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12 Mar 2018
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The whole video is quite brilliantly scripted and marvelously performed. Darius keeps skipping his part of work so someone dragged him out through a wall.
4 Mar 2018
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25 Feb 2018
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5 Mar 2018
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If you are a lazy one as a parent and can’t afford a treadmill then take your baby to a shopping mall. Find an escalator and let your baby walk as required.
8 Mar 2018
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Bill Gates once said he always let lazy workers do his projects cause they for sure find an easy way to do it. They are working smart, not hard.
9 Mar 2018
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How To Increase Memory Power, How To Improve Memory Retention, How To Boost Memory Power. Brain Exercises, When people think of exercising it often involves physical exertion to strengthen muscles. The human brain is also an important "muscle" in the body and with the right brain training and brain exercises you can help keep your mind fit, alert and ready to handle the rigors of a typical working day. Often brain exercises come in the form of games that help train the brain improve memory, strategize and think in advance. Some common forms of brain exercise include chess, memory games and mathematical problem solving. Another way to exercise the brain is through brainwave entrainment. Isochronic tones are computer generated tones that are pulsed at specific frequencies to achieve desired effects such as productivity or relaxation. Although brainwave entrainment is not a new practice -- binaural beats have been used in brain training since the mid-1800's -- the use of computer generated isochronic tones has become more popular lately and are also proving to be more effective in helping people improve their memory and intelligence. Unfortunately when most people stop formal schooling, either by achieving a degree or choosing to drop out, the study habits and brain training that was part of their daily schedule also ends. The memorization and critical thinking that helped get us through school shouldn't have to stop just because a specific goal has been reached. In fact, if you don't keep up with brain exercises your mind will become lazy and won't function in the as sharply as it used to. The fact is, most people will never learn what it REALLY feels like to have their brains operating at a high capacity. They'll haphazardly try a few things, wonder why nothing is working, then go back to their mundane existence. But YOU can be different! You can use Genius Brain Power to empower your brain so that you come alive
8 Mar 2018
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Creating Money Attracting Abundance, The Law Of Attraction Tips, The Law Of Attraction Love. I want you to take a deep breath and pay close attention, because what I’m about to tell you may SHOCK you… I’m about to reveal my “Lazy Person Secret” that will literally force the Universe to give you everything you’ve ever wished for… A secret that will draw money, happiness and success to you AUTOMATICALLY… * Without the hard work… * Without long drawn-out visualization sessions… * Without even trying very hard at ALL. How? Because this one simple secret is the missing ingredient to the Law of Attraction… It is the secret behind ‘The Secret’… It is the reason why the Law of Attraction hasn’t worked for you yet… Shocking revolutionary technique automatically triples your vibrations and makes you a money, happiness and success magnet overnight... without struggle, hard work, or effort ! Go here to watch the video
9 Mar 2018
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sometimes even pets become lazy and a lovely toy to play with...
11 Mar 2018
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2 Soldiers deploye dto Ramadi, Iraq mad ethis Video based on the SNL Lazy Sunday Skit.
23 May 2006
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He Is so lazy watch it it's Funny.
31 Jul 2006
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What a lazy cat, isn't it ??? I think they know exactly what they're doing, "letting" us be the "masters"...
12 Sep 2006
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