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Skaters: Alex Olson, Anthony Pappalardo, Brandon Biebel, Cairo Foster, Danny Brady, Eric Koston, Guy Mariano, JB Gillet, Jeff Lenoce, Jesus Fernandez, JJ Rousseau, Lucas Puig, Marc Johnson, Mike Carroll, Mike Mo Capaldi, Nick Jensen, Rick Howard, Rob Welsh, and Scott Johnson
31 Aug 2011
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9 Jul 2009
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its my first video enjoy it
20 Jan 2009
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Mike Mo Capaldi in Fully Flared 2008
18 Jan 2009
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eric koston
15 Nov 2008
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Eric Koston and Lakai Limited are bringing back one of skateboardings most classic signature kicks. Get the first look and a break down from the design team behind it. thanks www.vitalskate****
11 Feb 2008
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STOKED is a free social media platform for extreme sports at *******STOKED****/ Have fun, stay STOKED! CREDITS 0:02 - Peter Raffin - handrail shotgun - *******superstoker****/skateboard-video/handrail-shotgun/ 0:12 - Andy Macdonald - GoPro HD: Skateboarding Bucky Lasek's Backyard Bowl - ***********/watch?v=3qh8OFVCBwU 0:14 - ? - 'One For The Road' Teaser - ***********/watch?v=rp2ZYWaOaX4 0:17 - ? - Experience Human Flight - ***********/watch?v=rp2ZYWaOaX4 0:19 - ? - Minor Threat Teaser - *******vimeo****/28140508 0:24 - Andy Macdonald - GoPro HD: Skateboarding Bucky Lasek's Backyard Bowl - ***********/watch?v=3qh8OFVCBwU 0:27 - Chris Haslam - Chris Haslam Almost Ad - *******video.mpora****/watch/bJdIaHeef/ 0:29 - ? - G Donné 4 Teaser - *******vimeo****/28090737 0:33 - Mark Webb - Frontflip Drop In - ***********/watch?v=NbQU0-c1J-Q 0:35 - Italo Romano - Vamo Andá?ITALO ROMANO_PARTE 3 - ***********/watch?v=2LjhyDd5pQo 0:37 - Philip Köster - Red Bull Rockets - ***********/watch?v=9oxG7jjbhDQ 0:40 - ? - G Donné 4 Teaser - *******vimeo****/28090737 0:45 - Danny Way - DC SHOES: DANNY WAY - NEVER QUIT NVRBRKN. - ***********/watch?v=srtMdDpPMVA 0:48 - Tim Humphreys - Tim Humphreys GoPro Snowboarding 2011 - Go Pro HD Hero self filming - ***********/watch?v=3MxLZORMymQ 1:07 - Andrew Reynolds - Andrew Reynolds: Emerica Stay Gold B-Side - ***********/watch?v=F3pGLX82i38 1:12 - ? - Aaron Smith, Jay Roe, and Tony Hamlin for BT - *******vimeo****/27228920 1:14 - Ingvar Neumann - Awesome BMX Kickflip - ***********/watch?v=ix79P6foZMU 1:16 - Brendon Smith - Brendon Smith Blunt Scooters Web Edit 2011 - ***********/watch?v=AeY0T7wvczI 1:19 - Danny MacAskill - Danny MacAskill Plays Capetown (complete video) - ***********/watch?v=CHLtVhTaZjA 1:21 - ? - The Denver Shop Trailer #3 - ***********/watch?v=JAqiEv2YTqU 1:29 - Mitchie Brusco - X Games 17: Mitchie Brusco lands 900 during Big Air practice - ***********/watch?v=Gi7NpaDjFFs 1:35 - Jed Mildon - World First BMX Triple Backflip - Jed Mildon May 28, 2011 - ***********/watch?v=4eTMDkbS0fc 1:38 - Zoltan Torkos - First Darkslide in Surfing, Zoltan Torkos 4/4/11 - ***********/watch?v=V043F6a4teA 1:41 - Bastien Destiné - First Ever Triple Front Flip - Snowboarding 2011 - Triple Cork Frontflip - ***********/watch?v=8WzxpuHSYKY 1:45 - Rick Howard - The Lakai Rick Howard (RH) 2011 - ***********/watch?v=fm_nqrnXukY 1:48 - Italo Romano - Vamo Andá?ITALO ROMANO_PARTE 3 - ***********/watch?v=2LjhyDd5pQo 1:52 - Ian Walsh - The sounds of surfing at JAWS - Ep 1 - Red Bull Soundwave - ***********/watch?v=MblGeGeqS8s 1:58 - Andrew Reynolds - Andrew Reynolds: Emerica Stay Gold B-Side - ***********/watch?v=F3pGLX82i38 2:04 - Bruce Irons - BRUCE IRONS FLARE SHOOT - *******vimeo****/26611363 2:13 - Andrew Reynolds - Andrew Reynolds: Emerica Stay Gold B-Side - ***********/watch?v=F3pGLX82i38 2:17 - ? - 'Attack of La Nina' Teaser - ***********/watch?v=oR6W1La5m1A 2:19 - Andre Villa - DC SHOES: REFUSE TO LOSE - ANDRE VILLA WELCOME - ***********/watch?v=fKfe4Az9Os4 2:25 - ? - Darkside of the Moon: iPath Skates Utah Slickrock - ***********/watch?v=LpAa-4MzYMM 2:31 - Torey Pudwill - Plan B Torey Pudwill's Big Bang Trailer - ***********/watch?v=EB8FKqjB6Xg 2:35 - Bob Burnquist - Nitro Circus Live - Las Vegas Highlights - ***********/watch?v=2F_2WbZIM-I 2:37 - Halldor Helgason - Halldor Full Part Hooked - *******vimeo****/20182847 2:39 - Felipe Gustavo & Theotis Beasley - Felipe Gustavo & Theotis Beasley 19 tricks for Footprint Orthotic Insoles - ***********/watch?v=Y31-CqumLm4 2:46 - ? - Aerial Video, RC Aerial Cam, Snow Reel - *******vimeo****/24372083 2:49 - ? - Aerial Video, RC Aerial Cam, Snow Reel - *******vimeo****/24372083 2:54 - Scott Stevens - terrible tuesday: Scott Stevens - *******vimeo****/23848059 2:56 - ? - Wakeboarding on an Ice rail - Episode 8 - Red Bull Winch Sessions - ***********/watch?v=02YpwBvhtaE 2:59 - PJ Ladd - PJ LADD "PRO.SPEC" PLAN B WHEEL COMMERCIAL - ***********/watch?v=v2FHRtyknDo 3:03 - Torey Pudwill - Plan B Torey Pudwill's Big Bang Trailer - ***********/watch?v=EB8FKqjB6Xg 3:06 - Matthias Giraud - GoPro HD: Avalanche Cliff Jump with Matthias Giraud - ***********/watch?v=SwbP9WLX3fY Song - Dillon Francis & Kill The Noise - Dill The Noise - ***********/watch?v=YuypCwvo1Tg
29 Dec 2013
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© 2012 WMG Truly inspiring and epic moments that embrace the idea of "now or never." Like, comment, and share it if you're inspired. The song is "Now Or Never" by Outasight, out now. The track is from Outasight's full length debut, Nights Like These. Download 'Nights Like These': ******* Produced by TJ Landig and Winky Productions. Links: Facebook: *******www.facebook****/iamoutasight Website: *******iamoutasight****/ Twitter: *******twitter****/outasight Here are some of the amazing and inspirational videos that contributed to the making of the video: Baby Takes Her First Steps!!! Crocodile Hunter - Super Croc! Human Planet - Hanging On For Dear Life | Rivers and Oceans Lakers 2009 Championship Celebration MY BABYS 1ST STEPS Sea Bed Hunting On One Breath - Human Planet Oceans, preview - BBC One Super slow motion of popping champagne bottle SF0004 Tomorrowland 2011 | official after movie Tomorrowland 2011 Sunday 2 year old asian guitar prodigy improvises song stuns audiences Planet Earth Amazing nature scenery Epic Roller Coaster Fail Disneyland California Screamin Terrified little girl MUST SEE! Funny!!! How College Went From Dream to Reality Kid riding a roller coaster - Goliath Six Flags Magic Mountain Pearls 100th birthday Puppy Love adidas Outdoor - Lukas Irmler Part 4 Sunrise on Table Mountain American Football - Pick Me Arizona Desert Sunset Base Jump from 2nd Base - Olslo Base Best Of Nitro Circus Stunts in HD! Best Reaction in USA for Landon Donovan Goal Versus Ghana Bethany Hamilton Alana Blanchard Bj Penn who J.Moss 3.5 ft! Burmese Celebrate New Year and Water Festival California Sunset - Marina Del Rey - Beach Vistas Coachella 2010 Dawned On Me (Pixel Motion/ HDR Test) Death defying Jetman Yves Rossy rockets across Grand Canyon at 190mph Dolomites 2011 FULLHD dreams Paragliding in Italy. Beauty of nature Evel Knievel 19-car motorcycle jump (world record for 27 years) Extreme Train Surfing - How to Ride The Train For Free Golden Sunrise GUY BASE JUMPING OFF HALF DOME! Happy New Year Firework Show 2011 HAWAIIAN LIQUID SUNSHINE = PLAYING IN THE RAIN Highest waterfall diving Knievel makes the jump Light Red Female Siberian Husky Puppy with Blue Eyes London Fireworks on New Years Day 2011 - New Year Live Man performs a high wire act with out using a net Muhammad Ali The Greatest of all Time National Geographic Live! - Bonus Free Soloing with Alex Honnold Anthonys Surprise Present Father comes home from Iraq full court buzzer beater Proposal In The Sky Skydiving Landing Nitro Circus - Stunts of Season 2 (HD) North Americas National Park IMAX HD Plains Milky Way Priceless moment! Lovely husky baby playing with her mom... Red Bull - Human Flight 3D Movie (trailer) Skydive Dubai - May 2011 Slow Motion Vol.1 | Phantom Spectacular South American Sunset in Miraflores, Lima, Peru Spike Jonze skate for Lakai Stunning Time-Lapse Video of Australian Night Sky. Surfing Huge Waves in Hawaii The Proposal Trick Shot Basketball | Dude Perfect | Summer Camp Edition (HD) Voodoo (single) -- ChiChi 'Lightning' Rodriguez Yves Rossy Fly with the Jetman
30 Sep 2013
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Trailer of the first Lakai video "Fully Flared" featuring Marc Johnson, Mike Carroll, Rick Howard, Scott Johnston, Brando Biebel, Jeff Lenoce, Cairo Foster, Anthony Pappalardo, Rob Welsh, Guy Mariano, The French Connection, The Royal Family and Eric Koston! Music by Whitey - Leave Them All Behind.
9 May 2013
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Mike Mo's part in the Lakai video. Yes, i added a color corrector. The video was filmed on a sony vx, so it is not made to be in high definition. But, it's the best quality that there is on youtube of this video, so if you would rather watch it in 240p, be my guest.
9 May 2013
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A Lakai & Nozbone collaboration A skate trip of a 4 years old skateboarder One idea. One child. Few friends. Two cameras. One film Directed by Mr Olso, Starring Gaspar S & Ian Faure, Cinematographer Maxime Cointe, Operator Nicolas le Gal, Line Producer Frederic Berst, Editing Romain Julien, Sound design Olivier Claude, Original Music Rebecca Meyer & Elio Perez Big Thanks: Lakai Limited Footwear, Alexis Papadopoulos, Nozbone Skateshop (Paris), mmap (Muriel Marasti Art Project), Dorian Nahoun, Jérôme Valette, Dorothée Charles
19 Apr 2013
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Mo Knows Lakai Limited Footwear Commercial starring Mike Mo Capaldi Brandon Biebel Danny Brady Marc Johnson Mike Carroll Jesus Fernandez Jeff Lenoce Guy Mariano Rick Howard Scott Johnston directed by Federico Vitetta special thanks to Lakai team Johannes Gamble Aaaron Meza Kelly Bird Oliver Barton Alberto Bof Federico Pazzi www.lakai**** www.crailtap****
26 Mar 2013
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6:52 Heaven was used in the acclaimed skate film Fully Flared directed by Spike Jonze and Ty Evans. The collaboration inspired the directors to take footage and re-edit a sequence of shots that shows the Lakai skateboarding team demonstrating their considerable skills as they navigate through and around various exploding obstacles. With 'Heaven' as the musical backdrop, the resulting marriage of sound to picture is quite extraordinary.
21 May 2012
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Lakai - Fully Flared. Mike Mo's part and intro. Original song is : Arcade Fire - No Cars Go
20 Apr 2012
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www.gimmickcity**** Gimmick City web site (and city) is Gimmick City. Instead, you will find what has made your community strong for decades - local business! We are a food advisory and bargain hunter Gimmick City Marketing group and Website Designers Giovi Zamora 562 229 8832 Available Business Commercials
31 Jan 2012
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Knorkators geniales Lied mit der Erklärung des Satz des Pythagoras verknüpft. Ich hab noch nie eine so geile Mathe-Erklärung gesehen!!! Alf Ator und Stumpen sind einfach klasse! Übrigens wurde mir das Hochladen dieses Videos von Knorkator offiziell erlaubt! Hier ein Auszug aus der mail von Alf Ator: "Dein Download ist sozusagen in unserem ureigensten Interesse. Du bist willkommener Kollaborateur in unserer perfiden Verschwörung, Lakai unseres Vermächtnisses an die Welt von Morgen, Zahnrädchen im Getriebe des nunmehr unaufhaltsamen Aufstiegs des Knorkator-Imperiums. Generationen von heranwachsenden Menschen werden uns in einem Atemzug mit Kopernikus, Goethe und Darwin nennen! (Alf Ator)" Dazu sag ich nur: Danke Alf, für den von mir so sehr geschätzten Humor und Eure unendliche Weitsicht!
20 Jan 2012
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