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How to:Make a Simple LED Flasher.Components are easily available at any electronics shop. For different time period Ton=.69(R1+R2)C, here R1=R2 so Ton=1.38RC
12 Sep 2008
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Excellent and elegance red Fashion 5 LED Flashlight & Laser Pointer Key Ring...
13 Sep 2008
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Shotgun LED Cigar Cigarette Butane Lighter check details:
13 Sep 2008
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Nest Ashtray and Windproof Flash LED Cigarette Lighter check:
27 Apr 2009
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*******www.agiprodj****/american-dj-x-scan-led [866-PRO-MIXX] DJ Ty shows us the American DJ XSCAN LED. This scanner has a 20W LED lamp. Ty also shows us the UC-1 universal controller
21 Sep 2008
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This is a video tutorial on how to replace you're Nintendo NES' boring red LED (the light) with another one (a yellow, green, blue, orang, UV, etc..)
22 Sep 2008
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While making my Video tutorial on how to change you're Nintendo NES' LED, I accidently burned a hole in my drapes. Always be carefull while handling hot tools !
17 Mar 2009
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Testing LED Bulbs on a F650Gs year 2007
8 Nov 2008
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HPR 13 LED RED PARK/TURN SIGNAL BULBS 1157 2057 I Got these off eBay for $19.99 USD from Wont be sorry! { Asks: "Do these require a load resistor to work as turn signals or is it like 13 watts of LED and that draws enough? Thanks. . ."} {reply "These Bulbs were "Plug And Play" on My 92 Chevy s10. All I had to do was replace my stock incandescent bulbs with these LEDs I hear if you have a bulb out indicator you will need some other part but these worked out of the box without any modification to my trucks wiring harness"} Each bulb consists of 3 clusters on the top, and 10 radial firing on the sides.
28 Oct 2008
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LED BULBS are the new age trend for green solutions, for its initials in English L
18 Mar 2009
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You can learn that this kind of screen is really good and different,compared with the tradition LED display screen. we can make any size you want and you also can get any size by connecting different units together. if you are interested in it contact with me. MSN:communicate2008hotmail**** Skype:flexible-led
19 Mar 2009
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Watch this kind of different LED display screen.if you have any interest in it contact with me. MSN:communicate2008hotmail**** Skype:flexible-led
18 Nov 2008
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ayLED Piksel kontrol LED Uygulama
21 Oct 2008
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Toss out your old mini lights and switch to energy-efficient LED Wide Angle Polka Dot Mini Lights! They fit in any decorative application and you will notice increase brightness. Share this video with your family and friends!
20 Oct 2008
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The Dynasty® LED series has achieved what many thought was not possible, LED lighting that performs as good or better than the traditional lamp it is replacing. Our unique lighting products are redefining the current LED landscape, which is filled with one directional, highly concentrated points of light. The secret is the light source itself; a 360º horizontal, 275º vertical beam pattern (we call it the Dynasty®). There is no other LED on the market that compares to traditional light sources as well as the Dynasty® LED, making it even easier to choose energy efficient, earth friendly products for your lighting needs. Share this video with your family and friends!
21 Oct 2008
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*******www.grooveisking**** This is a modified ending to the original Led Zeppelin ending of the song Rock and Roll. Hope you like it. It's about the only time I do crazy stuff like this. Sign up for your FREE LESSON at www.grooveisking****
24 Oct 2008
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