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CHEIDITH IMÓVEIS (11) 5573-7271 Rua João Luís Víves, 130 Chácara Klabin www.cheidith****.br Chácara Klabin Klabim imóvel apartamento venda compra edifício Maison Lacanal
11 Sep 2011
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A rendering of a poem in Filipino by E. San Juan, Jr. The poem in Filipino and a German translation are found in BALIKBAYANG MAHAL: PASSAGES FROM EXILE (LuLu****, 2007). The epigraph to the poem is a quote from Walter Benjamin: "not to mention the worst drug of all--our selves--that we suck on when we are alone."
17 Sep 2008
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Student Comment: From my parents and everyone I grew up with I used to get, "Sex is the most beautiful thing, and overeating is the most beautiful thing, and money and cars and beaches and vacations and drinking. Its the best thing. And do it!" While the superego used to manipulate mankind in a puritanical way, in recent generations there has been a shift from "You cant do this and that. You have to save. Early to bed and early to rise," to "No no enjoy. Spend it all. Watch pornography. There's no limits." To walk the spiritual path takes great courage to break away from the current ideology of the collective hedonistic lifestyle and to make a stand for what is right. Recorded on the afternoon of Tuesday, August 18, 2009.
28 Jan 2010
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Ela é a aula 3 do curso de psicanálise. Para ter acesso ao curso completo visite nosso site - link no vídeo.
9 Dec 2017
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