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The Jonas Brothers invite us into their inner circle where we see the friends and family that keep the boys grounded. For the complete Jonas Brothers interview and more tour footage, tune into Larry King Live Thursday, June 18th at 9pm ET on CNN.
16 Jun 2009
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this is a video with larry and ally together but ally want ally to stay with her and he is leaving so it kind of hard ally when he tells ally he is leave her
26 Jun 2009
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CNN's Larry King interview with Jermaine Jackson at Neverland Ranch. westthea afrisynergy michael jackson jermaine larry king neverland ranch allah islam jehovah
16 Jul 2009
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Michael Jackson Ghost illusion from Larry King
8 Jul 2009
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CEO and founder of New Century Brewing Company, Rhonda Kallman, and Larry Greenwood, executive chef of STK Restaurant in Los Angeles discuss how well Edison Light pairs with upscale dishes and fine dining.
7 Jul 2009
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Michael Jackson Ghost During CNN Larry King Interview . Very strange !!
9 Jul 2009
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Larry Slezak, a jazz saxophone player from Houston, jams to "Just Squeeze Me" by Duke Ellington at Ovations Night Club on June 12.
15 Jul 2009
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Kathy Griffin Interviews Levi Johnston On CNN's Larry King - 08/10/09 Kathy Griffin Interviews Levi Johnston CNN Larry King 08/10/09 Sarah Palin Bristol
8 Oct 2009
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Debut video from the Ashy L Bowz featuring comedian Donnell "Ashy Larry" Rawlings www.NoLotion****
12 Aug 2009
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Larry Slezak plays his sax for an adaptation a tune by legendary jazz trombonist Frank Rosolino. Slezak plays next on Sept. 4 and 25, 2009 at Ovations Night Club in Houston.
15 Aug 2009
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chris brown doesn't remember beating rihanna Chris Brown on Larry King Live (Sneak Peek) rihanna chris brown sxephil chris brown cant remember larry king interview larry king live sneak peek rihanna 2009 show fight
17 Sep 2009
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AVG's Larry Bridwell on online threats and their trends. According to Google, 1 in 1000 Web pages is delivering some kind of malicious code, mainly in the form of exploits delivered by drive-by downloads. That translates to something like 70,000 poisoned pages ready and waiting to infect visitors on any given day. Google also found that antivirus programs could not detect all of these threats. The best of them detected only 70% of the drive-by downloads. And in the case of the exploit shown in our latest video, users are actually blocked from contacting or downloading updates from antivirus companies.
4 Sep 2009
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The Jazz Standard "I Love You" played by Larry and Bill. Larry Adair teaches guitar in Portland Oregon. Camera by Larry Adair II "In his book Cole Porter: A Biography, Charles Schwartz tells the story of how I Love You, introduced in the 1944 Broadway show Mexican Hayride, was written by Porter on a bet with actor Monty Woolley. While Mexican Hayride was still in its formative stage, Woolley had challenged Cole to write a hit number titled I Love You, in which that banal phrase would be repeated again and again. Woolley felt that even Coles gift with words and music would not be enough to surmount such a handicap and backed up that opinion with a small wager. Rising to the challenge (and at this point, Cole may have needed Woolleys goading to bring out the best in him), Cole came up with a languid refrain whose lyrics begin: I love you, Hums the April breeze. I love you, Echo the hills. I love you, The golden dawn agrees As once more she sees daffodils. As sung by big-voiced Wilbur Evans in the show, I Love You quickly caught on, enabling Cole to win the wager while adding still another number--the only one in Mexican Hayride to become popular--to his long list of hit songs. "
12 Sep 2009
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The popular song featuring Bill and Larry. They have been playing music together for some time now and Larry has taught guitar for several decades in Portland Oregon.
12 Sep 2009
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It Could Happen To You. Bill and Larry. Larry Adair teaches guitar in Portland Oregon. In this version the tunes more bluesy side is portrayed as the heartbreak of falling in love which is then lost. Larry Adair II On Camera "The film tells the story of the Angel sisters, a quartet played by Lamour, Betty Hutton, Diana Lynn and Mimi Chandler, and their adventures with a bandleader played by Fred MacMurray. Other songs in the Van Heusen/Burke score include, His Rocking Horse Ran Away, Bluebirds in My Belfry, For the Next Hundred Years, Knocking on Your Own Front Door, My Hearts Wrapped Up in Gingham, When Stanislaus Got Married, and How Does Your Garden Grow? Diana Lynns vocals were dubbed by Julie Gibson. The first hit recording of It Could Happen to You was by Jo Stafford with Paul Weston and His Orchestra and entered the pop charts in July, 1944, rising to number ten. Two months later Bing Crosbys rendition, with John Scott Trotter and His Orchestra, climbed the charts to number eighteen. Crosbys recording was the B-side of another Van Heusen/Burke movie hit, The Day after Forever, from Going My Way, also 1944."
12 Sep 2009
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A Standard From Decades ago. Larry Adair Teaches guitar here in Portland Oregon
12 Sep 2009
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