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(Descargar y ver online) pelicula Jumanji Bienvenidos a la jungla Eso full HD español latino Bueno amigos hoy les traigo una excelente pelicula para ustedes Hablo de Jumanji si señores, a regresado este espectaculo cinematografico.... les dejo algunas imagenes para que entren en sintonian con esta buena peli Bueno antes de esto al terminar el video dejes un buen like y no olviden suscribirsen a mi canal suerte compañeros
5 Mar 2018
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What began as a dream in business communication is today a political and social challenge for Juan Vides, a resident of Oceanside who seeks to represent District 20 in the Assembly of New York. "Let's connect people," says Vides, "that's my slogan. That's what I want to achieve ", and that is that communication is his passion. As CEO of TechACS Corp, a marketing agency specializing in website design, Vides began working with the Hispanic community of Long Island since he was 26, when he was part of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Long Island (Long Island Hispanic Chamber of Commerce) and helped them with the creation of their website. There, he says, his commitment was born. Vides, 40, came to live in the United States as a Salvadoran refugee at the age of four, and when he was 16 he became a US citizen after former President Ronald Reagan granted amnesty to his family. "I became an American citizen two years before turning 18 to be able to vote in the elections," said Vides, who says that "it was time for a Latino from Nassau County to occupy a seat in the Assembly", and that is Vides explained that his impulse was born the day he had to investigate who was his representative. Vides refers to Melissa 'Missy' Miller, who in 2016, decided to make her first foray into a public office, running for the New York State Assembly and replacing Todd Kaminsky, after he won the elections for the Senate of NY. Unopposed to the Republican nomination, Miller defeated Democrat Anthony Eramo, Long Beach City Councilman, with 52% of the vote and swore his first term on January 1, 2017. Although there are several months to go before the big election on November 7, Vides follows the community closely, sharing with residents and listening to their concerns. "We share the same problems. We are Hispanic, we are Anglo-Saxons, we are Jews. We are all residents of District 20 and that is what should unite us to improve our lives, "said Vides, emphasizing the importance of unity.
21 Feb 2018
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Monki Graff es un Cantante, Compositor, Publicista y Youtuber Dominicano, que se dedica a hacer Parodias, Vídeos Vlog y Música. Monki Graff
22 Feb 2018
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latinos dancing all compas de la musiccc
1 Feb 2007
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Lady Oscar latino completa calidad remasterizada mas info? www.mzseries****
22 Mar 2007
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Zoé interpretando "Paula" en vivo en el Festival Vive Latino 2007
13 May 2007
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La mejor interpretación de Zoé en el Vive Latino 2007.
10 May 2007
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Primer sencillo del disco "Atlas" de Kinky, interpretado en vivo en el Vive Latino 2007.
20 May 2007
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if you are latino you'll love this
14 Jun 2007
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Eduardo Quezada comenta sobre la controversial serie de PBS que relata las batallas de la segunda Guerra Mundial pero que no incluye la perspectiva de los soldados Hispanos. Presentadora de Noticias: Nancy Agosto. Se estima que cerca de medio millon de latinos participaron en las fuerzas armadas durante ese conflicto, pero en 14 horas de programacion no estan incluidos. PBS and Ken Burns ignored the role played by Hispanic Americans in the World War II documentary The War , yes in the war they were all Americans, but if they were "all americans" why were many latinos, discriminated against when they returned home. They had to face segregation and exclusion when it came to using bathrooms, some were denied entry to restaurants. I have been told ugly stories about how they excluded mexican children from using public pools.
29 Jun 2007
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Carlos Aponte Jr de MangosteenLatino**** UNA GRAN OPPORTUNITA Para los latinos
10 Jul 2007
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La pareja de Marina Calabró y Fernando Bellegia en el "Patinando..", en la ronda número cuatro de ritmos Latinos. Pódes ver más en www.patinando.porunsuenio****
31 Aug 2007
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