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The clip Lawer skills from Bird on a Wire (1990) Hi. Nice to see you. Shall I take your coat? No, thanks. I'm not staying. Brad, Dex, sorry I can't stay for lunch. I have a board meeting in Detroit. This won't take long. Nothing for me. No, maybe I'll have a Diet Coke. Make that Evian water, please. I'll have San Pellegrino water. No ice. Here's the deal. There's no deal. My client balked. What do you mean? She thinks her company's worth more. She thinks or you think? On second thought, that looks interesting. Just tell us what you want and don't say... Smoked chicken? I've got to make a phone call. It's just us here. What are you looking for? I'm looking for a world of fair play... ...where corporate big guys don't always get their way. Still beating up on your ex-husband? You're gonna pay for that one. Who's her husband? Me and my big mouth.
27 Oct 2011
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