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playing one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite artists! paolo nutini last request
13 Nov 2008
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David James Martinez Covers' Last request by Paolo Nutini, Thank you for the requests' lol. To see/hear more visit: ***********/djmchannel *******www.myspace****/davidjamesmartinez Distributed by Tubemogul.
27 Mar 2010
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a wonderful song
13 Sep 2008
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date recorded : 11 Aug 06 thanks for listening! website: *******www.ortopilot**** find me on iTunes : ***********/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewArtist?id=272380955
26 Jul 2009
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Adam Ferrara - The Last Request - Attracted to old women
21 Jun 2008
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You can't fool a death row prisoner with just any kind of fried chicken...
20 Apr 2006
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A last request from my friend:( he died........:(
6 May 2007
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Full screen! Crank the volume! My 14th vid! (originally filmed Feb 7, 2009) After what seems like forever, I FINALLY got the request done. Sorry about the delay Hero! I get especially weird when it involves a subscriber request lol, I want them to like it so I get performance anxiety or something! Anyway, I tried to give this remix a mix of flavors, we got some funky licks, a second verse that has got to be my favorite part of the song, and after long last, I've actually become able to shred some! I practiced the song standing up and let me tell you, headbanging, then pausing just long enough to shred felt AWESOME!!!! In a fun bit of personal trivia, my last request vid was performed when it was raining (my Indestructible remix) and so was this one! Hmmmm...
29 Mar 2009
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Cologate-Palmolive uses Lotus products to drive innovation and keep over 20,000 knowledge workers connected. By utilizing powerful enterprise collaboration and messaging tools such Lotus Notes and Domino, Lotus Connections and Sametime, employees can find subject matter experts, shorten product cycles and empower end-users to collaborate. MITCH COHEN: I’m Mitch Cohen with Colgate-Palmolive and I’m the manager of Messaging and Collaboration Systems. We have 300 locations across over 117 countries with 20,000 knowledge workers spread throughout the world. We’ve been a Lotus customer for many years now and we use the core Lotus Notes and Domino Suite, that is our e-mail messaging platform, and we’re in the midst of a global rollout of Notes 8.0.2. We’re about 60 percent complete there and we intend to finish that this year. We’ve also, over the last few years, implemented Sametime, Quickr and now we’re in the middle of implementing Lotus Connections. So, there’s so many advantages to using Notes for calendaring, scheduling, and messaging, but we’re starting to see so much more as that client evolves into a collaboration onramp, not just an e-mail platform. With 20,000 knowledge workers spread geographically around the world one of our challenges is how do we connect all these people and Sametime was the beginning of that and we’ve actually created a culture in the company where part of being at work is being online. That enables people to actually find people and actually connect with them very easily on Sametime. Sametime is really a part of my daily life. I work within my group. We’re spread on any given day over three or four locations within the New York City area, so we don’t sit together. We interact a lot through Sametime itself. Social software is really changing the way we work as a company. As we implement some of the newer tools, we’re actually giving people the ability to stop finding a person by name and actually start finding a subject matter expert. So, when we started looking at the Connections package, what became obvious to us was that Profiles is the foundation to build around in Connections. By starting to have a richer Profile, and really when you look up a person, whether you find them by person or some other piece of information, you start to get a real picture of that person in terms of their formal reporting structure, but also they're very informal who’ve they’ve selected as their colleagues, what their social network is within the company. As we look to what’s coming next, we look at tools like Connections and then even further ahead to things like mashups as a way to reduce the workload on IT and there’s no way we have the resources to do every last request the business puts to us. Using the Lotus tools really helps us work more efficiently as a company. As we take the tools they integrate together nicely and what they’ve really let us do is let our people work situationally. So, by putting Quickr access in an e-mail client people are not pivoting and saying no, I need this document, I need to leave this environment and go get something else. If you look at Activities and Connections, it’s the same idea. I can work from where I am. If I’m in Activities, I can work there. If I’m in e-mail, I can work there. So part of that is actually making people work more efficient and not having them change tools ten times a day to be able to accomplish simple tasks that they need to, to get through their day. Lotus knows I have no idea how to make toothpaste, but I help people do it every day with collaboration tools.
13 Mar 2010
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