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*******www***llectibleminifigs****/series1/zombie.php - A review by The Brick Show of the LEGO Zombie figure from the collectible mini figures, series 1. LEGO 8683.
15 Jun 2010
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Rate and comment: Universal bricks presents you this film. It is made of 8400 photographs. Part 2 will be continued. Lego zombie movie, lego movie, zombies, best lego movie, lego action, lego science fiction, lego thriller.
7 Sep 2009
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A pack of brain hungry lego zombies attack a chainsaw weilding badass. Warning: intense legore and brick blood.
4 May 2012
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1089 photos. This lego zombie hunter is not so successful. He is a beginner :)
7 May 2012
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LEGO zombies are taking over youtube!!
3 Feb 2013
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This is first part of my new lego zombie hunter movie. It's a action movie about a mercenary who for money is doing missions for the US Army in Chicago, that has been taken over by the zombies. Rest of the world is safe, ONLY Chicago has been taken over by zombies. Part 2: ***********/watch?annotation_id=annotation_179749&feature=iv&index=1&list=UUURH-o1iOkEiGugXYIWuNhg&src_vid=o73ovAWH2bs&v=RhMhuXmOFKc
20 May 2013
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Please see my movie. lego zombie battle Animation lego zombie battle part1↓ ***********/watch?v=O_y81OhaGUU&feature=player_embedded lego Zombie vs SWAT↓ ***********/watch?v=jbutHLbhZ0I
23 Jun 2013
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❢❢❢✯✯✯ WATCH MY BEST ANIMATIONS HERE ✯✯✯❢❢❢ ✰Lego Toilet Fail: ******* ✰Lego Zombie Hunters: ******* ✰Lego Call of Duty: ******* ✰Lego Black Ops 2 Zombies: ******* Zombie hunters hunting and trolling zombies using puppet :) This lego zombie hunters are now working together but one of them will go to the hospital again :D , 221 photos.
14 Sep 2013
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LEGO Zombie VS Swat Video. Lego Zombie Battle↓ ***********/watch?v=O_y81O... Lego Zombie Battle 2↓ ***********/watch?v=zr1MxX... New Video !!! Lego Zombie Battle 3 !!! ↓ ***********/watch?v=xEDcaqBXdek
23 Oct 2013
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❢❢❢✯✯✯ WATCH MY BEST ANIMATIONS HERE ✯✯✯❢❢❢ ✰Lego Toilet Fail: ******* ✰Lego Zombie Hunters: ******* ✰Lego Call of Duty: ******* ✰Lego Black Ops 2 Zombies: ******* 750 photos. Zombie hunter spent more than 1 year in hospita after his last 'hunt'. Now he is back to revenge zombies! Used software: photofiltre and sony vegas pro 11.
24 Oct 2013
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❢❢❢✯✯✯ WATCH MY BEST ANIMATIONS HERE ✯✯✯❢❢❢ ✰Lego Toilet Fail: ******* ✰Lego Zombie Hunters: ******* ✰Lego Call of Duty: ******* ✰Lego Black Ops 2 Zombies: ******* 797 photos. Everyday life of Mr. Zombie.
27 Nov 2013
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The final part of not so great zombiefilm. (Earth by Google). Also watch our new Lego Zombie survivors *******
9 Dec 2013
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❢❢❢✯✯✯ WATCH MY BEST ANIMATIONS HERE ✯✯✯❢❢❢ ✰Lego Toilet Fail: ******* ✰Lego Zombie Hunters: ******* ✰Lego Call of Duty: ******* ✰Lego Black Ops 2 Zombies: ******* This is the first episode of Zombie Shorts, short lego funny videos about zombies and zombie hunters. These zombies are smart, they can think and talk, but they have bad luck all the time;) These shorts are also completely pointless so don't complain if something isn't logical. Created by wloltigerlolw, voice by TheOrigGearhead.
22 Dec 2013
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Este es la primera parte del primer episodio de la serie de Lego Zombies Return en español (México) Gracias por su paciencia estamos trabajando en otros vídeos y se nos fue el tiempo espero que entiendan. You can see the subtitles only by the PC (No iPod or Cellphone) Suscribanse, pongan el video en favoritos y comenten. Musica de BeldeaBeats Canción:Horror Violin Beat (This it is the first part of the first episode of the serie of Lego Zombies Return Thanks for your patience we are working in other videos and we know that it took to many time to do it but we hope that you understand. Suscribe, put this video in favorites and comment) Subtitles in english-----Available (If someone don't understand something, please send us a message and we will fix it) Music by BeldeaBeats Song:Horror Violin Beat
3 Feb 2014
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The movie was A LOT of work more than 100 hours went into it, so I would really appreciate it, if you share the movie, or give a thumps up !!! Lego Zombie Apocalypse deals about two ex Marines called John Connor and Fransesconi Bizarro who are trying to survive the Apocalypse. While the outbreak happens they meet a young man called Brian O'Donnel, who loves kifes and sorts... _______________________________________________________________________ All Music by Kevin MacLeod "Title Kevin MacLeod (incompetech****) Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0" *******incompetech****/music/royalty-free/licenses/ Song Names : Pop Goes the Weasel Take the Lead Wounded Darkest Child Danse Macabre The House of Leaves Fluidscape I really hope you guys like the movie, It was A LOT OF WORK !! I don't really know how many hours I spent on this, but I would roughly say about 100 hours + This is also my first creative, fully self made (written) movie, with a lengh of 8 min + So be nice when you judge it :) This project has about 4000-5000 pictures in it and the movie has a fps number of 15 - 20 fps Tags : Lego Zombie Apocalypse Lego Zombie Attack World War 3 World war Lego World War 3 Zombie Apocalypse EX- Marines Marines Navy Lego Navy Connor O'donnel Bizarro Italián Stopmotion Lego Stopmotion Movie Lego Animations move Lego Fight Movie Lego Walking Dead The Walking Dead in Lego Lego walking Apocalypse
12 Feb 2015
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After a mysterious scientist reanimates a heart broken wife's dead husband, zombies take over this quiet lego town.
16 Dec 2009
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