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Someone edited together a bunch of old toy commercials and made this cool clip to Alice Cooper's "Generation Landslide."
14 May 2006
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Huge landslide caught on fixed camera.
28 Jan 2007
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This clip explains the chain of events that causes mudslides. Taken from the show "When nature strikes back: landslides" available on Download in full from:
19 Oct 2007
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here is an example of a real bad Landslide! Be sure to check out all My other Vids!
6 Dec 2007
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country overwhelmed by landslides
23 Jun 2008
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Check out Roulette's new music video for the Dixie Chicks re-make version of the Stevie Nicks penned song "Landslide." It was hand-shot by my friend Mike (thank you!) so it has a very country feel which is what I was going for... Hope you enjoy it!!! *hugs and kisses --Roulette
5 Jul 2008
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Watch Roulette performing the Dixie Chicks cover of the Stevie Nicks penned 'Landslide.' I shot this video very country music a'la Carrie Underwood, so I hope you all like it. Then VOTE FOR HER!!! Thanks everyone! --Roulette (Very special thanks to my very good friend Mikey Teague for shooting it for me in the Arizona heat. You rock!!)
6 Jul 2008
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The guy who submitted this clip knew nothing about it. It is an actual landslide caught on tape. I believe the clip is at least 2 years old. If anyone knows more please post.
2 Aug 2008
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Landslide in Japan earthquake Country terrible accident.
5 Aug 2008
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4:40 is claiming an election coverage victory "by a landslide" over arch online rival According to internal numbers, the Microsoft/NBC Universal joint venture had an astounding 53 million unique visitors to the site during the week ending November 8. This would be about 400 percent above normal traffic. Citing Nielsen Online numbers, visitors to spent 13.5 minutes per visit vs. 10.5 for CNN, the company reported. Also, the site claims to have had 11.5 unique visitors on Novemer 5, the day after election day, more than CNN and Yahoo!, again citing Nielsen Online. Video streaming was huge, registering over 40 million for the week ending November 8. Much of the viewing was for long periods, an average of 42 minutes. This was driven largely by the live streaming of the MSNBC cable programming presented online. These numbers were also attributed to Nielsen. On October 28 at the Beet.TV Online Video Roundtable in the digtial cafe in New York, moderators Dan Farber of CNET and Erick Schonfeld of TechCrunch questioned president and publisher Charlie Tillinghast and Sr. VP and GM KC Estenson about how user interface drives online video consumption. Update: Yahoo!, citing comScore numbers, claims to have won the online election coverage. A spokesperson from Yahoo! just gave Beet.TV the video streaming numbers: Over a two day period (November 4 and November 5) Yahoo! News recorded more than 23 million video streams, the largest two-day period for video streams on Yahoo! News (Yahoo! internal data). --- Andy Plesser, Executive Producer
18 Nov 2008
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This is Redcat Racing's 1/8 Scale RC Nitro powered Landslide 4WD with 2 Speed Transmission. This is Landslides first off road performance. Check out the Powerful 4WD terrain ripping action and some jumps. Don't forget to check,, and Cheers
14 Feb 2009
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This is the first entry of this big bad boy from RedCat Racing. The 1/8 Scale, 4WD, Nitro powered with 2 Speed transmission the Landslide. Check it out making an entry at night. Later you can see it in dirt terrain ripping action. Don't forget to check,, and Cheers
14 Feb 2009
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When you buy a property in Vilcabamba be aware of potential landslide in the wet season...You may not be able to access or live in your property... More issues on Distributed by Tubemogul.
4 Mar 2009
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Finally brought the RedCat Racing’s 1/8 Scale Lite Series Landslide 4WD RC Truck out and revealed the big bad boy’s power n speed in this video. Check it out, you will simply love it. Don't forget to check,, and Cheers
9 Mar 2009
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These pictures were taken during the very first off road run of RedCat Racing’s 1/8 Scale Landslide 4WD Nitro Truck. I was trying to find the best way to share them. Well here are they now. Hope you will enjoy this slideshow. Don't forget to check <>, <>, and <>. Cheers
15 Mar 2009
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We found a piece of wooden board the other day n we quickly build up a simple ramp for Landslide to perform Jumps. Got some good footage, During this run, the exhaust came off as well but Truck simply sound even sweeter without exhaust. Check it out. Don’t forget to check the other videos in this series and check <>, <>, and <>. Cheers
16 Mar 2009
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