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and girls, it's another episode of UP CLOSE with Carrie Keagan featuring Midnight Meat Train and today we hanging out at the NGTV Studio Bar, known as the Shark Tank, none other than the Vinnie Jones. The Midnight Meat Train is a 2008 horror film based on Clive Barker's 1984 short story of the same name, which can be found in Volume One of Barker's collection Books of Blood. The film follows a photographer who attempts to track down a serial killer dubbed the "Subway Butcher" and discovers more than he bargained for under the city streets. The film stars Bradley Cooper, Leslie Bibb, Brooke Shields, Roger Bart, and Vinnie Jones. The film was directed by Japanese director Ryuhei Kitamura and stars Bradley Cooper, Leslie Bibb, Vinnie Jones and Brooke Shields. Its script was adapted by Jeff Buhler, the producer was Tom Rosenberg of Lakeshore Entertainment, and it was released on August 1, 2008. Producer Joe Daley, a long time friend of Buhler's, brought the two writers together and helped develop the script, along with producers Anthony Diblasi and Jorge Saralegui, for their newly minted horror factory The Midnight Picture Company. As of this entry, The Midnight Picture Company was busy shooting Book of Blood, the next film adaptation from the anthology of short stories that spawned Midnight Meat Train. Photographer Leon goes into the city's subway system at night to take photographs. He saves a woman who is attacked by a gang by pointing out the videocamera. This young woman goes missing by the next day. Leon later finds clues in the photos he has taken that lead him to discover that butcher Mahogany is involved and may be a serial killer, and that there have been people going missing in the subway for at least a hundred years. Leon's involvement quickly turns into a dark obsession, upsetting Maya and leading her into her own investigations when Leon returns home severely wounded. Maya and an acquaintance named Jurgis investigate the butcher using the photographs Leon has been taking. After breaking and entering the butcher's home, Jurgis is captured. The police will not believe Maya's story, and the police's involvement with the butcher is revealed when a policewoman leads a misguided Maya onto the late train. Leon, unaware of Maya's involvement, prepares himself to kill the butcher and end the horror. The climactic battle ensues and Mahogany is killed, but Leon and Maya find that the bodies being slaughtered are actually food for dark, unnamed creatures at the end of the track. A supernaturally strong train conductor murders Maya while a wounded Leon watches on, and then forces Leon into slavery as the new butcher. The last scene has Leon wearing a ring with eight stars, the same ring Mahogany had. A television reports an European union conference as the policewoman sends Leon off for the day, hinting at international involvement in some type of cult. NO GOOD TELEVISION stars Carrie Keagan and Shark Firestone and showcases over a dozen original shows featuring raw, real and uncensored interviews with the biggest stars in the world from music, movies and TV. It also has uncensored, uncut, explicit and director's cut versions of music videos. NO GOOD TV aka NGTV can be found at NGTV****. It's the most fun you'll ever have with your pants on!!
26 Oct 2008
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hd Official trailer for Crank 2: High Voltage with Jason Statham reprising his role of hitman in peril Chev Chelios. Hey , this is the brand new Crank 2 Traila HQ Plz enjoy , watch high quality (Hope i get it ) MOVIE INFO: Crank 2: High Voltage is the upcoming sequel to the action film, Crank. It picks up exactly where the first film left off, retaining it's "real-time" feel. Cast * Jason Statham as Chev Chelios * Amy Smart as Eve * Efren Ramirez as Venus * Dwight Yoakam as Doc Miles * Reno Wilson as Orlando * Clifton Collins, Jr. as El Huron * Bai Ling as Ria * Geri Halliwell as Debbie Spellman * Nick Manning as TBA Production Mike Patton, of Faith No More and Mr. Bungle fame, will be producing the score for Crank 2: High Voltage. Lionsgate Films will handle North American distribution of the film, while Lakeshore Entertainment will handle international distribution. Filming started in April 2008. The writers and directors confirmed there will be more sex and violence within an R rating. Like the first film, the production budget will be lower than $20 million. In order to help keep costs low, the filmmakers have taken advantage of low cost prosumer HDV cameras such as the Canon XH-A1, as well as a consumer model, the Canon HF10. [4] The movie is anticipated to receive an R rating by the MPAA based on an interview with Amy Smart. She was photographed brandishing taped nipples and disclosed that her character Eve has become a pole dancer.[5] and said that there will be another public sex scene with Jason Statham; this time taking place on a horse racing track.[6] Release date is tentatively for April 17, 2009.[7] Disclaimer: This video is entertainment purposes only and is non profit. All credit goes to the movie company(Lions Gate Films)and the song writters linkin park. SKIP THIS: Crank 2 chev chelios high voltage trailer brand new official 2009 HQ quality cinematic teaser action Crank 2 chev chelios high voltage trailer brand new official 2009 HQ quality cinematic teaser action Crank 2 chev chelios high voltage trailer brand new official 2009 HQ quality cinematic teaser action Crank 2 chev chelios high voltage trailer brand new official 2009 HQ quality cinematic teaser action Crank 2 chev chelios high voltage trailer brand new official 2009 HQ quality cinematic teaser action Crank 2 chev chelios high voltage trailer brand new official 2009 HQ quality cinematic teaser action Crank 2 chev chelios high voltage trailer brand new official 2009 HQ quality cinematic teaser action Crank 2 chev chelios high voltage trailer brand new official 2009 HQ quality cinematic teaser action
9 May 2009
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GAMER is a high-concept action thriller set in a near future when gaming and entertainment have evolved into a terrifying new hybrid. Humans control other humans in mass-scale, multi-player online games: people play people...for keeps. Mind-control technology is widespread, and at the heart of the controversial games is its creator, reclusive billionaire Ken Castle (Michael C. Hall). His latest brainchild, the first-person shooter game "Slayers," allows millions to act out their most savage fantasies online in front of a global audience, using real prisoners as avatars with whom they fight to the death. Kable (300's Gerard Butler) is the superstar and cult hero of the ultraviolent "Slayers." Kable is controlled by Simon, a young gamer with rock star status who continues to defy all odds by guiding Kable to victory each week. Taken from his family, imprisoned and forced to fight against his will, the modern day gladiator must survive long enough to escape the game to free his family, regain his identity and to save mankind from Castle's ruthless technology. GAMER stars Gerard Butler (300, THE UGLY TRUTH), Michael C. Hall (“Dexter”), Amber Valletta (TRANSPORTER 2), John Leguizamo (RIGHTEOUS KILL, ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13) and Kyra Sedgwick (“The Closer”). Lionsgate and Lakeshore Entertainment present a Lakeshore Entertainment/Lionsgate Production. GAMER is a Neveldine/Taylor Film. Coming to theaters September 4th, 2009!
15 Aug 2009
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LG Electronics MobileComm U.S.A Inc. (LG Mobile Phones) is partnering with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) and Lakeshore Entertainment to create a comprehensive multi-discipline marketing campaign for the highly anticipated reinvention of 80s cult classic, FAME. To view Multimedia News Release, go to *******www.prnewswire****/mnr/lg/39571/
8 Sep 2009
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Crank is a 2006 American action/thriller film, written and directed by both Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, and starring Jason Statham, Amy Smart, Jose Pablo Cantillo, Efren Ramirez, and Dwight Yoakam. The plot centers on a British hitman in Los Angeles named Chev Chelios who is poisoned and must keep his adrenaline flowing constantly in order to keep himself alive, and in so doing causes mayhem, gets into fights with other gangsters, has altercations with the police and takes numerous drugs. The film's title comes from the slang word for methamphetamine. Produced and distributed by Lakeshore Entertainment and Lions Gate Pictures, it was released in the United States on September 1, 2006 in 2,515 theaters. The film was generally well received. Directed by Mark Neveldine Brian Taylor Produced by Tom Rosenberg David Rubin Skip Williamson Michael Davis Michael Ohoven Gary Lucchesi Richard S. Wright Written by Mark Neveldine Brian Taylor Starring Jason Statham Amy Smart Efren Ramirez Dwight Yoakam Jose Pablo Cantillo Keone Young Carlos Sanz Music by Paul Haslinger Cinematography Adam Biddle Editing by Brian Berdan Studio Lakeshore Entertainment Distributed by United States: Lions Gate Films United Kingdom: Universal Studios Release date(s) September 1, 2006 Running time 87 min. Language English Budget $12,000,000 Gross revenue $39,242,841 (worldwide) [1] Followed by Crank: High Voltage Cast Main article: List of Crank characters * Jason Statham as Chev Chelios * Amy Smart as Eve Lydon * Jose Pablo Cantillo as Ricky Verona * Efren Ramirez as Kaylo * Dwight Yoakam as Doc Miles * Carlos Sanz as Carlito * Keone Young as Don Kim * Reno Wilson as Orlando * Jay Xcala as Alex Verona * Edi Gathegi as Haitian cab driver * Chester Bennington (of Linkin Park) as Pharmacy customer/Adrenaline junkie * Valarie Rae Miller as Chocolate * Glenn Howerton as Male nurse * Noel Gugliemi as Warehouse Rooftop Hood * Francis Capra as Warehouse Hood Leader * Candice A. Buenrostro as Bikini Girl info from :*******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Crank_%28film%29 *******www.crankfilm****/
16 Jun 2010
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I, Frankenstein, starring Aaron Eckhart, will be digitally re-mastered into the immersive IMAX® format and released into IMAX® theatres across the U.S. beginning January 24, 2014, as well as a number of international territories. The IMAX release of I, Frankenstein will be digitally re-mastered into the image and sound quality of The IMAX Experience® with proprietary IMAX DMR® (Digital Re-mastering) technology. The crystal-clear images, coupled with IMAX’s customized theatre geometry and powerful digital audio, create a unique environment that will make audiences feel as if they are in the movie. 200 years after his shocking creation, Dr. Frankenstein's creature, Adam (Eckhart), still walks the earth. But when he finds himself in the middle of a war over the fate of humanity, Adam discovers he holds the key that could destroy humankind. The action thriller I, Frankenstein is written for the screen and directed by Stuart Beattie from a screen story by Kevin Grevioux and Beattie. The film is brought to life by a cast that includes Eckhart, Bill Nighy, Yvonne Strahovski, Miranda Otto, Socratis Otto, Jai Courtney, Kevin Grevioux, Mahesh Jadu, Caitlin Stasey, and Aden Young as Victor Frankenstein. Lionsgate / Lakeshore Entertainment / Sidney Kimmel Entertainment present a Hopscotch Features / Lakeshore Entertainment / Lionsgate / Sidney Kimmel Entertainment production
10 Jan 2014
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