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A summary of the executive business book "48 Laws Of Power", by author Robert Greene
22 Feb 2008
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Whether you are filing for the first time or have been filing for years, it is not easy to keep up with all the latest tax law changes. If you are not aware of all the changes and how they affect your tax return, you may end up leaving money on the table. According to the IRS, over $246 billion dollars was refunded to individuals last year alone. There are a lot of new deductions and credits this year. Your tax preparer can help you navigate through all the new rules to help maximize your tax refund or reduce the amount you may owe. For example, if you provided support last year for a child in your household who is unrelated to you, you may be able to claim a deduction for that child due to new rules for dependents. If you bought a house or refinanced your mortgage last year, you may be able to deduct your mortgage insurance premiums or PMI. There are also new laws that can help if you have been affected by a home foreclosure. If your home has been foreclosed on, you may qualify for a tax break on the amount of debt forgiven. And, even with the late breaking law changes, over 4 million taxpayers will be affected by the Alternative Minimum Tax this year. Jackson Hewitt Tax Service offices are open nationwide to help you understand all the new laws and how they may affect your tax return. You can call 1-800-234-1040 or use the office locator on this website to find the Jackson Hewitt nearest you. Produced for Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Inc.
11 Mar 2008
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Science gurus Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman race through speed and time to show the explosive wonders of Moore's Law, which is a the core of advances in computer technology.
26 Mar 2009
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The Law Accordion To Hanson Bridgett
17 Mar 2008
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Compliance Law Los Angeles. You need Nancy Krystal to help your company meet corporate compliance and workplace compliance laws.
22 Mar 2008
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26 Mar 2008
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Why is it that some people seem to live a seemingly charmed life? Do they know something that you don't know. The secret scrolls in this complimentary 24-part home-study email course. Get it today and start implementing this powerful law today.
22 Apr 2009
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The Law Office of Teddy & Meekins is located in Shelby, NC approximately 40 miles west of Charlotte, NC. Our mission is to provide aggressive, innovative and passionate representation for people who are often in the midst of stress and anxiety associated with legal problems.
27 Mar 2008
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(Part 2) Clip of South Carolina state representatives discussing gambling laws in South Carolina. This group includes Glenn McConnell, R-Charleston, Robert Ford, D-Charleston, and Larry Martin, R-Pickens. Related Article: *******tinyurl****/2k6req
29 Mar 2008
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Law Of Attraction Rules - In this video I share a key ingredient needed in order to apply law of attraction and make it actually work. This key ingredient is to emotionalize your thoughts.
29 Aug 2008
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Watch Law & Order SVU Episodes at *******watchsvu.blogspot****/ Like its predecessor, many Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episodes are clear references to high-profile real-life cases (or famous fictional works), and are based on thinly veiled dramatizations of these actual events, though the particulars and outcome may end up to be quite different. As many episodes of all three Law and Order shows, the plots are "ripped from the headlines" not only taking on high-profile cases, but instituting many mainstream cultural references as fictitious entities, such as a faux Facebook and MySpace.
3 Apr 2008
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This Video Shows Some True But Really weird Laws Things You Would Never Think About Some Really Stupid And Some Even Stupider
14 Apr 2008
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