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12 Nov 2007
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me shining my red diy laser in a slightly steamy bathroom looks a bit like a light saber
17 Dec 2007
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<p>The EZ way to make a 200+mw dvd laser</p>
21 Jan 2008
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Find whare is the laser locate in the cd-rom drive :D
21 Jun 2008
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The world brightest single led flash light(torch) useing a 10$ dorcy flashlight and a ssp7 bin c 900 lumen led. Gives you a cheap powerfull light, that can be focused. Came with 3 AAA batters, useing a 18650 rechargble you mite blow the led with out a power control. The first led flahlight hack and brightest.
29 May 2008
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DİKKAT:Başınıza gelebilecek körlük, yanma vb. olaylardan kesinlikle sorumlu değilim.CNC tezgahı ile model uçak yapanlar için yapılmıştır.Canlalara ve sürücülere tutmayınız. 16X Dvd yazıcının laser diyotunu sökerek ve axiz housing kullanılarak yapılmış bir laser yakıcıdır.Göze gelmesi halinde kalıcı körlüğe neden olabilir.YALNIZCA Dvd yazıcı ile yapılabilir.Ben LG 16x dvd yazıcı diyotuyla yaptım.Axiz housingi ise gittigidiyordan bir satıcıdan 20 tl ye aldım.Eski bilgisayar parçacılarından, laser gözü bozuk olmayan bi dvd yazıcı alınarak yapılabilir.Kolay gelsin...
24 Jun 2009
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How to apply CD DVD labels accurately. Horbis CD/DVD Labels - Made in Canada. Avery compatible Laserjet and Inkjet CD and DVD labels from You buy Horbis CD DVD labels online through *******
9 Oct 2010
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The IR laser run at 120 mA with LM317 Driver.
25 Apr 2009
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*******www.200mw**** GET YOUR OWN BURNING 200mW RED LASER! Nice little bluray laser pointer. Costs MUCH less than WickedLaser's Sonar and functions BETTER! (I did not make this video)
6 Sep 2009
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Laser from DVD-RW useable as a lighter
6 Sep 2009
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Current is 400 mA. Power is about 300 mW. Diode was harvested from PIONEER DVR-112.
7 Sep 2009
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*******www.200mw**** GET YOUR OWN BURNING 200mW RED LASER! A 170mW CNI green laser turning off a streetlight. Thanks StyroPyro! (I did not make this video)
7 Sep 2009
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THE BEST AND EASIEST UNREADABLE DISK FIX ON YOUTUBE! This one actually works and you wont be buying a new laser, or new dvd rom drive for your 360. All you need is to open the 360, open the dvdrom drive, place a piece of foam on a portion of the lasers arm and POOF! You will be playing in no time...THIS IS THE ONLY VIDEO THAT I KNOW OF ON YOUTUBE THAT HAS THIS FIX... I am pretty sure this fixes open tray issues as well... The order I would recommend for fixing your 360 is this: Tutorial on how to open the 360: ***********/watch?v=Uj2A7mGGjuY 1) Clean the dvd rom lens. This is for the original xbox, but the premise is the same: ***********/watch?v=7VZIOWlNq78 2) If you are having noises from the motor when the game is booting, clean and lubricate the motor spindle. Very good tutorial here: ***********/watch?v=1OirWV6Q_YM 3) If your laser is "bouncing" at the center of the disk and not "catching" the game, use my fix. 4) To those that do not have the dvd foam mentioned in the video, there is an alternative fix similar to mine, but will not be a permanent fix as it involves a rubber band and there are issues of it coming loose and breaking. Not the most detailed of DIY, but enough there to give you the basics: Rubber band fix: ***********/watch?v=rmrslxDa_xo For those reasons, you can not close your case, with my fix, its permanent and you can close the case as shown in the video... I am here to help, so shoot me a message and let's see what we can do to get that 360 going... BETTER PICS OF THIS FIX AND RUBBER BAND FIXES ARE HERE: ok, you want pics? i just found some with some description... *******
28 Dec 2011
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