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Regarding Smart Film, its breakthrough feature is that the customer (a level like as distributor, agent or contractor after two to three days of installation training) can directly, easily, and repetitively adhere Smart Film on currently existing glasses or new designed-in glass projects, e.g. hotel bathrooms and living rooms, conference rooms, CEO/executive offices, building façade glass wall systems, public toilets, etc. In addition, Smart Film is different from traditional privacy glasses which need a longer delivery lead time for tailor-made sizes, higher installation cost, higher transportation cost due to heavier weight of two glass panels, and more complex project management for any current existing window glasses at sites. Smart-Film under opaque status (power-off mode) is able to deliver high projection quality and larger project area (e.g. 100”, 160”, 320”, and etc. by a simple sheet by sheet and edge-to-edge expansion) upon the quality of LCD projector (LCD type projector, preferred, not DLP type) by a way of rear-end projection to glass walls. So, it would be a fantastic and innovative tool for projection advertising inside shopping malls, theaters, churches, shops, train/metro/subway station lobbies, airport terminal lobbies, etc. around a whole day as well as on building façade glass walls during the night. In summary, Smart Film can be directly attached on glass and any transparent materials. You can use it for electric curtain and projection screen, It can vary the daylight transmission controlled by building automation. Smart Film is green building material which can block sun heat and UV, and is proof against water and smudge. As below, please watch the videos and photos to show how we use smart film: Website: *******www.Smart-Film****.tw ; *******www.chiefway****.tw Videos: ***********/user/chiefway1 Photos: ***********/photos/chiefway/sets/72157602805356880
2 Oct 2008
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They cheer high school footbal team. It'S traditional cheer in Korea. maybe they have a lot of practice time
6 Jan 2010
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Make this magic remover clothe which remove all the scratch on your favorite cd or your lcd display or just remover some scratch on plastic.Need white of egg ,microfiber clothe and.........
25 Sep 2007
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New techology for LCD
14 Jan 2010
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learn and surprise your friends,must see video.enjoy............
19 Jan 2009
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Say GoodBye To Those ANNOYING 'TINY DOTS' On Your LCD Monitor! In A SINGLE CLICK!!
6 Jan 2007
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3 Aug 2008
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How to keep an idiot busy for a while! This video will show how to make your screen look shattered. The image is from: *******www.fillet-of-soule****/CrackedScreen1440x900.jpg
7 Aug 2007
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Learn how to make of it house cinema. Look and make!
18 May 2007
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9 Jan 2007
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How to take apart your PSP. Changing PSP's LCD, Faceplate(Casing), Replace Spoil Parts, Modify it & install PSP Tv. More coming. *******www.psp-vault****/module-htmlpages-display-pid-32.psp
15 Apr 2007
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My Video abt Cebu Pacific Airbus 320 Good landing at Legaspi City Philippines Domestic Airport Feb. 15, 2009. Cebu Pacific is the Leading Domestic Carrier in my country w/c serves most destination and most of its fleets is averaging 2.4yrs old. Technology used in the A320 includes: The first fully digital fly-by-wire flight control system in a civil airliner. Fully glass cockpit rather than the hybrid versions found in aircraft such as the A310, Boeing 757 and Boeing 767. The first narrow body airliner with a significant amount of the structure made from composites. The ECAM (Electronic Centralized Aircraft Monitoring) concept, which is included in all Airbus aircraft produced after the A320. This system constantly displays information concerning the aircraft's engines, as well as other key systems such as flight controls, pneumatics and hydraulics, to the pilots on the two LCD displays in the centre of the flightdeck. ECAM also provides automatic warning of system failures and displays an electronic checklist to assist in handling the failure. Airbus recently started installing LCD (liquid crystal display) units in the flight deck of its new A318, A319, A320, and A321 flight decks instead of the original CRT (cathode ray tube) displays. These include the main displays and the backup artificial horizon, which was an analogue display prior to this. LCDs weigh less and produce less heat than CRT displays; this change saves around 50 kilograms on the plane's total weight. Even though the A320 family is technologically advanced, some of the computers at the heart of the fly-by-wire system are built around CPUs roughly equivalent[clarification needed] to the Intel 8086. While these chips may not offer anywhere near the performance of modern processors, especially on Personal Computers or servers, they are generally stable and reliable.
1 Mar 2009
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