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This is a simple step-by-step guide on how to get the Num, Caps and Scroll Lock key led-lights to act as a network monitor, showing upload and download activity. Cool Flashing and blinking shows you activity while using those unusual LED-lights
6 Mar 2007
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stairway to heaven led zeppelin Guitar Full version
1 Apr 2007
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New Tribute CDS to Led Zeppelin
8 May 2007
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How to change the LEDs inside the disc slot of your wii. This voids your warranty so either do it and risk it, or wait until your warranty runs out.
13 May 2007
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13 May 2007
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Integrating solid-state electronics with advanced LED technology, LEDtronics' AUT-1157 LED lamps offer automotive applications years of reliable performance, which represents potentially millions of dollars in reduced repairs and ancillary costs. Due to faster turn-on times than conventional incandescent signal lamps, AUT-1157 LED lamps promote safe driving by increasing the amount of response time available for motorists. AUT-1157 LED lamps operate 0.2 seconds quicker than incandescents. That's an extra 19 feet of response time at 65 mph for the trailing vehicle. [Distance traveled = (mph)(5280 feet/mile)(1/3600 hour/sec)(0.2 sec.)] The results? Less rear-end collisions, which are the second most frequent type automotive accidents. The AUT-1157 LED lamps advantages over equivalent incandescents are not limited to automotive repairs and accidents, but extend to collateral issues such as property damage claims, productivity losses, medical expenses, legal and court costs, etc. . . . AUT-1157 LEDs offer economic savings far greater than offered by the price of the incandescent bulb. LEDtronics' 1157 automotive LED bulbs feature industry-standard 15mm index dual-contact bayonet bases that are plug-compatible with most major automotive manufacturers' 12-Volt DC systems.* Other voltages available are 24V, 28V, 36V and 48V. AUT-1157 LED lamps replace incandescent lamps numbered 1157, 2057 and European P21/15W bulbs. AUT-1157 LEDs feature built-in current-limiting resistors and polarity-protection diodes to assure that circuit modifications are not required. *******www.ledtronics****/ds/aut1157/ More info at: *******www.ledtronics****/datasheets/... *******www.ledtronics****
23 May 2007
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Control up to 32 relays,Use your PC or laptop as a controller for your LEDs. MANUAL,MUSIC,PATTERN,CALENDAR
23 May 2007
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VestLED Flashing Safety Vest that reduces risks in hazardous low-light environments by continuously emitting bright flashing lights that can be seen up to a half mile, depending on weather conditions and line-of-sight. VestLED comes equipped with 16 red (660nm) high-intensity Surface Mount Technology (SMT) LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes). Eight LEDs are mounted on the front and eight on the back. VestLED flashes 65 -- 70 times per minute for 240 continuous hours on two fully-charged AA alkaline batteries that are housed in an inside pouch. Clear plastic domed lenses project the light and safeguard the LEDs from impact. Bright reflective 2\! -inch strips on the front, back and sides make VestLED ideal for daylight and indoor use, too. Sealed seams protect electronics from moisture. An internally-mounted switch located on the front of the vest activates the LEDs. VestLED with power pack and batteries weighs 12.2 ounces (346g). Product page: *******www.ledtronics****/ds/VST-1004... *******WWW.LEDtronics****
14 Jun 2007
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Ready to enjoy a little Led Zeppelin / Jimmy Page? Of course you are. "Stairway to Heaven" was released in 1971 on the "Led Zeppelin IV" album. For the rest of this lesson & more lessons like this, check out *******www.jamplay****
2 Jul 2007
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This is a simple guide for creating your very own LED throwies. Works best with 100+ of these thrown together. Get a bunch of friends together and go out and "decorate" a house. Or your car on Halloween/Christmas while its parked.
10 Jul 2007
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a easy way to make your keyboard leds useful and cool
13 Jul 2007
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Lighting LED bulbs using a weiner
24 Jul 2007
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A little bored? Need something to lighten you up? These awesome highlighter LED lights can! Colorful and pretty. Fun to play with in the dark! You gotta try these. Music made by me.
20 Aug 2007
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This instructional video by Scuba**** explains the difference between the two major types of lights. They are the Halogen (Xeon) and LED. The Halogen has a single glass bulb just like any other light we are used to seeing and the LED light has a diode with no glass involved. The significant difference between the two is that the LED is much more durable and the light is a different spectrum. It is more of a white light unlike the halogen that has a yellow light. The LED also has a longer burning time than the Halogen bulb too. The major advantage to an LED light is the amount of battery life you get. If you change your batteries three times with LED light you will end up changing your batteries nine times with halogen lights. Although the LED is about three times as much, in the long run you will save more money on batteries and bulbs.
30 Aug 2007
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Imagine the ultimate professional outlook a masterpiece of dynamic design and profound performance; the XL20 from SAMSUNG delivers digital dreams. Step into the world of superior LED backlight monitors. See truer colors realized in a wider color gamut (114%). For professional users who require full color expression (114%), fast response time (8ms), and a high contrast screen (600:1), the exceptional XL20 offers all the solutions together with expert design. Using LED as a backlight provides the widest color gamut (114%), fully covering the Adobe RGB natural color space, delivering richer, more vivid colors. The XL20's style and innovation set new standards in the growing market of LED monitors. Advanced functional and intuitive features will revolutionize your experience. Feel comfortable, feel free to be all you can be.
7 Sep 2007
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This is cool homemade gadget tranferring sound through LED light............
11 Sep 2007
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