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See this shocking under-cover footage filmed within Southern Designers Ltd, Bangladesh - a supplier of the Canadian clothing giant Nygard clothing. See for yourself the working conditions within the factory and the attitude of the management. You can learn more about the film and the continuing campaign by visiting the website: *******appareltruth****/ "Here basically people are very hard working people... you tell them anything and they'll do it for you. They are raw people... you can mould them as much as you can! That is the best part of these guys... so you can use them!" Q: So how much roughly does the average worker get paid? "Maybe $60-70. They are happy with that... they do not know exactly what they are worth! You have plenty of people over here... pleanty... the labour is very cheap!" To see the full film about abuses in the clothing trade please watch the full film: The Apparel Truth
6 Apr 2013
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Lovecraft Garments is a factory that has recently supplied GAP clothing and Nygard. We arranged to meet with several Lovecraft workers at their home. They gave us an insight into the conditions in which they are forced to live and reveal that the factory is breaking several labour laws. You can learn more about the film and the continuing campaign by visiting the website: *******appareltruth****/ 10 people live in one room sharing one bed Normal working week is 10hrs per day but with compulsory overtime this is12-13 hrs Bangladeshi labour law states that a working day should be no longer than eight hours with an optional, two hours of paid overtime They are paid just $50 a month A dozen rooms like this share one toilet and water supply On this wage of $50 the workers cannot provide for themselves, and therefore lodge with their uncle. Their family of ten can afford one small room in which to cook, sleep and live, taking turns in the single bed. A street of a dozen such families share one toilet and water supply. The workers were confused when we asked about their holiday entitlements. Apparently they are offered compensation for not taking any time off work. Although this extra income is appreciated by the impoverished workers, the practice is illegal and leads to exhaustion. The factory offers half the legal requirement of maternity leave: just eight weeks. The workers are therefore forced to work gruelling hours in the latter stages of pregnancy endangering the health of both mother and child. The factory also provides no child care, despite the fact that it is a legal requirement. To see the full film about abuses in the clothing trade please watch the full film: The Apparel Truth
6 Apr 2013
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Today’s session is likely to be a bit softer with the Labour day holiday in NSW, Queensland, South Australia and the ACT taking volumes away from trade.
6 Oct 2013
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Children are meant to be children. Then, why does "child labour" still exist ? Lets Create an Awareness about this issue Website : ********www.letstute**** Like us, Follow us, get the latest updates on our social pages. Like Us On Facebook : ********www.facebook****/letstutepage Follow Us On Twitter : ********twitter****/lets_tute Add Us On Google+ for updates on Upcoming Contests ************/+Letstute Email us infoletstute***.in WhatsApp your Queries on +91 7506363600
26 Oct 2016
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I'm not a socialist. I've always voted Labour. Ever get the feeling that Democracy might not be a good idea when the voting public don't seem to understand the basics of politics?
4 May 2017
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Healthy And Happy World
23 May 2007
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Do they deserve to sleep like this, when building luxurious buildings for us
15 Jul 2007
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baby born
15 Mar 2008
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With hard effort and single-minded devotion, you can make possible what seems impossible. That is what an 18-year-old has shown in Khammam district of Andhra Pradesh. With not enough to eat, and no money even to burn the midnight oil, in a village with hardly nine hours daily power supply, the boy managed to secure 453rd rank in the IIT entrance exam. However, he has won only half the battle yet.
25 Jul 2008
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15 May 2009
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Interview with Sri Oscar Fernandes, Minister of State (IC), Labor and Employment, Government of India; interviewed by Dr. Nagendra V. Chowdary, Dean, IBSCDC
5 Jun 2009
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Muzaffarabad,March 09:Fed up with the hollow promises,government employees of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) are on a hunger strike.In a bid to change the demographics of Islamabad is encouraging people from its provinces to settle in the Himalayan region.Many of those employed in the local government have been retrenched to make way for the settlers. This has also meant large-scale unemployment for the local youth also.It has forced them to migrate to Pakistan's big cities,looking for menial jobs.
11 Mar 2010
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The URC (Unit Run Canteen) employees of Indian Defense Forces threaten to commit suicide at Parliament Gate No.11 on the coming 1st May 2010, the day celebrated as "Labor Day" all over the world, if their demands are not met by 30th April 2010. URC employees from all over India took part in a "Red Kachchha Rally" (participants were half-naked only in red shorts) on 18 Mar 10 in front of the Parliament House to demand justice from Ministry of Defence. They agitate for their meagre pay of only Rs 3000 - 5000 even after long 30 - 40 years of service with no DA, HRA or other facilities. They are even paid less than that paid to a unskilled daily wagers per day. They submitted a memorandum to Mrs Sonia Gandhi, the Chairperson of UPA, Dr Manmohan Singh the honorable PM of India and Mr AK Anthony, the honorable Defence Minister. Their main demands were: (i) As the CSD (Wholesale Outlet), the retail outlets (URCs) should also be declared as Public Fund and the entire transactions are revealed to the Govt of India. (ii) The recommendations of the 6th Pay Commission should be implemented with effect from 01 Jan 2006 as applicable to other Govt employees. Will the Govt take honest step to check the utility of huge earnings from the so-called Non-Public Fund i.e. Unit Run Canteens and do justice to the poor employees and their families.
30 Mar 2010
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UNICEF's Thomas Nybo reports on young Bolivian children working in one of the most dangerous mines in the world.
15 Jun 2011
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The Kardashians have to face another serious accusation. This time on the grounds of slavery. Of course the Kardashians are denying it and giving some feeble excuse, but we’d like the world to know about the price that comes with being rich.
29 Dec 2011
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New born baby
30 May 2012
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