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Dallo storico atelier di scultura Nicoli fondato nel 1863 a Carrara in cui hanno lavorato i più grandi nomi della scultura internazionale da… Henry Moore, Santiago Calatrava, Mimmo Paladino, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Giuliano Vangi, Alberto Viani, Sironi, Arturo Martini, Cardenas, Fausto Melotti,… fino a Paul McCarthy, Louise Bourgeois, Vanessa Beecroft, Anish Kapoor, Jan Fabre… lo scultore Italiano Emanuele Rubini con questo video lascia la sua impronta nel noto laboratorio di scultura realizzando la sua nuova opera in marmo nero del Belgio intitolata “la donna metafisica” presentata in anteprima domenica 27 giugno 2010 al Prof. Vittorio Sgarbi in visita allo Studio Nicoli in occasione della XIV Biennale Internazionale di Scultura di Carrara. Concetto dell’opera Nell'opera "La donna metafisica" ho voluto interpretare la sessualità umana femminile e maschile presente nell'inconscio di ognuno di noi. Ispirandomi alle forme della natura l'ho voluta concepire in un aspetto embrionale, dando vita ad una perfetta simbiosi tra arte e design giocando sull'equilibrio degli elementi che la compongono e del baricentro. From the historic sculpture studio Nicoli founded in 1863 in Carrara where they worked the greatest names in international sculpture like Henry Moore ..., Santiago Calatrava, Mimmo Paladino, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Giuliano Vangi, Alberto Viani, Sironi, Arturo Martini, Cardenas, Fausto Melotti, ... up to Paul McCarthy, Louise Bourgeois, Vanessa Beecroft, Anish Kapoor, Jan Fabre… the Italian sculptor ... Emanuele Rubini with this video leaves its mark on the famous sculpture studio creating new work in his black Belgian marble titled "Woman metaphysics " Sunday, June 27, 2010 Prof. Vittorio Sgarbi on a visit to Studio Nicoli for the XIV International Sculpture Biennale di Carrara. In the work "The woman metaphysics" I wanted to play the female and male human sexuality present in the unconscious of each of us. Inspired by natural forms, I wanted to conceive in an embryonic appearance, creating a perfect symbiosis between art and game design elements that make up the balance and center of gravity.
28 Apr 2011
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COLT COUSINS Searches for something past the bottom of a bottle where electric wires fall down and barn yard fires break out. STARRING: CRAIG COUSINS - COLT COUSINS. GENEE LATREILLE - LADONNA. DARA JADE MOATS - JONI.
4 Apr 2010
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Ambitious Card shenanigans, with a leap.
9 Aug 2008
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It's a clip from the Tv Show " The Carrie Diaries (2013-2014) " HD Short Film from Carrie Diaries ... Walt And Bennett gay lovely scene ... First Song is : " Eli Lieb - Hometown Glory " Second Song is : " Britney Spears - Unusual You (cover by Eli Lieb) " Last Song is : " Matthew Mayfield - Fix You (Coldplay) " My Review : " It's a very lovable and interesting series... my short film is one of the best short films ever... it was made from parts of that series and it's so cute... every scene of that short movie is absolutely amazing...every scene has something to tell.. i ve seen many short films but i am so in love with that film and not because i ve made it... it's a film that everyone has to see... a lovable story with coming out story, acceptance, romance and so many other things... just amazing... i updated my first version with lovable songs... " Storyline Carrie Bradshaw is in her junior year of high school in the early 1980s. She asks her first questions about love, sex, friendship and family while navigating the worlds of high school and Manhattan. Cast AnnaSophia Robb ... Carrie Bradshaw Austin Butler ... Sebastian Kydd Ellen Wong ... Jill 'Mouse' Chen Katie Findlay ... Maggie Landers Stefania Owen ... Dorrit Bradshaw Brendan Dooling ... Walt Reynolds Chloe Bridges ... Donna LaDonna Freema Agyeman ... Larissa Loughton Matt Letscher ... Tom Bradshaw Jake Robinson ... Bennet Wilcox Lindsey Gort ... Samantha Jones RJ Brown ... Thomas West Also Known As : Brazil (dubbed version) O Diário de Carrie Estonia Carrie päevikud Finland Carrien päiväkirjat Croatia Carrieini dnevnici Hungary Carrie naplója Poland Pamietniki Carrie Serbia Kerini dnevnici Russia Дневники Кэрри
29 Mar 2015
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Tributo Donna Summer LaDonna Adrian Gaines, de nombre artístico Donna Summer fue una cantante y compositora musical estadounidense, mundialmente famosa por sus éxitos de géneros disco y pop en los años 70 y primeros 80. Wikipedia Fecha de nacimiento: 31 de diciembre de 1948, Boston Fecha de la muerte: 17 de mayo de 2012, Englewood Álbumes: Bad Girls, Love to Love You Baby, She Works Hard for the Money, Más Hijos: Brooklyn Sudano, Mimi Sommer, Amanda Sudano Películas: Thank God it's Friday Canciones Hot Stuff 1977 Greatest Hits, Vol. II I Feel Love 1977 Billboard Top Dance Hits: 1977 Last Dance 1978 The Best of Donna Summer: Live & More She Works Hard for the Money 1983 Blue Live Lady Love to Love You Baby 1975 Love to Love You Baby Bad Girls 1977 Greatest Hits, Vol. II On the Radio 1977 Greatest Hits, Vol. II MacArthur Park 1977 Greatest Hits, Vol. II Could It Be Magic 1976 A Love Trilogy This Time I Know It's for Real 1989 Another Place and Time I Will Go with You 1999 VH1 Presents: Live & More Encore! No More Tears 1979 On the Radio: Greatest Hits, Vols. 1-2 State of Independence 1982 Donna Summer Heaven Knows 1978 The Best of Donna Summer: Live & More Dim All the Lights 1977 Greatest Hits, Vol. II
24 Nov 2013
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Laura (Malfin Shayna), dihamili kakak iparnya, pergi ke Jakarta, menemui sahabatnya, Poppy (Taffana Dewi), pelacur dan peliharaan Pak Eko (Willy Wilianto). Poppy membantu pengguguran kandungan Laura dan mengajak kerja di diskotek Fantastique. Kerjanya: melacur. Ketika Laura laris, Poppy iri hati. Ia berusaha "menghancurkan" Laura, antara lain dengan mempertemukan Laura dengan kakak iparnya, yang sudah cerai. Laura menolak melayani kakak iparnya. Kemudian Laura ingat kenalannya di bus dalam perjalanan ke Jakarta, Erik (Andi M. Madjid), menelpon dan berkencan dengan hangat dan saling jatuh cinta sungguhan. Erik ternyata anak Pak Eko, yang kemudian mengawini Poppy. Maka hubungan Erik - Laura diusahakan putus. Erik yang lulus dokter, dicoba dijodohkan dengan dokter lain. Erik tak bisa melupakan Laura. Sahabatnya mempertemukannya dengan Laura. Produser: Frans Pontoh Sutradara: Willy Wilianto Penulis: V Ladonna Pemeran: Malfin Shayna, Taffana Dewi, Andy J Madjid, Willy Wilianto
2 Aug 2013
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Donna Summer - Hot Stuff , Bad Girl- LIVE. Donna Summer, de son vrai nom LaDonna Andrea Gaines (née le 31 décembre 1948 à Dorchester, un quartier de Boston) est une chanteuse de pop américaine. Elle est un mythe de la musique disco des années 1970 et 80. (Grammy Award en 1979 dans la catégorie "best rock vocal performance female" et célébré en 1997 dans le film The Full Monty),
22 May 2012
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