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On the map, near Chocobo Farm, look for the footprints of Chocobo. Equip the Materia 'Chocobo Lure' and go to the battle... Getting a Chocobo, go to Mythril Mine. Fight against Madouge and Steal Grand Glove (Weapon from Tifa). Exploring this place, you will find: Mind Source / Ether / Tent Elixir / Hi-Potion. Battle against the enemy Ark Dragon (Enemy Skill equipped) and get Flame Thrower. Climb a vine to an upper ledge and get Long Range Materia! Get out and go to Fort Condor. Talk to the old man sitting at the table and hear him. Climb the stairs to the right and find Item/Materia Store (Buy what you need). Go to the left, climb up. Talk to the guy and you'll note Fort Condor Battles. Battle#1 / Against 11 Enemies / When win, you receive Magic Comb (nice and powerful weapon from Red XIII). Leave Fort Condor, fight against the enemy Formula and Steal Boomerang. Well, I advise you train your characters here (Level and Limits). In this part, I got: *** Cloud *** Limit Level 3 - Meteorain (To getting, beat 160 opponents with Cloud). *** Barret *** Limit Level 2 - Hammerblow (To getting, use Grenade Bomb 7 times). Limit Level 3 - Satellite Beam (To getting, beat 160 opponents with Barret). *** Tifa *** Limit Level 3 - Dolphin Blow (To getting, beat 160 opponents with Tifa). Go to Junon City... Follow to the lower part of the city and you will see a children having fun with a dolphin. Suddenly appears a new challenge that you must defeat to save her... Bottomswell! ((( Bottomswell ))) HP = 2.500 / MP = 100 / AP = 52 / EXP = 550 Weak = Wind / Immune = Earth Level = 23 / Drop = Power Wrist === Boss Attacks === Big Wave = Water Element (All Members) Tail Attack = Physical Attack (One Member) Waterball = Cause 100% Imprisoned (One Member) Moonstrike = Physical Attack (One Member) Strategy: Use its Limits. Put Long Range Materia (equipped with Elemental+Choco/Mog) give powerful attack. Fire2, Ice2 are very effective here. Take care with BigWave and Waterball attacks. My Level Reference: Cloud (Lv*25) / Barret (Lv*24) / Tifa (Lv*24) === Aditional Tags == FF1 FF2 FF3 FF4 FF5 FF6 FF7 FF8 FF9 FF10 FF11 FF12 Fantasia Final Action Rpg Movie Remake Playstation PS2 PS3 Advent Children Sony Labirynth Dungeon Ultimate Cloud Vincent Yuffie Cid RedXIII Tifa Cait Sith Sector.1 Limit Brake Weapon Armor Status Ice Fire Bolt Walkthrough Playthrough Bossthrough Cutscenes Nintendo NDS Snes Super Nintendo PlayOne
22 Jul 2009
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