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This is the title track off of my all-acoustic CD. It's hard to tell the entire story behind this song because my shows are usually only 2 hours. . . This song was written in March of 2004. I was just completing my degree in sign language interpreting and wasn't really intending to enter the workforce. I had this great idea to move closer to Nashville and pursue my music; however, the budget told me this was not a wise idea. I started looking for interpreting positions near Tennessee and was thrilled to see one open in Craig, Arkansas. My resume was in the mail the same day I saw the position posting, but there was one minor problem - Craig, AK is actually Craig, Alaska - Not Arkansas. As it worked out, I took the job three weeks later. The night I accepted the position and told my family was a rough night. Five months later I would be packing up and driving 2,000 miles away from home. I couldn't sleep that night and picked up my guitar. This song poured out and is the first time I've ever written a song while playing it like it was a song I've played forever. That was March. July came and reality hit. My sister was married on July 10th and less than a month after the wedding, I'd be moving. I felt like I spent that entire summer walking around choking on a lump in my throat. I had put so much focus on the wedding and knew once it was over I had to focus on leaving the only home I ever knew. At the gift opening, my grandma Jean had a gift for me. It was in a suitcase on the floor at her feet and I was bawling before I even sat down beside her on the sofa. She began by saying, "Last night I had a dream that I had to go somewhere and I had to leave in a hurry, but I had no idea where I was going..." She pulled out a sewing kit with the explanation that I could mend whatever broke along the way. She also pulled out Kleenex - which didn't last long because there weren't many dry eyes in the room, change in case I needed to call home, and the last thing she pulled out of the bag was a plaque. Engraved on the plaque was a quote about patchwork quilts and I knew what was in the suitcase. Grandma Jean was diagnosed with cancer a little over a week after the wedding. My contract was already signed and I knew I had to go. "When I'm Gone" took on an entirely new meaning and I went into Campfield Recording Studio in Wausau, Wisconsin to record it for Grandma before I left. I mailed the CD to Grandma as I was on my way to Alaska. It was August 9th when I finally arrived. Grandma deteriorated quickly and by Labor Day weekend my family was no longer passing the phone to her when I would call. I booked a flight home and made it home late on September 8th - just in time to say one last goodbye. She passed away the following afternoon.
29 Mar 2012
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Last Night I Had a Dream by The Laurie Berkner Band
18 Mar 2012
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Perfect song + lyrics -Let It Rain- Last night I had a dream that there would be a morning after Long days, sunshine, and peace Long nights of love, forgiveness, and laughter Maybe it was just a dream but it could be reality Children are like planting seeds, you've got to let their flowers grow Don't you know Fá che piova Fá che il cielo mi lavi il dolor Fá che piova Che sia la pace il nome d'amor Through the rain I saw a child just like my child Someone's son or daughter I watched as they ...
29 Mar 2009
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nyc intersections "sweet sweet" i had a dream last night about this sweet sweet child it was in a big city somewhere right now i'd like to go back there she was so fine you know the kind wet from the shower she stuns even then and in this vision that's where she stayed wet and she didn't even bathe chorus there is another life that we lead when we lay our heads down to sleep other worlds are shown to us it's a saving grace thank goodness we met in a restaurant an industrial park a cuban haunt after drinks we decided to walk back to her place she had a loft a dancer but new to the trade she climbed first to show me the way from the angle i had it was a display when we got to the top she grabbed me and kissed me chorus naked as pretty as they come her skin felt smooth as a dove i was so happy i couldn't stop smiling even as my real life tried to creep in chorus i had a dream last night i had a dream last night i had a dream last night off of the "it's all goo....." record.....2007
7 Feb 2010
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This is my own personal Tribute to the crow and to Brandon Lee, May he rest in peace. This is my first video so sorry if it's really bad. The song is It Can't Rain All The Time by the great Jane Siberry who is a fantastic singer (more) (Lyrics) We walked the narrow path Beneath the smoking skies Sometimes barely tell the difference Between darkness and light Do we have faith in what we believe? The truest test is when we cannot see I hear pounding feet in the streets below And the women crying and the children know That there's something wrong It's hard to belive that love will prevail It won't rain all the time The sky won't fall forever And though the night seems long your tears won't fall forever When I'm lonely, I lie awake at night And I wish you were here, I miss you. Can you tell me is there something more to believe in? Or is this all there is? And the pounding feet in the streets below And a window breaks and a woman falls, there's, There's something wrong It's hard to belive that love will prevail. It won't rain all the time The sky won't fall forever And though the night seems long your tears won't fall forever Last night I had a dream You came into my room You took me into your arms Whispering and kissing me And telling me to still believe (Within the emptiness of The burning cities against which We set our darkest of selves) Until finally I felt safe and warm I fell asleep in your arms And when I awoke I cried again For you were gone Can you hear me? It won't rain all the time The sky won't fall forever And though the night seems long Your tears won't fall forever It won't rain all the time The sky won't fall forever And though the night seems long your tears won't fall your tears won't fall your tears won't fall forever
7 May 2013
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Updated this 12/28/11. I received the news this morning by Hayley's mom, that Hayley has received her angel wings. Even though a peson might not be with us on land - in front of us. We have our minds, heart and soul that they have engraved in. Hayley is one of them. RIP Hayley we Love you.. Quick note: Hayley was given a week to live before I posted this video, after the video was posted her week was extended. Like I said, doctors don't know. Hayley was 5 years old when she was diagnosed and she fought for 2 years Even though she is with God she is still fighting for her and "the cure" Hayley and I never got to skype. Last night I had a dream that Hayley and I had a wonderful skype call and it was so weird the fact that we never got to do, but she showed up in my dreams... Thank you Hayley for showing up in my dreams!!! You are beautiful. !!!! Hi Hayley!!! OMG! I adore you soooo soooo much!!!! OMG!!!! I hope you liked the video!!! I heard from s special someone you wanted me to do a video for you! I got this video up as soon as i could! YOU CAN NOT GIVE UP! YOU CAN NOT LOOSE FAITH! PRAY! PRAY! REMEBER GOD LISTENS TO US. HE LOVES KIDS. YOUR EYES ARE LIKE BLUE DIAMONDS!!! I WISH I HAD THEM! LOL Agian i hope you enjoyed this video! From, Talia TO MY SUBSCRIBERS: WE NEED TO ALL PRAY FOR ALL THE LITTLE KIDS AND YOUNG PEOPLE OUT THERE WITH NEUROBLASTOMA! LINKS TO SOME OF HAYLEYS VIDEOS!!! ***********/watch?v=yGN3ZP3vdBY ***********/watch?v=n9LJsNIDDBo&feature=plcp&context=C3045e78UDOEgsToPDskIPBnbUSAE0sS93Z3bDxM-V KISSIES! GOD WATCHES OVER US.
12 Aug 2013
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