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Top Status organized by Bionic of MGF Freestyle Session 15 Year Anniversary All-Styles Final Winner: Les Twins
18 Feb 2013
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Join our fanclub at Blayze! - *******blayze****/artists/danceon Subscribe to DanceOn: ******* Check out more Hip Hop International coverage: ******* Watch more from DanceOn: ******* J-BOOGIE vs. LES TWINS I Allystyles FINAL Battle I HHI 2012 Check out this Allystyles FINAL Battle from Hip Hop International 2012 at the Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas! You can watch all of the World Battles before anyone else on DanceOn! ***********/danceon. Thanks for subscribing! Follow us on Twitter DanceOnNetwork *******www.twitter****/danceonnetwork Featuring: J-Boogie Larry: Les Twins
5 Mar 2013
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Double Game - Judges Showcase | Kenzo Alvares, Les Twins | Fair Play Dance Camp 2012 | Kraków Poland 3-12 August Kraków Poland Double Game Contest Białystok City Event Partner 10.000 PLN - Award of the President Białystok City
14 Mar 2013
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Les Twins and Monsour
20 Mar 2013
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Shock the World 2012 in Japan G-Shock Official ******* ******* ******* Les Twins Japan Official ******* *******www.YAKFILMS**** © YAK FILMS 2012-2013
21 Mar 2013
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Amazing perfomance by Les Twins. 11.04.2010 Russia, Moscow. International Dance Competition M357 BattleZone 2010
6 Apr 2013
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******* ******* ******* Les Twins Japan Official: ******* Contact: lestwinssme***.jp *******www.YAKFILMS**** © YAK FILMS 2012-2013
11 Apr 2013
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les twins 2012.good hip hop
14 Apr 2013
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LES TWINS is now sponsored by *******WWW.KARMALOOP.COM GET 20% OFF ALL PURCHASES ENTER REP CODE: LESTWINS short but effective!
27 Apr 2013
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Les Twins sit down for an exclusive interview with JenniaFredrique for Beyond the Talent. Go up close and personal with two of the biggest dance icons of the world...Les Twins. This is just a teaser to the full 30 minute interview for Beyond the Talent. Stay tuned For more info visit: www.BeyondTheTalent**** For more exclusive interviews with other celebrity artists, visit: www.BeyondTheTalent**** In this video the twins are dancing to T-Pain's "Booty Wurk"
2 May 2013
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*******www.DirectorJosephRivera**** Filmed and Edited by: Joseph Rivera (directorjosephr) © Sharp Edge Productions 2011 Leaders in Music Video and Creative Production *******www.SharpEdgeProductions**** *******www.DirectorJosephRivera**** See more Les Twins Dance ---------------------------------- Les Twins Battle Highlights (pieces of pt1-pt6) ***********/watch?v=wFxonB7VV6M Les Twins Dance Battle Circle - pt 1 (Lloyd Banks -Start it up) ***********/watch?v=HPAhJJh-eNE Les Twins Dance Battle Circle - pt 2 (Kanye - Monster) ***********/watch?v=QccF5CSwxCM Les Twins Dance Battle Circle - pt 3 (Nicki Minaj - Romans Revenge) ***********/watch?v=ew6F6coIXl4 Les Twins Dance Battle Circle - pt 4 (Fat Man Scoop - Drop) ***********/watch?v=vhIbxgmVKjQ Les Twins Dance Battle Circle - pt 5 (Jay-z - On to the next one) ***********/watch?v=ByqtHWUrHzk Les Twins Dance Battle Circle - pt 6 (Dirty Money - Hello) ***********/watch?v=EXkWJavkC7g
4 May 2013
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Second Episode: ***********/watch?v=1DkdHXPMl_c Open the description for the song list and more stuff! I wanted to add more freestyles and stuff but the video would've been way too long and also I couldn't add certain videos such as VladoFootwear due to copyright reasons so please don't complain! Don't forget to subscribe because I have much more Les Twins music coming up and please follow me on twitter and like my facebook page! Twitter: ********twitter****/LesTwinsVideos Facebook: *******www.facebook****/pages/LesTwinsMusic/355049741235962 Song List: 00:05 Mister Bilal - Microosc 01:00 Shash'U - Castle 15 02:23 edIT - Ants 02:54 DJ Nasty Nas - Vox Black Light 03:24 Tyga - Rack City 04:06 Eve - Tambourine 04:49 Legend da Beatslaya - No Holds Barred 07:15 ?? 08:18 Meek Mill - Mr. Philadelphia - Leggo 09:21 Mushmouf - This Aint The Way 10:17 VibeSquad - Camped At 12:25 Pixelord - Cartoon Friend (Demokracy Remix) 13:18 Shash'U - You Oh 14:05 Legend da Beatslaya ft. Chalice Serrano - Flawless 15:10 Legend da Beatslaya - Turn It Out 16:16 ?? 17:18 DJ Nasty Nas - Hypnotise Beat 18:26 Legend da Beatslaya - No Holds Barred 19:43 ?? 21:39 SoFly - Swagga 22:21 Tiffy - Sweet Dreams (Piano Acoustic Cover) 23:54 Victorious - Sasuri Goza Makura 24:33 DJ Nasty Nas - Hypnotise Beat 25:38 ?? 26:32 Shash'U - Hypnotize Remix 27:23 Fresh - Nu World Hustle 28:38 Swizz Beats ft. Asap Rocky - Street Knock 29:52 Nicki Minaj ft. Busta Rhymes - Roman's Revenge 31:33 edIT - Ants 32:32 Legend da Beatslaya - (unknown name) 33:21 New Boys - Your a Jerk 34:32 edIT - Battling Go-Go Yubari In Downtown L.A. 35:38 Tinie Tempah - Pass Out 36:33 Africa Jungle - Hip Hop Dziri (Produced by Beatslaya) 37:24 Clipse ft. Keri Hilson - All Eyes On Me 37:31 Guerilla Black - Trixxx ---------------------------- Les Twins ---------------------------- Larry Twitter: ********twitter****/LarryBourgeois1 Laurent Twitter: ********twitter****/lestwinsoff Les Twins Facebook: *******www.facebook****/lestwinsofficial ------------------------ Special Thanks To ----------------------- Juste Debout: ***********/user/JUSTEDEBOUTPROD Hip Hop International: ***********/user/OfficialHHI ATeamLV: ***********/user/ATeamLV Shawn Welling: ***********/user/shawnwellingdance World of Dance: ***********/user/WORLDOFDANCETOUR Step X Step Dance: ***********/user/Dancer21 Urban Dance Show: ***********/user/UrbanDanceShow Battle of the Stylez: ***********/user/BattleoftheStylez
4 Jun 2013
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16 Jul 2013
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Behind The Scenes with Les Twins at Hip Hop International 2012| Step x Step Dance with JRosen Films Les Twins: *******www.facebook****/lestwinsofficial *******www.lestwins****/ ********twitter****/LarryBourgeois1 ********twitter****/#!/lestwinsoff Hip Hop International: *******www.hiphopinternational**** *******www.facebook****/HipHopInternational2 Step x Step Dance: *******stepxstepdance.wordpress****/ ********twitter****/#!/stepxstepdance *******www.facebook****/stepxstepdance Music during Les Twins' choreography Chalice Serrano ft Legend da Beatslaya | Swag ***********/us/album/swagg-feat.-legend-da-beatslaya/id518383510 ********www.facebook****/LabldFresh Music by ********www.facebook****/pages/DJ-NASTYNAS/132989870049104 BEATTAPE "Blacklight & Frenchwood drops SEPTEMBER 25 ! Preview: ******* Mysic by EdIT - Ants (groupmember of ********www.facebook****/theglitchmobmusic) ********www.facebook****/edITmusic
9 Aug 2013
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During my trip to ATL, we got the chance to see Larry & Lau battle !! Sorry for any of the heads that might appear in the way at times. & Les Twins won !
29 Aug 2013
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Les Twins | World Hip Hop Dance Finals 2013 | Step x Step Les Twins performed at Hip Hop International's World Hip Hop Dance Championship Finals 2013 on Sunday in front of thousands of attendees at Orleans Arena in Las Vegas. Hip Hop International: *******www.hiphopinternational**** *******www.facebook****/Officialhhi STEP x STEP: Uniting Dancers Around The World SXSAPP • ******* SXSONLINE • ******* SXSYOUTUBE • ******* SXSYOUTUBE • ******* SXSTWITTER • ******* SXSFACEBOOK • ******* SXSINSTAGRAM • *******
8 Sep 2013
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