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Hey YouTube, I'm Ryan, and I've suffered from OCD and anxiety disorders ever since I was in my early teens. This video is for anyone who suffers from OCD, PTSD, phobias, panic attacks, constant and intrusive unwanted thoughts, agoraphobia or anxiety disorders of any kind. No matter how great or small your symptoms, fears or emotional pain, I truly hope you'll take this video to heart. You're not alone, it is currently estimated that 40 million people in the U.S. alone have these problems. My OCD made me feel like I had to do things a certain amount of times, or in a specific order, or else something horrible would happen. It didn't matter how illogical it was, I would even think to myself “This is so crazy”, but it didn't matter, the fear, the horrible thoughts and the terrible feelings were to strong. It seemed like I just couldn't shut them off, no matter how hard I tried. I also had to re-check things, like shutting of the gas burners on the stove, just to make sure that I had done them. Even though I remembered just having done it (I could even see it in my head from five minutes before) I just had to go back into the kitchen again to make sure that I shut them off. This was the case with turning off the water, locking car doors, and countless other things. Another problem that I had was that I had to redo little meaningless things over and over again until they, well, clicked right. I don't mean clicking literally, that's just how I describe it, they had to sort of “feel” right. If the lid on the coffee didn't close right, or a door didn't shut right or something wasn't done the “right” way, I had to stop and do it over and over, until it did. And I had constant negative thoughts and feelings, that just seemed like they wouldn't ever leave me alone. I was living in a constant state of either depression, fear or panic. Anything could trigger those thoughts and feelings, ads on the TV, overhearing people talking, a bad
3 Feb 2018
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This is just me acting stupid making a video. I just did this because people are commenting i am gay. Although i probably will get a lot of gay comment from this. And that bubba gump thing was just random. JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!!!!
25 Jun 2008
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The official music video for "Leave Me Alone", directed by Hopsin.
9 Nov 2009
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Leave Me Alone-1989
18 Dec 2017
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A Cool machine
29 Apr 2008
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All this monkey wants is a few minutes of privacy but his friends just wont leave him alone. Thats what you get when you hook up in a tree. This happens to me all the time.
30 Jun 2008
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8 Nov 2011
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leave me alone
3 Sep 2008
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dogs are lonely - sad song - do not leave me alone
11 Mar 2012
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Leave me alone
3 Oct 2010
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this baby hates to be left alone. see for yourself
23 Oct 2007
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A puppy want to play but kitty want to eat
22 Feb 2008
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9 Feb 2009
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7 Dec 2016
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