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rehearsals with the MAC models for SM's North Wing Launch
1 May 2007
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With various indicators signaling that the financial stability of Americans is worsening, the United Way, the nation's largest charity, will announce the launch of the Financial Stability Partnership, a nationwide effort to help hardworking families and individuals increase income, build savings and financial assets to lead to independence. At a press conference today held at the National Press Club in Washington D.C., United Way of America President and CEO Brian A. Gallagher met with national partners that included a diversity of business, philanthropic and government leaders to remedy some of the most pressing societal challenges in the U.S. The Financial Stability Partnership focuses on three key goals: increasing income, building savings and gaining and sustaining assets. While the organization and its partners have long supported efforts that serve the less fortunate, it will now devote a "fundamental share" of its resources to critical economic and educational support programs to help families increase their income and more effectively manage their finances. For more information visit, www.unitedway****.
8 May 2007
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New survey reveals that 95 percent of young adults believe that... "What goes around comes around" The Advertising Council, in partnership with the Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP), announced today the launch of new public service advertisements (PSAs) designed to increase civic engagement among 18-24 year olds. An extension of their ongoing campaign to encourage young adults to exercise their right to vote, the new PSAs urge young adults to become involved in their communities by voting, volunteering and becoming informed about current events. The ads promote youth civic engagement by focusing on the idea of "karma."
10 May 2007
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The great smole Produced at the time of Launching
16 May 2007
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Launch Sequences of Independence and Freedom--Note Mr. Bay used actual footage of a shuttle launch for this.
17 May 2007
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Russ launches like a super hero at Alyeska Ski Resort.
22 May 2007
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Little Kid Launched Off A Bean Bag
3 Jun 2007
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Contact: Noel Fabro Phone: +61 416 143 246 Email: jaspertechvmdirect**** Germany here's the opportunity of a lifetime. Start building your business for 37 Euros Only. This incredible business opportunity is officially launching in Germany in Septempber 1 2007. That means you have only limited days to organise and start building your business. This incredible business opportunity is rare and is sure to stir up everyone. It's Inevitable. Everyone is predicted to use this type of products and services. You are looking at the stage before it becomes a Trend. Did you know that great wealth is created when there is a Societal shift in Buying and Usage Habits? This is sure to change societies habits. So give me a call or send me an email because we have people in Germany already starting to hold meetings and trainings to help you position yourself before all the consumers discover it! To your success Noel Fabro
6 Jun 2007
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Launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis; June 8 2007...
10 Jun 2007
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With Firefox and WIndows XP you could launch all of your favorite websites in a a mater of seconds
16 Jun 2007
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THE ADVERTISING COUNCIL AND NEIGHBORWORKS AMERICA LAUNCH NATIONAL PSA CAMPAIGN ON FORECLOSURE PREVENTION The Advertising Council, in partnership with Neighborworks America, announced today the launch of a national public service advertising (PSA) campaign designed to educate homeowners about where they can turn for help if they are at risk of foreclosure, which according to according to several housing industry estimates, are expected to exceed one million households in 2007. Research released today by NeighborWorks America shows that homes that are not directly foreclosed upon can also be affected by foreclosure. Furthermore, homes that are close to those that were foreclosed upon lose nearly one percent of their value for each foreclosed property. Studies conducted by Freddie Mac show that roughly 50% of delinquent borrowers avoid contact with their lender hoping the problem will go away. If these homeowners could receive solid financial advice and help, tens of thousands of them could avoid foreclosure.
26 Jun 2007
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Fatdoor coverage of the San Francisco Apple store iPhone launch.
30 Jun 2007
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The 5,200 tonne attack submarine HMS Trenchant used one of her torpedo tubes to launch the advanced new long-range missile, which then flew over the Gulf of Mexico, striking a target hundreds of miles away with pin-point accuracy. During the 60 minute test flight the missile reached heights of 10,000 feet (3 km) and speeds of 500 miles an hour (805 kmh).
4 Jul 2007
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NEW SELF-REPLENISHING AND ONLINE TRACKING FEATURES MAKE IT EASIER TO RECYCLE USED CARTRIDGES OfficeMax Incorporated (NYSE: OMX), a leader in office products and services, today announced it has launched a new Recycling Program through its MaxPerksSM membership program. The OfficeMax MaxPerks Recycling Program provides customers with a comprehensive system to collect and redeem recyclable office items such as used ink and toner cartridges and cell phones with battery. After enrolling in the program, customers can select the recycle container size that best fits their needs and one will be shipped at no cost. When the full container is returned, a new container is automatically shipped to the customer for more recycle collection. For every qualified ink cartridge and cell phone with battery returned to OfficeMax, customers will earn a $3 reward in their MaxPerks account. The MaxPerks online tracking feature provides a record for each return and redemption, particularly beneficial for business accounting or fund raising activities that require regularly updated results.
18 Jul 2007
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Here's a couple friends trying to get some mentos and diet coke bottles to launch or explode. It's harder than most videos make it appear. Funny outtakes.
19 Jul 2007
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The Finish Line, Inc. (NASDAQ: FINL), an Indianapolis-based athletic specialty retailer, today announced the launch of a new brand campaign entitled BE HEARD!. This integrated campaign will launch simultaneously in nearly 700 Finish Line stores, online at www.finishline**** and will be supported by television and digital advertising. BE HEARD! is a call to action that encourages customers to make a statement about who they are through their shoes. The campaign is an extension of Finish Line's selection message. At Finish Line, customers can express their individuality by choosing from over 5,000 styles and brands. Shoes speak, and Finish Line, with its wide selection and exclusive styles, helps customers say what they want to say. BE HEARD! Your Voice. Your Choice.
23 Jul 2007
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