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The clip in the halls of congress from Charlie Wilson's War (2007) All right, what else? That Dairy Queen guy, Larry Liddle, is sitting in your office. Hey. Yeah, I told him he could come in. He wants to talk to you about a creche. What, a nativity scene with baby Jesus? Yeah, it's on public property, and the city's making him move it. Shit. I thought he was just coming in to get his picture took, you know? Congressman. Yeah? You're exactly who I need to speak to. You have a moment? Sure. Tip asked me to talk to you. Okay. He wanted me to talk to you about John Murtha. Go ahead. The prosecutor's gonna go after him. Well, they ain't gonna find anything. John Murtha's as clean as my mother's kitchen floor. Yeah, but Tip would like to put you on the Ethics Committee just the same. You're kidding. No. Well, Jesus, Donnelly, everyone in town knows I'm on the other side of that issue. Ethics? Yeah! Well, the Speaker would like to put you on the committee anyway. Okay. Well, if anyone asks what the hell I'm doing on the Ethics Committee, we'll just tell them I like chasing women and drinking whiskey and the Speaker felt we were underrepresented. One man, one vote. Exactly. Tip's gonna want to return the favor. Tuesday, right? That is Tuesday, yes. So if anything comes up that you'd like me to speak with him about, please... Yes. Yes! I'd like to be on the Board of Directors of the Kennedy Center. Charlie. I'm sorry? Turns out Congress appoints the Board of Directors of the Kennedy Center. It's a great place to take a date, and I can never afford the tickets. Consider it done. Excellent. Go vote. Another few minutes. Let's see what's on the wires. Why can't you wait for newspapers like everybody else? 'Cause I think it's productive to know today's news today. And it makes me one day smarter than you, which I enjoy as well. I know you do. You don't think that's a little crazy? Pan Am and Eastern are lowering their fares. 'Cause of Braniff. What's a little crazy? Joining the Board of the Kennedy Center so you can get free tickets to the Royal Ballet of... Hold on. What?
5 Nov 2011
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