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The clip Bullied By The Lipnickis Part 2 from The War (1994) with Elijah Wood, Leon Sills Stop! Uncle! Uncle, man! Maybe we ought to help him learn his friends some manners. How about we say a rhyme and they got to finish it, slurring his friends? Only if it don't rhyme, he has to eat a dirt clod. You think that up just now? That's a classic. Did you hear that, trespasser? All right, who's got a rhyme? I got one. Here I sit, eating a pastry strudel... Bingo, Ula. Go on, trespasser. Think up a rhyme with "pastry strudel. " Here I sit, eating a strudel... Go on. Chet plays with Barbies and Stu eats doggie doodle. Hey! Why don't you just let him go? Pick on somebody your own size. What's the matter? You guys afraid of a fair fight, one on one? Maybe you've got a point. Ebb. Good boy. Stu! Stu, don't get yourself killed! Get him good! Say "uncle," man! Say "uncle!" He'll kill you! Stay put! Kick him again! Hey, you kids! What's going on? Nothing. He just fell. Better get your butts outta here before the cops get wind of you all. Quarry's ours, so you'd better not return... ...unless you wanna leave here in an ambulance. Pick a finger. Come on, let's get outta here. You know, one of us ought to go back there and kick some ass. I'm serious, guys. My brother's got more fireworks than Ho Chi Min. We could hole up in that fort you wanna build. Those mongrels won't be able to touch us. What do you say, Stu? Stu? "The love bug done bit me
27 Oct 2011
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