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14 Apr 2017
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17 Apr 2017
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20 Apr 2017
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Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow's famous lesbian kiss from Friends.
5 Jun 2006
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Cartoons about one of the biggest lesbian events of the year.
10 Apr 2007
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Bangkok has an active and vibrant gay and lesbian scene, with men and women from all over Thailand, Asia and the world, of every size, shape, religion and color.
2 Aug 2007
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Sarah's own character, the hilarious mullet-sporting lesbian, Kentucky Lightning has a mad crush on her own creator.
27 Sep 2007
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A country with a deep Christian tradition, Argentina has recently begun to open doors to the gay and lesbian community.
28 Sep 2007
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"Precious" announces that she might be a lesbian because she's unhappy with the guys out there.
30 Oct 2007
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2 new age cowboys fight for 1 girl.. But she turns out to be a lesbian..! Great acting :D
9 Nov 2007
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Wolfe went to the Fabulous Power UP awards the other night--It was a star studded evening full of swank and swagger as the hottest lesbians in Hollywood--or those who have played a lesbian on the silver screen--were all in one place at one time!
26 Nov 2007
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Visit www.wowwomenonwomen**** and download the entire episode for free! What attracts us to one another? Why one sex over the other? Is a straight woman really straight if she loves sleeping with other women...and then goes home to her fiance that night? Do straight men ever admit to having fantasies of being with other men? Why do some lesbians prefer sleeping with straight women? And, finally, will some of these men or women hook-up with each other after the party?
11 Dec 2007
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3 Jan 2008
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15 Dec 2009
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Hey everyone! I’m Neil Garcia your host for wehopediatv**** your online video guide to being Gay in LA, and the West Hollywood lifestyle. On this edition of Wehopedia I’ll be discussing West Hollywood which is also referred to as WeHo or BoysTown. The total residential population of West Hollywood is just over 37,000; however, the nighttime and weekend population swells to between 80,000 and 100,000, with a high of up to 500,000 during major events such as Halloween or the Gay & Lesbian Pride Parade. Weho covers 1.9 square miles with the epicenter being Santa Monica Boulevard. Santa Monica Blvd is home to all the best Gay bars, clubs, restaurants, hotels, and shops. In Weho gay or bisexual men account for 41% of the population making it home to arguably the largest gay community in the united states. Now for some Weho history. In the 60s, a club called Ciro's held the first gay dance nights on Sundays, known as "Tea Dances" [or "T-Dances"]. Men dancing together was illegal, but as with the casinos and speakeasies that had gone before, the laws were not strictly enforced. This tolerance led to more gay clubs after Ciro's closed, as well as the end of the anti-gay laws that prohibited dancing between two persons of the same gender in Los Angeles County. The building that Ciro's occupied is now the home of The Comedy Store. I hope you enjoyed learning a little Weho history and make sure to click on our other editions to get the down low on gay hangouts and gay terminology. Thanks for watching WEHOPEDIATV****, I’m Neil Garcia see you in Weho!
3 Mar 2008
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7 Apr 2008
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