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Malta is a dream destination for an English language course. Its capital city, La Valette, is an extremely rich historical area and one of the most beautiful fortified towns in the world. As a city of art, architecture and history, it possesses precious treasures that draw many students from the whole world each year. While learning English in Malta, they can enjoy themselves during numerous sports and cultural activities but also take part in excursions throughout the country. Besides, nightlife in Malta is amazing! The town of Paceville is ideally suited for student outings as it has many restaurants, bars and nightclubs. There is no doubt that a language trip to Malta, with its blue lagoons, white sand beaches and transparent waters, will seduce you!
26 May 2011
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This is a censored version as the title says. But to ease your sorrow I've made a free wallpaper with topless baroness. You can download it here: ******* Watch other Witcher 2 videos: ******* "The Dungeons of the La Valettes" Quest. 2nd path for saving Mary Louisa La Valette (through a torture chamber). The 1st path can be found here: ***********/watch?v=1RKX9o6DRlM . The beginnins are the same, so if you saw the first one - start from 7:00. == Journal Entry == I have chanced to visit the court of the La Valettes on several occasions in the past. Invariably, I was greeted and received in a manner befitting my fame and talent. Baroness Mary Louisa was a very comely lady, her beauty having fully blossomed, her hair dark, her lips sensuous. As with many women married to markedly older men, rumors about her were plentiful. Among them, one claiming that she had had a love affair with King Foltest himself, and that the monarch had fathered her younger children. If Geralt manages to save her from the dungeons: The witcher got a chance to behold the baroness in nearly all her beauty when he ripped her from the hands of a cruel torturer in the dungeon of her own abode. Mary Louisa La Valette eluded a terrible fate as they fled the underground prison, though they did so with the aid of an emissary of the Empire of Nilfgaard. The Nilfgaardian, however, was not helpful out of the kindness of his heart... == Useful links == Official site: *******www.thewitcher****/ Witcher Wiki: *******witcher.wikia****/ IGN: *******go.ign****/16QnrMn Metacritic: ******* Gamespot: *******l.gamespot****/1dLxrKO == Buy this game == GOG****: ******* Steam: ******* Gamestop: ******* Amazon: *******
29 Jan 2014
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Geralt makes his escape from the dungeons of the La Valettes after tricking a guard.
25 Aug 2012
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Geralt finds himself pitted against a large group of heavily armoured La Valette Soldiers.
25 Aug 2012
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