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The clip operation anti-race begins from Death Race 2000 (1975) with Leslie McRae, Martin Kove Annie saved those old people! And she'll deliver Frankenstein. Meanwhile, innocent people are being slaughtered on our highways. They're like Christians being thrown to the gladiators. But just remember, the Christians won. Did they, Mrs. Paine? I take it from your attire that your sabotage operations are being carried out, despite my wishes? Mrs. Paine, we're set to hit 'em with everything we've got. Then. In the name of humanity. Let Operation Anti-Race begin. How in hell are we supposed to score in this graveyard? You're the navigator. That's your problem. And think of something soon, or else you're gonna be out on your ass. It isn't my fault everyone scored before us. You should have hit that boy scout camp like I told you. I tried the goddamned boy scout camp. You know how fast those boy scouts move? Now, here's something more your speed. Gotta be at least 200 points. If they scatter, go for the baby and the mother. Come on! Quick! Quick! Go for the baby! The baby! That's it. Come get baby. Bye-bye, baby. Hello, 70 points. Hey! I'm off the air! Would you please take your places? Put Grace on with an interview, right now.
28 Nov 2011
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