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Landslide disaster that occurred in the national road Takengen Bintang Utung Utung Mendale village Kebayakan District Central Aceh Province Aceh Tidal landslide covering the road approximately 150 meters so that the total cover Access road to gayo district lues
24 Apr 2017
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Massive Landslide in mountains. This is the first ever this large landslide captured on Live Video. It takes away huge mass of land and large number of tall trees.
29 Jul 2008
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Avalanche, Landslide, Tornado, Hurricane, Earthquake, Volcanic Erruption. What is the answer?
17 Jun 2009
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Gilgit,June 29: Water level in an artificial lake formed by a landslide in Hunza river in Gilgit Baltistan early this year is increasing again,creating fear of flooding among locals in the surrounding villages upstream.
30 Jun 2010
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Gilgit, January 25: A year after massive landslides in Hunza Valley buried several villages of Gilgit-Baltistan under mounds of rubble, nothing much has changed. Even though the Pakistani government had announced several relief packages it has failed to provide any substantial relief to the affected.
25 Jan 2011
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BY PAUL ROLFE ANCHOR JIM FLINK You're watching multisource environment news analysis from Newsy Is planet Earth -- in revolt? Is a shift in climate temperature -- creating geological uncertainty and backlash? In the wake of earthquakes and tsunamis rippling across the Pacific, discussion has turned to a possible link between climate change -- and recent catastrophes. Here’s a summary of the argument -- from Accuweather. “According to the experts, who hail from places like Oxford and the University College London, local climate change doesn’t just affect the atmosphere or things at the surface. It also changes the earth’s crust. Movement of that crust is what leads to earthquakes, and earthquakes can set off giant landslides and tsunami.” Much of the discussion centers on a now two-year-old study -- by University College London Professor Bill McGuire -- who published a paper on the subject, claiming... “[O]bservations suggest that the ongoing rise in global average temperatures may already be eliciting a hazardous response from the geosphere.” While the discussion is timely, that may be part of the problem. The New York Time’s Dot Earth blogger Andrew Revkin notes -- the discussion rarely heats up, until after disaster strikes. “There are other places, even some rich places, like kind of where you live, David, that face a similar tectonic threat -- in the Northwest, its the Cascadia fault -- but that are way behind in taking seriously the need to retrofit schools among other things... We have a trait in humanity, especially with low frequency things that have big bad outcomes to put off investment until the bad stuff happens and then people look around and go what the hell happened? How dare those politicians not act?” And lots of detractors see the argument as opportunism. The Telegraph asks -- are climate alarmists just using recent disasters as an excuse to advance the green agenda? “There are also worrying signs that Japan’s tragedy is going to be exploited by greens in much the same way they exploited the BP Oil Spill: as yet another Rahm-Emanuel-style ‘never let a crisis go to waste’ opportunity to promote ‘renewable energy’.” While Grist admits -- it might use the disaster to warn others -- the risk is a very real indicator of events to come. “...[W]e have yet another reminder of what an Earth transformed by climate change could look like, even though those transformations will play out in ways that are distinct from Friday’s tragedy.” Revkin has said the west coast is not prepared for an event like Japan’s. And MSNBC reports a long-predicted earthquake is looming for the them. “The San Andreas and the Hayward fault have not been disturbed for a very long time... And we have this truly menacing underwater -- and somewhat invisible -- fault, the Cascadia subduction zone fault, which lies there brooding off shore and has not been active for at least 250 years. So purely statistically one is tempted to think, well when are they going to rupture?” While the U.S. Geological Survey says it cannot predict earthquakes, it notes a big one is imminent on the west coast in the next 20 years. Follow Newsy_Videos on Twitter Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
19 Mar 2011
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Muzaffarabad, August 16: The people of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) is living in constant fear. Massive deforestation coupled with government apathy has put the life of Kashmiris at risk. Frequent landslides have blocked whatever little was there in the name of infrastructure in his remote region.
17 Aug 2011
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Live video of a land slide.
16 Apr 2006
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28 May 2008
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A little Drag Roulette. I didn't know the song they selected for this one. Was a fun time doing it.
7 Jul 2008
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by Kamille Leon of Las Vegas.
12 Jul 2008
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Just for Fun!
12 Jul 2008
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The Political Machine 2008 Obama Vs McCain Election Results
14 Feb 2009
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13 Oct 2009
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11 Aug 2011
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A solo for "The Land" and Saxophone
5 Aug 2007
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