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Notte di danza, musica e divertimento con le più importanti scuole di ballo, sul palco del Face Food Festival Marghera Venezia. Night of dancing, music and fun with the most important dance schools, on the stage of Face Food Festival Marghera Venezia. noche de baile, música y diversión con las escuelas de danza más importantes, en el escenario del Face Food Festival Marghera Venezia. Riprese video Tito Valdez. Shooting video Tito Valdez. Las imagenes de video Tito Valdez. Luci & Audio EffeBi Service Lights & Audio EffeBi Service Moviesam Production Moviesam Producciòn
11 May 2019
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Bhumi amla, Latin name is Phyllanthus niruri, commonly known as Chanca piedra in English. It is a weed that grows around 2 feet tall and consists of small leaves. It mainly acts as an anti-viral. Due to its anti-viral property, it is effective against numerous types of infectious diseases. Along with its anti-viral property, it is considered as a best liver protecting herb. It is used in the treatment of fever, inflammation of the liver and spleen, fractures, skin disorders, bleeding disorders, burning sensation, diabetes, urinary tract disorders etc
30 Apr 2019
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O meu Coração Compositor : ArthurDoValle ISRC :BR-A4F-19-00002 Produção/Arranjador - Allex Guedes #Reggaeton #Moombahton #Mpb #Pop #Latin #Cumbia #HipHop #Bachata #Reggae #Cúmbia Gravadora : Jetfylers Records Ano : 2019
1 May 2019
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The Church of the Precious Blood is a church located in the center of Santiago de Chile , on the northwest side of Plaza Brasil . Its construction was commissioned by Sister María Magdalena Guerrero Larraín in 1873. The church is of plant in Latin cross. The main nave is decorated with motifs from the stations of the cross . It has a pipe organ built by Aristide Cavaillé-Coll .
5 May 2019
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For more than a century the “Fiesta de la Virgen de la Candelaria” is celebrated every year in the beginning of February in most if not all of the Latin American countries, and most if not all of them have their own version of bull torturing within it. The video is of the town Tlacotalpan in Veracruz, Mexico which was declared a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1998 and where tens of thousands of people from all over the world come to participate in the bulls’ abuse.
9 May 2019
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Hot Latin singer Enrique Iglesias is always inspiring me...
10 May 2019
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Choose the sweet sacrament divine music CD to showcase your deep feelings and adoration for Jesus. Repeat the catholic hymns including traditional Latin Benediction hymns “O Salutaris Hostia” and “Tantum ergo” to feel the presence of lord every where around yourself. Enlighten your heart and soul, with these meaningful songs written by famous singer and musician Stasia Vary of Australia. Check out the complete list of Catholic hymns of love in adoration of Jesus. Start your day with the sacrament divine music!
22 May 2019
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Meet the dream girls - Here a latin hottie.
20 Jul 2006
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hot latin dancer
4 Jan 2007
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See how these two Latin Casting Agents help to launch the careers of many Latin and African American Stars
16 Jan 2007
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Lugo and Latin Soul -Armed Forces Entertainment 2006 -Naples ITALY
21 Jan 2007
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Okinowa, Japan -Club Globe and Anchor -Lugo And Latin Soul -Armed Forces Entertainment 2006
29 Jan 2007
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