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Hard Rock Park Soft Opening Hard Rock Park Soft Opening in Myrtle Beach, south carolina, Led zeplin, rollin stones, eagles, rollar coaster rides
25 Apr 2008
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Hard Rock Park Firewoorks Test in Myrtle Beach, SC This is the first ever hard rock theme park with the led zeplin rollar coaster
1 May 2008
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Original Description from MAY 29, 2008: *** I figured I'd make one last trailer, make it an even four, you know? Plus, those clips from the NYCC Trailer were calling to me... so here's my version of the finale trailer, or, a series trailer in general. Ok, so once again Mai is featured in this and Ty Lee is not, and I know I'm gonna get a lot of crap for that. But you know what? I like Mai a lot, and *I* decide what goes in these things, so pipe down. You have Suki now. ...Eh, I'll think of something else to put here later. Song: Pinnacle by Studio Orchestra (affiliated with Corner Stone Cues) and Ten Years Kashmir II (Choir, Film Perc. Version) by Corner Stone Cues (YES it was originally a Led Zeplin song). You: Why so much Corner Stone Cues lately? Me: Well, I bought the whole friggin' CD, what else do you want me to do with it?! Completion Time: 32 hours. Now I remember why "Remember the Name" nearly drove me insane... those little chinese symbols are IMPOSSIBLE. Programs Used: Sony Vegas 7.0 and Paint Shop Pro 7.
13 Oct 2009
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The GIrl With the Dragon Tattoo Opening Title Sequence - David Fincher Movie (2011) HD Subscribe to TRAILERS: ******* Journalist Mikael Blomkvist is aided in his search for a woman who has been missing for forty years by Lisbeth Salander, a young computer hacker. "credit sequence" "title scene" "trent reznor" "atticus Ross" "The GIrl With the Dragon Tattoo remake" "The GIrl With the Dragon Tattoo titles" "The GIrl With the Dragon Tattoo credits" "The GIrl With the Dragon Tattoo sequence" "The GIrl With the Dragon Tattoo fincher" "david fincher" "rooney Mara" "Daniel Craig" "Nine Inch Nails" "Led Zeplin" "Mikael Blomkvist" "Lisbeth Salander" "Blur Studios" "Immigrant Song" movieclips movieclipstrailers movie clips popuptrailer
18 Aug 2013
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