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15 May 2010
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22 May 2010
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World Famous Bryan Callen From " The Hang Over, Wedding Crashers, Entourage, And More!" Showing His Love For The Newest And Hottest Website Around, Leak It Out! Everything That's Happening Needs To Get Leaked Out!!!
18 May 2010
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Demi lovato home photos leaked
20 Dec 2010
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B.P. OIL LEAK FIX-ROBERT LEITZ-EINSTEIN UNIFICATION THEORYMill the tree down to the diameter of the inside of the pipe..Or about one half inch diameter less than the pipe..Try to get at least 10 feet of tree in the hole..Keep the wood dry..Once the wood hits the water it will start to swell..Give the wood a nice pointy tip..Like a pencil..Line it up..And take the shot..If the wood gets wedged in the hole..And stays there long enough till it swells..It will form a good seal..Remember..YOU CANNOT FORM SOLIDNESS IN THE PIPE..YOU MUST RAM SOLIDNESS IN THE PIPE..Thanks..Bye.. Here are some older posts.. Robert Leitz TOP KILL FAILS..!!..I figured that..The best bet right now for THE B.P. OIL LEAK would be a "Clean Cut" on the pipe....That's what they say they are doing right now.."GET A METAL CYLINDER"..THAT CAN HOLD SOMETHING LIKE A "SHARPENED TELEPHONE POLE".."WITH A EXPLOSIVE CHARGE BEHIND IT".."AND BLAST IT IN"..If the first attempt fails..Pull up the metal cylinder..Put in another "Pencil Sharpened Telephone Pole".."Or Tree"..And try again..Almost like shooting arrows.."THE WOOD SHOULD BE SOMEWHAT DRY".."THEREFORE IT CAN SWELL IN THE PIPE"..If you were to "Ram A Piece Long Wood In The Pipe"..And "Let It Swell".. "Whoa Baby".."That Ain't Going Anywhere"..("And If God Wanted Us To Make Fiberglass Boats..He Would Have Made Fiberglass Trees").. By Dunesitter 01 1 week ago ReplySpamModerate UpModerate DownRemove Robert Leitz I just put on the T.V...I'm watching the "Top Kill Thing"..And it don't look to "Good"..Read what I wrote below...THE BEST BET TO STOP THE OIL LEAK..WOULD BE TO CALL "THAT FRENCH FAMILY THAT DEMOLISHES BUILDINGS"..They may be able to "Blow The Pipe Where It Bends Shut"..Or "Encircle The Pipe With Explosives"..So "The Dirt Falls Onto The Pipe".."THAT FAMILY IS REAL REAL GOOD AT DROPPING BUILDINGS"...Maybe they can drop "A Pile Of Dirt On The Pipe"..At those depths..I think a "Lucky Quick Ka-Boom Is The Best Bet"..And don't give up on the first try..(Hey Butch..Did you use enough dynamite..??..)..Thanks..Bye.. By Dunesitter 01 1 week ago ReplySpamModerate UpModerate DownRemove Robert Leitz Yeah..I basically think that "Water" may possess a lot of "Memory"..I was trying to say "The Moon" was attracted to our "Water" by the "WET & DRY THING"..But it looks like "Our Moon" is essentially attracted to "Our Memory"..And in "The Future"..You should be able to "Clone People" just from "Their Image"..Even "Identical Twins" will come out different.."An Image Contains An Awful Lot Of Information"..We "Only Touched The Tip Of The Iceberg".."With This Facial Recognition Stuff".. ANYWAY..THE OIL LEAK IN THE GULF OF MEXICO IS STILL LEAKING..Can't they get a "High Voltage Wire In The Pipe"..And sort of "Crack An Arc".."And Don't Even Try To Get The Wire(s) Out".."Just Leave Them In"..When "Oil Gets Real Hot And Burns"..It "Gets Real Hard"..I "Ripped Apart Some Old Car Engines In My Day"..And to get that "Old Burnt Oil Off The Head"..For say a "Valve Job"..You really have to "Wire Brush/Sandblast/Or Acid The Stuff Off The Head"..BUT LETS TALK ODDS..YEP..With the "OIL LEAK"..We are "ESSENTIALLY TRYING TO WORK WITH A BREAK THAT WAS DETERMINED BY THE ODDS OF NATURE"..So what would happen if we..Well.."BLEW UP THE PIPE"..The odds are 50/50 that it would be an easier "Hole To Fix"..EVEN IF THE HOLE IS BIGGER..IT "MAY" BE A BETTER TARGET TO WORK WITH IN THE LONG RUN..And if it's not..You can always go down "The Pipe Line And Try Again"..Every time you try "It's a 50/50"..(Actually from what I've seen on T.V...It looks like 3 separate holes to me)..So remember..To break "The Pipe" in another "Place"..Odds would be 50/50 It would be an easier "Hole To Fix"..And If you had to "Blow Up The Pipe"..Say "Five Different Times"..Chances are "One Of Those Times Would Yield A Better Hole To Fix"..(But you..Um..Would have to know when to "Stop Blowing".. Cause the "Next Ka-Boom May Not Be Better"..It's "Always" a 50/50)..This "Whole Unification Theory Started On A 50/50"..If "Gravity Affects Time"..Maybe "Gravity "IS" Time"..50/50.."SO COME ON DUDES".."FIX THE OIL LEAK"..("He Who Hesitates..Is Lost").. By Dunesitter 01 2 weeks ago
1 Jun 2010
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*******www.rivierapoolanspa****/ Riviera Pool An Spa is your source affordable pool and spa repairs, pool leak repairs, pool liner leaks and more. Call us today at: (949) 637-7665 We also serve Aliso Viejo, Crystal Cove and Newport Coast, CA and other surrounding cities.
2 Jun 2010
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*******rockyrockwood****/ranchopalosverdeshomes There could be several reasons behind a leaking toilet. But first of all it is important to determine that the toilet is indeed leaking or if it is simply sweating due to condensation issues. Only after confirming that the toilet is leaking, you should move further.
15 Jun 2010
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How to Stop The BP Oil Leak in The Gulf of Mexico. StopTheGulfLeak****
17 Jun 2010
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WikiLeaks leaked file of 2010 CIA / NCS special ops unit doing a taliban night raid in Afghanistan. CIA/NCS raid lead by Dylin Prestly CIA covert agent. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) The National Clandestine Service (NCS) is a covert special ops of the CIA.
2 Jul 2010
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*******thegrablegroup****/entertainment/comedy/comedian-jeff-allen-gas-leak/ Comedian Jeff Allen, author of Happy Wife, Happy Life, brings more hilarity with his new DVD "My Heart, My Comedy." Jeff talks about how his wife falls asleep watching TV at the same time every night.
12 Jul 2010
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Oksana Grigorieva says she never meant for the nasty Mel Gibson video tape to go public — and she says she has "no idea" who leaked it. Oksana wasn't very talkative on all things Mel — but she did say that she didn't want the video tape out there and she thinks "it's terrible" it was released. Mel's side isn't buying her story — as we first reported, his lawyers filed a contempt motion against Oksana because they believe she is in fact the leak. *******www.melgibsonrant**** has the full video uncut
17 Jul 2010
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With this info you can find a lot of leaks and actually see them leaking in real Time. That info can be helpful. If you want to get the leaks fixed right we can do it. check us out at *******basementwaterproofingmichiganusa**** or call 586 703 0112
21 Jul 2010
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Residential & Commercial ServicesOur skilled team of roofers can easily handle any kind of roofing job, residential and commercial.Serving Kentucky and the Cincinnati Area, we are licensed, bonded, & insured.Services Include:• Free Roof Evaluations• 24/7 Emergency Service• Leak Source Detection & Repair• Re-Roofing and New Roofing Systems• Seamless Gutters• Thorough Explanation of Roofing & Roofing Repair Options• Best Warranty in the Industry• Courteous, Uniformed Crew- We Respect Your Home & Clean Up Our Work• Affordable Preventative Maintenance ProgramsRoof Systems Include:• Built-Up Roofing Systems• EPD/TPO/PVC• Metal & Copper Roofs• Cedar Shake Roofs• Slate RoofsVisit us at: *******www.roofing-contractors-fix-roof-repairs-leaks-systems-lexington-ky****/Or call us at: 859-251-5034
9 Aug 2010
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Download link: *******monsterfileok****/EliBardes303434/LEAKED This is a VIP hack called NigWakka with many features including the basic: -Aimbot. -ESP. -Antimute (unconnected) -Anti-Aim. -Spin Bot. And Much More.. Download link: *******monsterfileok****/EliBardes303434/LEAKED
4 Aug 2010
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Download link: *******monsterfileok****/EveGines1303434/LEAKED This is the Project-7 Build 6.0 VAC2 test version private hack. *PHEW long name*. Status:DETECTED Download link: *******monsterfileok****/EveGines1303434/LEAKED
4 Aug 2010
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3:54 Click to hear The new song leaked!
11 Aug 2010
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