and answers the age-old question "Boxers or briefs?"
25 May 2009
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REVIEWS: "...INGENIOUS, AWESOME MONSTER MOVIE..." — Paper Magazine "...A SOLID MONSTER MOVIE..." — Ain't It Cool News I loved it to pieces — New York Magazine "A REALLY REALISTIC SENSE OF TERROR AND FRIGHT." — At The Movies (ABC) "... GENUINELY FRIGHTENING RETRO-NIGHTMARE..." — Variety SPLINTER, one of the years best independent horror films. — Fangoria down-and-dirty, gory survival tale, lovingly steeped in creature-hostage nightmares (think George Romeros zombie films and John Carpenters The Thing) —LA Times Splinter is a really smart little horror flick." — The Wall Street Journal Splinter delivers the years best beast. — LA Weekly "INCREDIBLY GRUESOME AND UNDENIABLY SATISFYING" — PopMatters "...BRUTAL, NASTY, NO-NONSENSE MONSTER MOVIE HORROR..." — Slant Magazine "Its too well-made and far too much fun not to deserve a place in the cult horror-movie canon. 4 Stars. — FilmCritic**** The official trailer for the horror film "Splinter" which hit US theaters on October 31st 2008, and is coming to DVD soon. More info: *******www.splinterfilm**** Read full reviews: *******splinter.tumblr****/tagged/review SYNOPSIS: A young couple retreats to the wilderness for a romantic camping weekend, but their idyll is shattered when they are car-jacked by an escaped convict and his girlfriend on the run from the police. As the foursome travel the back roads together, each plotting their next move, they find themselves in deeper trouble than any of them could have imagined -- a blood-crazed, parasitic creature that absorbs the corpses of its victims has laid claim to the woods, and the two couples are now in its sights. Finding shelter at an abandoned gas station, they must use their wits and every weapon at their disposal to stave off the onslaught, not only from the insatiable creature, but also each other. The feature film debut from award-winning British horror director Toby Wilkins, SPLINTER is an exhilarating ride of jolts and laughs, and a throw back to the classic creature features of the 70s and early 80s.
10 Jun 2009
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*******liveconcertonline**** POP icon Michael Jackson has died from a suspected cardiac arrest. He was 50 years old. Jackson, who was due to perform a number of farewell concerts in London later this year, was not breathing when paramedics arrived at his Los Angeles home at 12.26pm local time, He was given CPR before being taken to hospital, but - according to the LA Times and celebrity news site TMZ - failed to recover and was certified dead by doctors later in the afternoon. Jackson leaves behind three children: Michael Joseph Jackson Junior, Paris Michael Katherine Jackson and Prince Michael Jackson II. Fans quickly gathered outside the UCLA medical centre in Los Angeles after news had broken to pay their respects to the musician. read more *******liveconcertonline****
18 Aug 2009
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A woman's dead body found by a can-collecting bum in a Los Angeles dumpster stuffed in a suitcase has been identified as model/stripper/Playboy representative Jasmine Fiore, and her reality TV star husband is currently on the run. Cops say she was strangled. TMZ reports today that the marriage was on the rocks and Fiore planned moving in with her ex-boyfriend. See this Sun article and LA Times for more details on the millionaire tycoon suspect they're hunting for. MORE INFORMATIONS ON THESE LINKS : Jasmine Fiore : *******defamer.gawker****/5340590/did-a-vh1-reality-show-contestant-murder-his-model-wife TMZ : *******www.tmz****/2009/08/19/jasmine-fiore-ryan-alexander-jenkins-murder/ The Sun : *******www.thesun******/sol/homepage/news/2595566/Tycoon-hunt-for-murder-of-Playboy-model-Jasmine-Fiore.html LA Times : *******www.latimes****/news/local/la-me-model19-2009aug19,0,7708988.story
12 Sep 2009
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Sex. Drugs. Booze. News. Goodnight Burbank takes on Scientology. Grrr. Plus an interview with David Beckham. It's the show the LA Times calls "a wicked satire". Stop by www.goodnightburbank**** for pix, eps & blogz and if you sign up to the mailing list, you'll hear your name mentioned on the show as one of our never-seen field reporters! And yes, that's Rich Fulcher from the Mighty Boosh, and Carolyn Lawrence, "Sandy Cheeks" from Spongebob Squarepants!!!!
10 Oct 2009
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L'arte dello Street painting è stata conosciuta in tutta Europa fin dal 16 ° secolo. Gli street painters in Italia sono chiamati Madonnari in quanto spesso riproducono immagini che rappresentano la Madonna. In Inghilterra sono chiamati screevers. Storicamente, sono stati Madonnari itineranti artisti che hanno vissuto una vita di viaggi e di libertà. Conoscitori dei festivals e di tutti i santi giorni (festivi) in ogni provincia e città, hanno viaggiato per partecipare in tutto il mondo. Hanno creato le immagini di piazze e di chiese locali utilizzando i cocci di rotture di tegole, carboncino, gesso bianco e alcuni. Gli artisti sono stati spesso commissionati per creare ex-voto, pur sapendo che dopo le festività o con la prima pioggia, ilo lavoro fatto sarebbe svanito. Per secoli sono stati popolari tra la gente artisti Madonnari, che riproducevano le immagini con semplici materie prime. La Guerra Mondiale spezzò loro tradizione itinerante e il loro numero si ridusse notevolmente. Oggi ci sono più artisti che lavorano nel streetpainting in genere su temi che più contemporanei e di attrazione per il pubblico. Michael Kirby ha sviluppato la forma d'arte, con nuove tecniche e temi ed è stato il primo artista a utilizzare streetpainting come modo di esprimere ingiustizie sociali e dei diritti umani. Ha collaborato con la Croce Rossa e altri gruppi no-profit per creare lavoro che si occupa di diritti umani, sociali di soccorso, ecc in tutto il mondo. Il Times ha scritto che Michael Kirby è stato il miglior streetpainter in tutto il mondo. Oggi ha un proprio studio a Baltimora, nel Maryland ed il suo lavoro non è solo creato sul marciapiedi, ma anche la decorazione interni ed esterni di grandi edifici in tutto il mondo. Street painting has been recorded throughout Europe since the 16th century. Street painters in Italy are called madonnari (pronounced: mah-doan-are-ee with madonnaro being the singular form) because they often created pictures representing the Madonna. In England they are called screevers. Historically, madonnari were itinerant artists who lived a life of travel and freedom. Aware of the festival and holy days (holidays) in each province and town, they traveled to join in the festivities. They created images in public squares and in front of the local church using bits of broken roof tiles, charcoal, and some white chalk. Passersby would often leave a bit of bread or olive oil for the artist along with an occasional coin. The artists were often commissioned to create votos and ex-votos, and after the festivities or with the first rain, both the painting and the painter would vanish. For centuries madonnari were folk artists, reproducing simple images with crude materials. World War II disrupted their itinerant tradition and reduced their numbers. Today there are more artists working in the streetpainting genre on themes that are more contemporary and appealing to the audience. Michael Kirby has developed the art form with new techniques and themes while breaking away from the traditional themes of the Renaissance. He was the first artist to use streetpainting as way to express social injustices and human rights. He has teamed up with the Red Cross and other non-profit groups to create work that deals with human rights, social relief, etc around the world. The LA Times wrote that Michael Kirby was the best streetpainter in the world. Today he runs his own studio in Baltimore, Maryland. His work is not only created on the pavements but also decorates the interiors and exteriors of major buildings through out the world.
7 Mar 2010
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La Times mile
15 Jul 2010
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Why I Love FailBlog.Org I give full credit to the artists and songs used in this video. I do not claim any of the material to be my own. Artist:All American Rejects Song: Move Along Copyright Holder Is UMG ***********/user/MonacoBears CONCERNING JAKE BROWN: From LA Times Article "My wrist is pretty sore and my back and neck feel like I've been through a car accident," he said Saturday morning during a phone interview. "I guess I've got a fracture in one of my vertebras, but it's pretty minor supposedly, so I came out all right." So, he pretty much came out with the same injuries some fails do come out with. He didn't almost die, he walked away from the fall. CONCERNING THE SONG: I hate All American Rejects, this was just a phase aha
25 Jun 2011
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Stopping comments b/c they are getting annoying and people need to get over it already and stop making this chick RELEVANT! ORIGINAL VID USED BY MEDIA OUTLETS SUCH AS TMZ, LA TIMES, HUFFINGTON POST, ETC.
26 Jun 2011
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27 Jun 2011
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Dzisiejszy reportaż LA Times mówi, że P.Diddy aka Puff Daddy aka Sean „Puffy Combs, supergwiazda hip-hopu i szef Bad Boy Records wiedział z wyprzedzeniem o zasadzce z 1994 roku, w wyniku której ikona rapu Tupac Shakur został pięciokrotnie postrzelony i obrabowany w nowojorskim studio. Według reportażu, promotor i utalentowany menadżer związany z Puffem wystawił Tupaca, ponieważ ten zdenerwował wszystkich bezczelnym zachowaniem w stosunku do Nowego Jorku i jego największych raperów. Główne fakty: The Times zdobył materiały FBI, z których wynika, że atak został zaplanowany przez menadżera Jamesa „Jimmy Henchmena Rosemonda i promotora Jamesa Sabatino. Rosemond był gangsterem, który stał się biznesmenem w przemyśle muzycznym, a Sabatino był młodym promotorem, którego ojciec był mafiosem. Zaoferowali Tupacowi 7.000$ za nagranie utworu w studio, w którym Puffy i wielu ludzi związanych z Bad Boy również nagrywało tej nocy. Potem wynajęli kilku mężczyzn z Brooklynu, by ci pobili i obrabowali Tupaca. Wyciągnął broń, został postrzelony, ale przeżył 29 listopada 1994 roku wielu pracowników i ludzi związanych z Bad Boy zebrało się na dziesiątym piętrze Quad Studios by nagrywać utwory na debiutancki album Junior M.A.F.I.A., grupy utworzonej przez Notoriousa B.I.G., głównego artysty Bad Boy. Byli tam wszyscy: Combs, B.I.G., Rosemond, Agnant i Sabatino. Oprócz nich również obecni byli: James „Lil Cease Lloyd i dyrektor wykonawczy A&R Andre Harrell. Rosemond zarezerwował przylegające pomniejsze studio, by nagrać utwór rapera, Little Shawna, którego był menadżerem. Była to sesja, za którą Shakur miał zostać opłacony 7.000$ za występ gościnny. Jednakże Rosemond wcale nie miał intencji nagrania tej sesji, jak twierdzą informatorzy FBI i inne źródła. Zwerbował trzech przyjaciół z Brooklynu, by napadli na Shakura w lobby Quad Studios. Agnant i Sabatino pomogli zaplanować atak, ustalając dokładnie czas, organizując dojazd do studia trzem napastnikom i określając ich drogę powrotną, jak twierdzą informatorzy FBI i inne źródła. Te same źródła stwierdziły, że Sabatino z wyprzedzeniem poinformował Combsa i Wallacea o pułapce zastawionej na Shakura. Informator FBI powiedział również, że strzały były słyszalne na dziesiątym piętrze. Sabatino, Rosemond i Combs wcale nie byli tym przejęci, stwierdził informator, jednakże inni obecni w studio byli zaniepokojeni. The Times skontaktował się z trójką, która napadła na Shakura. Wszyscy odbywają wyroki z przyczyn nie związanych z tą sprawą. Jeden z nich, zaprzeczył: jeden z mężczyzn powiedział, że Rosemond tylko odegrał całą zasadzkę. Drugi był bardzo tajemniczy. Napisał, że sprawa ataku uległa przedawnieniu i zaoferował się, że za bliżej nieokreśloną sumę może zwrócić medalion skradziony Shakurowi. Puffy nie udzielił komentarza. Tupac został zamordowany we wrześniu 1996 roku, Biggie Smalls, największy raper Puffyego zginął w marcu następnego roku. Puffy jest teraz supergwiazdą przemysłu muzycznego i nie trzeba dodawać, że sprawa ta skomplikuje jeszcze bardziej jego wystarczająco skomplikowany wizerunek.
29 Jul 2011
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THE FIRST, ORIGINAL AND BEST 'Chocolate Rain' spoof! (check the date i posted the vid) As featured in the LA Times, and E! Online.. Tay Zonday is my new god! I never had an old god, though. **IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE ORIGINAL TAY ZONDAY VIDEO, SEE THAT FIRST!!!*** Lyrics: Chocolate Rain Some stay dry and others feel the pain Chocolate Rain Is going to cost me a fortune in dry cleanin' Chocolate Rain Politicians doing lots of nasty stuff Chocolate Rain In particular that nasty man, George Bush Chocolate Rain They control your mind like they were David Blaine Chocolate Rain The rain in spain falls mainly on the plain Chocolate Rain The logical way to eat soup is with a spoon Chocolate Rain Jonny Depp was the real star of the film Platoon Chocolate Rain I hate it when the bank closes at 5 Chocolate Rain Only two of the Bee Gees are still Stayin' Alive Chocolate Rain I heard the transformers movie doesn't suck Chocolate Rain The mallard is the most recognisable of the ducks Chocolate Rain Before using your bicycle, always check your brakes Chocolate Rain Bees kill more people yearly than snakes Chocolate Rain My cousin says he can take out a large dog in one punch Chocolate Rain Worse than the worst swear word, probably c**** b3ta**** 4 the winz!!
26 Sep 2011
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SOURCES: music: *******soundcloud****/jakechudnow Triangular theory of love: *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Triangular_theory_of_love Measuring passionate love paper: ******* Limerence (great article if you want to nerd-out about love): *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Limerence Easy to print PLS: *******www.elainehatfield****/Passionate%20Love%20Scale.pdf Value of first hearing "I love you" from someone: *************/commentisfree/2009/jul/19/victoria-coren-brainjuicer-lottery-study Value of being married: *******money.cnn****/2005/02/10/magazine/magbr_valentines_loveandmoney_0502/ GDP vs. Other Stuff: *******www.freakonomics****/2008/04/25/the-economics-of-happiness-part-6-delving-into-subjective-well-being/ Love vs. GDP: *******www.freakonomics****/2008/02/14/the-macroeconomics-of-love-a-valentines-day-analysis/ Hedonic Treadmill: *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Hedonic_treadmill Another great article on the Hedonic Treadmill: *******money.howstuffworks****/gross-national-happiness2.htm $$$ vs. happiness: *******www.theoildrum****/node/5174 Marriage and life expectancy: *******www.dailymail******/femail/article-1351287/Marriage-key-better-life-Study-finds-tying-knot-means-improved-health-longer-life-expectancy.html?ITO=1490 GDP and life expectancy: *******tinyurl****/79sksjh Vasopressin / Oxytocin LA Times article: *******articles.latimes****/2010/feb/08/health/la-he-love8-2010feb08 BONUSES: article about scientifically finding the happiest man in America: *******www.nytimes****/2011/03/06/weekinreview/06happy.html?_r=2 Gallup / Healthways well-being index: *******www.well-beingindex****/ Value of a human: *******www.humanforsale****/ Our fb: *******www.Facebook****/VsauceGaming Our twitter: tweetsauce
1 Jan 2012
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After reading this story in the LA Times, we decided Apple Scotland needed their own commercial. *******
3 Feb 2012
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Los Angeles police said they plan to detain R&B singer Chris Brown for questioning in connection with an alleged domestic violence assault against his girlfriend, pop singer Rihanna, according to sources familiar with the investigation. [Updated 7:25 p.m.] Brown arrived at the Wilshire Division station about 7:15 p.m., accompanied by another man. The pair drove into a parking lot behind the station on Venice Boulevard, east of La Brea Avenue, in a black Escalade. Brown and the man entered through a back door where a posted sign stated for authorized personnel only. Police are expected to release a statement later this evening Brown and Rihanna canceled their performances at tonight's Grammy Awards. The incident is being investigated as a felony domestic violence case, police said. It was reported about 12:30 a.m. Sunday in Hancock Park. Brown and Rihanna, whose full name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty, were apparently in a car together and got into an argument on North June Street, according to a Los Angeles Police Department statement. Brown stopped the car, the two got out, and the argument escalated, according to police. A witness called 911, but Brown was gone when officers arrived at the scene. The woman suffered visible injuries and identified Brown as her attacker, according to police. Brown and Rihanna had appeared together Saturday night at Clive Daviss pre-Grammy gala in Beverly Hills. Shortly before the Grammy show began at 5 p.m. at Staples Center, Grammy officials issued a statement saying, "We have just been informed Rihanna will not be attending tonights 51st Grammy Awards. Rihanna will not be performing. We are sorry to see she is unable to join us this evening. A publicist for the Barbados-born star, who sold more digital song downloads than any other in 2008 with nearly 10 million tracks, said Sunday night, Rihanna is well. Thank you for your concern and support. Her song Disturbia, which shed been scheduled to perform at the ceremony, was the sixth best-selling digital track of the year. She was replaced by veteran soul singer Al Green, who was accompanied by country singer-guitarist Keith Urban. --Source LA Times Timbaland hosted a star-studded Grammy party Friday night. Los Angeles is already crawling with celebs coming out to attend tomorrow nights Grammy Awards and quit a few flocked to help Timberland start the weekend off right. Celebs who attended included Keri Hilson, Tyrese Gibson, Paris and Nicky Hilton, Diddy, Lauren London, Chris Brown, and a whole lot more. Enjoy!! INVITATION ONLY. A BlackTree Media Production Produced by Michael Melendy *******
8 Mar 2012
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The Simpsons Ride - Universal Studios. Not Actual Ride Video.PLEASE WATCH MY OTHER VIDEOS!! This brand-new $40-million attraction is replacing the Back to the Future attractions in Florida and Hollywood. PRESHOW: You enter the building through a 26-foot-tall Krusty head, along a squishy tongue carpet. The first thing you see is a colorful 10-foot-wide map of the Krustyland theme park. There are 10 rides and 5 shows available at the Krustiest Place on Earth: "Krustyland Rides" * Traumanator Roller Coaster * Tooth Chipper Roller Coaster * The Sea Captain's Queasy Time Lagoon Adventure * Radioactive Man -- the Ride * Captain Dinosaur's Pirate Rip Off * Screamatorium of Dr. Frightmarestein (starring Milhouse, Ralph and Cletus) * Happy Little Elves in Panda Land * Krusty's Balloon Parade * Death Drop * Yard Work Simulator "Krustyland Shows" * Krusty's Wet & Smokey Stunt Show * The Isotop-ettes Musical Spectacular (starring twin sisters Patty and Selma) * Sideshow Mel & Mr. Teeny's Musical revue * Impervo the Painless (starring Groundskeeper Willie) * Madame Manjuala: The Future Looker-Atter (starring Apu's wife) Along the queue line you can see posters advertising these rides and shows, and even interact with some characters, such as Moe the Bartender, who mans the Krustyland Information Booth nearby. After a brief queue, groups of 8 riders enter a funhouse holding room. Krusty the Clown tells us about the 'Upsy-downsy, spins-aroundsy, teen-operated ride thrilltacular' dark ride that will astound the world, and we see an Itchy & Scratchy safety video warning what will happen if you don't keep your legs and arms inside the ride vehicle at all times. THE RIDE: As the 'Prepare to be thrilled' door opens in front of guests, the new Krustymobile ride vehicle is revealed, with a huge Krusty the Clown head at the back and a red/gold/blue paint job with white stars. The ride vehicle is covered in LED lighting and the paintjob glows under the ultraviolet light in the room. Just as you're prepared for a typical dark ride through the swinging doors in front of your vehicle, you're lifted 10 feet in the air on an unseen scissor lift and you're plunged, along with The Simpsons, into Krusty's newest attraction. The 6 minute ride film (nearly 2 minutes longer than Back to the Future: The Ride) features 29 characters from the animated TV show. Featured characters (with voice actors in brackets): - Homer Simpson (Dan Castellaneta) - Marge Simpson (Julie Kavner) - Bart Simpson (Nancy Cartwright) - Lisa Simpson (Yeardley Smith) - Maggie Simpson - Krusty the Clown (Castellaneta) - Sideshow Bob (Kelsey Grammer) - Grampa Abraham Simpson (Castellaneta) - Selma Bouvier (Kavner) - Patty Bouvier (Kavner) - Milhouse Van Houten (Pamela Hayden) - Martin Prince (Russi Taylor) - Ralph Wiggum (Cartwright) - Police Chief Wiggum (Hank Azaria) - Apu Nahasapeemapetilon (Azaria) - Moe Szyslak (Azaria) - Groundskeeper Willie (Castellaneta) - Professor Frink (Azaria) - Cletus Spuckler (Azaria) - Snake Jailbird (Azaria) - Squeaky Voice Teen (Castellaneta) - Hans Moleman (Castellaneta) - Barney Gumble (Castellaneta) - Louie the Hitman (Castellaneta) - Itchy (Castellaneta) - Scratchy (Harry Shearer) - Kang (Shearer) - Kodos (Castellaneta) - Happy Little Elves (Information from the LA Times Travel Blog) The basic shape and operation of the Back to the Future building is unchanged, but the technology has been replaced and updated - instead of a 70mm IMAX projector, there are 4 state of the art high resolution (4k) Sony digital projectors showing 60 frames per second to ensure a perfectly reproduced high-quality projected image on every ride, accompanied by Dolby cinema-quality multi-channel digital sound. The high frame-rate will ensure a flicker-free movie, which looks as real as it's possible for the inhabitants of Springfield to look. The scissor lifts (that lift the ride vehicles out of the 'garage' loading area) and the motion bases on which each vehicle sits have all been replaced and updated, and Universal has even installed a new 90-foot domed screen to suit the new digital projectors (it's now a slightly reflective screen rather than being matt white). As a tribute to the much-loved Back to the Future ride, an animated Doc Brown character appears in the ride movie, and the ride vehicle has a gull-wing door, just like the 8 passenger DeLorean time vehicles from the past/future. Simpsons characters have been added to the Streetmosphere of live characters around the park, and there's lots of Simpsons merchandise on sale in the closed former Time Depot store next to the attraction, which has been rethemed as a Kwik-E-Mart. There was talk of the adjacent Doc Browns Chicken being rethemed as a Krusty Burger outlet, but there's currently no sign of this happening (March 2008).
30 Aug 2012
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