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30 Sep 2008
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<a href="*******www.sasorizacraft****/sandals/painting/detail/ps10.html">*******www.sasorizacraft****/sandals/painting/detail/ps10.html</a > The Making of The Leather Heal This is the video from Hand painted shoes or sandals from Sasoriza Craft Secret Documentary Produce 7 high heel painting leather sandals, leather flower accessories on ladies shoes, Indonesia shoes and accessories in any kind of styles to meet the existing trends and created a trend itself in fashion world.
12 Feb 2009
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Video follows Kmart shoe designer shop for shoe footwear in Barcelona looking for color trends and fashion design. Great design for men’s, children’s & ladies shoes.
1 Feb 2010
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Replica Christian Louboutin Shoes,Ladies shoes,check on www.86topwatches****
19 Aug 2011
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14 Apr 2013
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