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My cat Coco, a male whoite cat is trying to get every last drop from a can of wet cat food.
8 Dec 2006
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To the Last Drop follows five characters through the course of a war between Texas and New Mexico. The novel begins with the accidental discovery of water in the arid southeast corner of New Mexico. Texas and New Mexico become tangled in a bitter legal dispute over the rights to that water. A series of increasingly aggressive border skirmishes leads to an invasion by the Texas State Guard.
16 Oct 2008
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Dan the Man interviews Andrew Wice, author of "To the Last Drop," on the WV at the Quote Unquote Studios in ALbuquerque New Mexico. Andrew Describes his new book and reads an exerpt from it.
6 May 2008
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Caffeine fiends around the world should fight to the last drop!
18 Jun 2008
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Two soldiers stranded in a barren radioactive wasteland discover a much needed canteen of fresh water, but when their baser instincts take over it becomes a case of survival of the fittest. A knock-down, drag-out, dust-up fusion of “Mad Max” and Jackie Chan style action. Good to the last drop! --- Action/comedy short from Eye of the Storm Pictures and Riot A.C.T. Directed by Tyler Williams & Ken Mohabir. Starring Simon Fon & Tyler Williams. For more action visit *******www.eyeofthestormpictures**** and *******
16 Nov 2008
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Effect An empty and crushed can of soda magically restores and refills before the eyes of the spectators. Impossible to improve? Here's the 2.0 version of Anders Modens ingenious Healed and Sealed Soda, the effect originally performed by David Blaine on "Vertigo". Anders Moden shares his thoughts on the methods, the handlings and the presentations of his masterpiece. He will also guide you through various additional techniques that he has kept to himself. Until now. Let's re-cap the effect: * Pour the last drops out of an empty a soda can. * Crush it – in front of the spectators - and show it around. * Command the can to heal itself – the spectator will see and hear this happen. * Wave your hand over the opening and the hole will seal itself! * Now the can has magically filled itself up. * Open the can with a pfzzt! * Pour the soda in a glass. * Hand everything out to the audience. Anders Modén will take you through every step of the trick in detail. He will also show you: * a clever "hands-off" method that actually works. * a special close-up method. * an ingenious transposition effect where the drink visibly and instantly moves from a full coke can to an empty orange can! Additional material: * Several presentation ideas * Variations in set-up and handling * Examples for stage, parlour etc. * Tips, tricks and variations * Bonus section and chapter menus for easy navigation CYRIL says: '"I think Healed and Sealed Soda is one of the BEST and MOST magical effects that people say is REAL MAGIC when performed."
9 Nov 2009
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6 Nov 2009
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This gross pack of 25 rubbery realistic looking cockroaches is the best way to gross people out and laugh at their expense! Put one in your boss' coffee...he won't find it until he finishes the last drop! Place them under your little sister's bedsheets so when she goes to say goodnight, she'll scream her face off! There's 25 in this pack, so you can place a ton of them just about anywhere to get a great reaction! You can get your own creepy 25 pack of creepy cockroaches on www.PrankPlace****
6 Jan 2010
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Have you ever wished that you could partake in a cold, refreshing libation anywhere you wanted to? Have you ever been stuck somewhere where you really didn't want to be? Have you ever thought to yourself, "Man, I could really use a drink, right now"? Well, friends, the BEER Back is for you! That's right, a totally self contained personal, hands-free alcohol dispensing unit that allows you to have cold, crisp, refreshing beer - anywhere you go. Just add your favorite pilsner, lager, ale or stout. Turn on the unit and you're ready to go. Our special, double-lined, four-ply, Mylar-infused bladder keeps your beer tasting brewery fresh all day long and our patented micro-refrigeration unit located at the bottom of the the pack will keep it ice cold right down to the last drop.
1 Apr 2010
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*******www.bpblowstshirts****/ BP Blows T-shirt Company Goes against up the BP oil spill. The goal is for a million people to wear a BP BLOWS t-shirt at least once a week to keep the pressure on BP to clean up every last drop of oil in the Gulf and beyond. *******www.bpblowstshirts****/ www.bpblowstshirts**** <a href="*******www.bpblowstshirts****/">BP Blows T-shirt</a>
27 Jul 2010
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*******www.bpblowstshirts****/ Wes Spicer, owner of All-American Printing show his brilliant idea to go against BP regarding the oil spill in Gulf by making a t-shirt that has a BP Blows imprinted and a pelican on it. His goal is to get at least a million people to wear the "BP Blows" t-shirt at least once a week to keep the pressure on BP to clean up every last drop of oil in the Gulf. *******www.bpblowstshirts****/
27 Jul 2010
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*******www.bpblowstshirts****/ Frustrated with the BP oil spill disaster? Get a BP BLOWS t-shirt and do your part to rescue wildlife and keep the pressure on BP to cleanup the oil spill and remove every last drop of oil from the Gulf of Mexico and beyond. Wear your BP Blows T-shirt to show your support of the BP pelicans in the Gulf. BP T Shirt Are Now Available! *******www.bpblowstshirts****/
27 Jul 2010
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