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Left 4 Dead PC Gameplay. This game will be a strong contender for video game of the year 2008, without a doubt.
26 Jul 2008
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*******www.platformnation**** We have an exclusive interview with Doug Lomardi from Valve, followed up with some gameplay as we talk about the game. Be sure to check out Left 4 Dead this fall, especially because it is Platform Nation's pick for Game of E3. Distributed by Tubemogul.
22 Jul 2008
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*******www.galtmusic****/mp3/GaltAure Lyrics: anyone left there inside, anyone left alive? will I hear your whispers, or the deafening wail of sirens? tell me is there anyone inside? I know you waited for me here, blind by your tears, all alone, all these years, could I lose you dear, when I am so near? thought I might forget you in time, you never even left my mind. now I've come to find you, but I fear I've come too late, tell me there's one life left to save... no, this don't stop here, though we're long past hope, because you and I know it's meant to be... and if all I have found is silent now, then I'll lay down too, near you.
22 Jul 2008
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know why left expelled somnath chaterjee
9 Feb 2009
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Check out the new song from Lil Josh & Ernest “Right then Left.” This is the follow up to their hit single “Jigga Juice.”
31 Dec 2008
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Full Metal Panic AMV with the song "The Good Left Undone" by Rise Against
2 Aug 2008
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Lauren talks about her responsibilities as a PR Coordinator for Left Field Public Relations, and about her experience with Abacus Recruitment's SMARTS Program. To find out more, visit: www.abacusrecruit****.au www.abacusrecruit****.au/smarts www.tobymarshall****
23 Nov 2008
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Holly Reynolds from Sydney-based Left Field Public Relations provides insight about her company's experiences with SMARTS. www.abacusrecruit****.au www.abacusrecruit****.au/smarts www.tobymarshall****
18 Aug 2008
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Holly and Craig from Left Fielf Public Relations talk about their PR SMARTS, and their experience with Abacus Recruitment's SMARTS Program. For more information, visit: www.abacusrecruit****.au www.abacusrecruit****.au/smarts www.tobymarshall****
21 Aug 2008
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This song is about how the Juggercorn fell in love after his girlfriend left him.
26 Aug 2008
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Left for Dead: Leipzig Trailer
9 Feb 2009
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Has in a fantastic way left from a pursuit
24 Sep 2008
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Know why Left observed blak day in Delhi. For more news log on to www.headlinesindia****
4 Oct 2008
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Check out this clip from the Discovery Channel’s When We Left Earth – The Nasa Missions out now on DVD and Blu-ray from Image Entertainment. Narrated by award-winning actor Gary Sinise, this remarkable special edition, 4-disc collectible set features almost four hours of unbelievable content not seen in the television broadcast, a rare, exclusive interview with the first-man-on-the-moon, Neil Armstrong, as well as a 14-page collectible booklet featuring a timeline of major revolutionary NASA events, trivia and archival photos. Since the dawn of mankind we have stared up at the stars and wondered about the unknown. Now, join the heroic men and women who have dared to do the impossible on some of the greatest adventures ever undertaken – the quest to reach out beyond Earth and into the great mystery of space. To celebrate 50 years of amazing achievements, the Discovery Channel and NASA partnered together to reveal the heroic struggles, triumphs and tragedies in a bold chapter of human history. Priceless footage was transferred from NASA’s own secret film vaults, finally making these unprecedented treasures available for the masses. Along with candid interviews of the people who made it all happen, hundreds of hours of never-before-seen film footage from the NASA archives, including sequences on board the actual spacecraft in flight, have been carefully restored, edited and compiled for this one-of-a-kind, truly epic collection.
3 Jul 2010
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left 4 dead tv spot
1 Nov 2008
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Jessica Frasher talks with Chet Faliszek and Micheal Booth of Valve Corporation about their upcoming release Left 4 Dead, one of the first truly cooperative multiplayer games. Listen to them discuss the reactive ebb and flow of the game, and keep you're eyes out for McGuyver. Creative Director & Executive Producer: Spencer Striker, music by the legendary Chris Bates. Camera work by Darrin Giggy and Gabe Goldstein. Produced by Tyler Mager and Adrienne Thiery, Motion Graphics by Andrew Benninghoff, VJ'd by Jessica Frasher, and edited by the one and only, Austin Reedy. GameZombie supports Team Foxy.
5 Apr 2009
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