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Dry Pro Waterproof Cast Cover for swimming, showering and bathing with a cast or bandage. Don't let a broken arm or broken leg ruin your summer fun. Check out Dry Pro today at www.DryCorp****
15 Oct 2008
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frau zeigt ihren gips am bodensee
15 Sep 2009
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Cast-Video**** - Valerie - No Christmas Tree movie trailer
21 Nov 2009
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(First released January 4th 2002) - Adam rented an Alf costume in the summer of 2002, and ran around Sportsworld with DaN-0. Filming took more than an hour, and there was lots of footage. People sure loved Alf back then. In this video, you will see a girl in a leg cast, Who was actually filming a video herself. Shes was a Playboy model filming some stuff. This video, was going to be released as a NBK video back in the day, but was released as one of the very first me6 videos ever. The music in this video has changed many times, finally to "The Goldfish Bowl" by Room Without A View
22 Apr 2007
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Ankle Fracture - Podiatrist in Springfield, IL - Dr. John Sigle, DPM Patient discusses Ankle Fracture treatment by Dr. John Sigle of Foot & Ankle Center of Illinois. *******www.myfootandanklecenter**** According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, doctors have noticed an increase in the number and severity of broken ankles since the 1970s, due, in part, to the Baby Boomer generation being active throughout every stage of their lives. The ankle has two joints, one on top of the other, and three bones. A broken ankle can involve one or more of the bones, as well as injury to the surrounding connecting tissues or ligaments. There are a wide variety of causes for broken ankles, most commonly a fall, an automobile accident, or sports-related trauma. Because a severe sprain can often mask the symptoms of a broken ankle, every ankle injury should be examined by a physician. Symptoms of a broken ankle include: • Bruising. • Swelling. • Immediate and severe pain. • Inability to put any weight on the injured foot. • Tenderness to the touch. • Deformity, particularly if there is a dislocation or a fracture. The treatment for a broken ankle usually involves a leg cast or brace if the fracture is stable. If the ligaments are also torn, or if the fracture created a loose fragment of bone that could irritate the joint, surgery may be required to secure the bones in place so they will heal properly. Visit our website: *******www.myfootandanklecenter****
4 Jun 2012
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